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Birthday: December 22, 1997 (Capricorn)

Born In: Delaware

Taylor Reilly is an American social-media influencer. She initially made 'Vine' videos and garnered a significant fan base on the platform. Later, when the application was taken down, Taylor moved to 'YouTube.' Through her vlogs, Taylor has majorly talked about her battle with scoliosis, a medical condition she has been suffering from since childhood. Her condition makes her look like a dwarf. Taylor has also uploaded several Q&A videos through which she has shared her struggle with scoliosis. Her parents often appear on her vlogs.
Quick Facts

Boyfriend: Damian (ex)

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Females


father: Kevin

U.S. State: Delaware

Social Media Fame
Taylor began her career on social media through 'Vine.' She posted her first 'Vine' clip in August 2013. It was a short comedy video titled 'One of These Days Someone's Gonna Be a Catfish Just to Be on TV.' Popular American "YouTuber," activist, and author Tyler Oakley once “tweeted” a link to one of Taylor’s 'Vine’ clips. Taylor earned over 160 thousand followers on the platform.
After the application was shut down, Taylor started making videos on 'YouTube.' The channel was created on January 23, 2014, and she posted her first video a few months later. In her first 'YouTube' video, Taylor talked about scoliosis, a condition she has been suffering from since her birth. This is a medical condition that causes a sideways curve in the spine and makes the person look like a dwarf. In Taylor’s case, the condition has resulted in a rare form of deformity known as chondrodysplasia punctata. She would repeatedly fall sick soon after her birth. Her lungs were the main concern. After several analyses, the ailment was identified as scoliosis. Taylor also suffered from breathing issues, which have now been cured. She has undergone numerous surgeries to get a straight spine but none of them have been successful. She also underwent heart and stomach surgeries.
Taylor has created a number of vlogs about her condition. She also creates pranks, challenge videos, reaction videos, and storytime videos. Some of Taylor’s 'YouTube' videos that have garnered millions of “views” are 'THE INHALER GIRL RETURNS,' 'HOW I DO MY MAKEUP [mediocre as hell],' and 'Watching My Old Vines.' The channel now has over 435 thousand subscribers.
Taylor is also active on 'Instagram.' She has shared pictures of her attending a 'VidCon' event in 2017. Taylor has over 40 thousand followers on 'Instagram.'
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Personal Life
Taylor was born on December 22, 1997, in Delaware, a small Mid-Atlantic US state. Her father’s name is Kevin. Taylor’s parents are separated. However, they often appear in Taylor's videos.
Taylor was in a relationship with Damian, whom she met through 'Vine' in 2014. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2017.
Taylor is fond of tattoos. At present, she has six tattoos. She got her first tattoo a few days before she turned 18. Taylor has never been teased for scoliosis. She was mostly teased for her short height. This made her drop out of school in sixth grade. Following this, she chose to be homeschooled. However, she joined a school in seventh grade. Soon, she dropped out to be homeschooled again. Later, she realized that homeschooling was boring. She studied in a special school for children with chronic diseases from eighth grade till her graduation.

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