Tomica Wright Biography

Tomica Wright is the CEO of an American record label called ‘Ruthless Records.’ She is better known as the widow of famous rapper, Eric Lynn Wright.

Quick Facts

Born: 1969

Nationality: American

Famous: Business Women T V & Movie Producers

Age: 51 Years, 51 Year Old Females

Born in: Los Angeles, California

Famous as: Film Producer

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Females


Spouse/Ex-: Eazy-E (m. 1995–1995)

children: Daijah Wright, Dominick Wright

U.S. State: California

City: Los Angeles

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Tomica Wright is the CEO of an American record label called ‘Ruthless Records.’ She is better known as the widow of famous rapper, Eric Lynn Wright. The recent success of ‘Ruthless Records’ is credited to her efforts. Despite being an inexperienced businesswoman, Tomica has managed to turn ‘Ruthless Records’ into a world-class record label. She has also worked for other record labels, such as ‘Tabu Records,’ and ‘Motown.’ Though Tomica has been a successful and influential personality for many years now, she has also been criticized on many counts. The fact that she took over Eric's business after marrying him while he was on his deathbed was criticized by many. People said that she married Eric just to inherit his company. She was labeled as a dishonest and discourteous woman on several occasions. Nevertheless, Tomica has ignored all her criticisms and has managed to climb the ladder of success in style. She has certainly proved herself as a successful entrepreneur. She won the ‘Indie Label of the Year’ award in 1996.

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Education & Professional Life
  • Tomica completed her high school at San Fernando Valley. Thereafter, she enrolled at ‘Santa Monica College,’ where she studied for two years before enrolling at ‘West Los Angeles College,’ Baldwin Hills, California.
  • She always dreamt of becoming a film producer and started working at a few premier production houses. Her career took an exciting turn when she was made the Secretary of ‘Tabu Records,’ which was founded by Clarence Avant, better known as ‘The Godfather of Black Music.’
  • Tomica worked for ‘Tabu Records’ for a few years and gained enough experience, which would later help her grow as an entrepreneur. She learned the nuances of running a business from Clarence Avant. Even today, she considers Clarence as her mentor. When Clarence decided to switch over to ‘Motown,’ he took Tomica along. She then started working for ‘Motown’ which helped her expand her knowledge.
  • In 1995, Tomica Wright was announced as the CEO of ‘Ruthless Records’ after the demise of her husband, Eric Lynn Wright, better known as Eazy-E. Even though Tomica had the experience of working for well-known record labels, she faced many difficulties in handling ‘Ruthless Records.’ Initially, she was underestimated and was labeled as a misfit by many experienced and loyal employees of ‘Ruthless Records.’ Hence, Tomica’s foremost challenge was to prove herself as a worthy CEO of the company.
  • She started off by working toward retaining the in-house artists. She also started recruiting new talents. Thanks to her smart business strategies, Tomica managed to accelerate the distribution deals of the company within a span of two years. Her idea of introducing new talents added a new dimension to the music label, which, in turn, brought in new customers.
  • Under her leadership, the company signed many famous artists like Chris Tucker, Big Chan, THE NX, and Big Rocc. She also signed a deal with ‘Sony Music’ in 1997, which improved the company’s corporate leverage. Tomica launched a compilation album named ‘Decade of Game’ on the 10th anniversary of ‘Ruthless Records.’ Released in 1998, ‘Decade of Game’ housed two unreleased tracks by Eazy-E, and singles by musical groups and artists like ‘N.W.A,’ ‘Above the Law,’ ‘J.J. Fad,’ The D.O.C, and Michel'le.
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Relationship with Eazy-E
  • Tomica was in a relationship with Eazy-E for over a decade. They got married in 1995, twelve days before Eazy-E died of AIDS. A lot of controversies surrounding the rapper’s death surfaced. A few sources claimed that Eazy-E could’ve been murdered. Tomica’s decision of marrying a bedridden patient was seen as a conspiracy. People claimed that she married Eric just to inherit his company and his properties, which was worth millions of dollars.
  • Tomica had two children with Eazy-E. The couple was first blessed with a son, whom they named Dominick Wright. Their daughter, Daijah, was born six months after Eazy-E’s demise. According to a few sources, Tomica has another child whom she conceived even before meeting Eazy-E. When she was working for ‘Motown,’ she was supported by many of her colleagues for being a single mother. This implies that Tomica has another child from one of her past relationships.
Personal Life
  • Tomica Wright was born on December 7, 1969. She inherited a number of properties of her deceased husband, which include two penthouses in Norwalk and West Hills.

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