Jovani Jara Bio

(TikTok Star)

Birthday: July 20, 1999 (Cancer)

Born In: Boynton Beach, Florida

Jovani Jara is one teenager that every budding youngster needs to look onto for some serious motivation - at sixteen all that he wanted was to enliven the lives of others by spreading some smile and laughter! Now, which teenager thinks of that? When most are woven out of their own life obscurities, Jovani and his identical twin Julian, had everything sorted in their life – they knew the career they wanted to pursue, they knew the effect it would have on people and they were brave enough to get past the orthodox and venture for the extraordinary route. Men behind the social media account 99goonsquad, Jovani Jara and Julian Jara are creating waves in the virtual world with their YouTube channel, YouNow, Vine and TikTok account for their hilariously funny and rib-tickling videos that are spreading the smile. It is the thought behind the account that has made the duo unique – consciously creating funny videos so as to reach to millions out there with an aim to make them laugh, smile and smirk, hoping that the videos give a temporarily release to their troubles and boost about a curvy smile across the face. Truly superstars in their own right!
Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males


siblings: Andrea, Julian Jara

U.S. State: Florida

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
He is smart, sassy and sophisticated – he is Jovani Jara! Once a concert cellist, Jovani wanted to enrol at a performing arts school but couldn’t get through. He was disappointed about not making the cut but did not let his disappointment overpower his life. Jovani had discovered how much fun it was creating funny, hilarious videos and uploading them. It not just helped him get famous but also brought about a wide smile on the face of the onlookers. And this sealed the road to his career! Together with his twin brother Julian, Jovani set forth for a career that not just brought him glory but inner satisfaction as well. His hilarious videos on YouTube in no time became extremely popular. The twin brother’s account 99goonsquad that started in 2015 is on a roll today what with more than 200,000+ subscribers on the 99goonsquad YouTube channel, nearly 78,000 fans on YouNow and 330,000+ fans on TikTok.
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What Makes Jovani Jara So Special
At seventeen, when most teenagers are clutched in the complexities and complications of their life, there is someone who stands out from the rest. He is Jovani Jara. He was sixteen when along with his twin brother he started the social media account 99goonsquad for YouTube, YouNow, TikTok and Vine in order to make people laugh with their hilarious goofy videos. The fact that he wanted to put a smile across the face of the viewers’ alone makes him so special. Despite being in the rat race, Jovani Jara has stood out with his conscious effort of spreading smile and laughter.
Beyond Fame
At a time when most youngsters open up social media account to gain fame, money and recognition, the idea guiding Jovani and his brother, Julian’s journey to being social media superstars is itself unique. The identical twins started the journey with an aim of inspiring their peers to be great as well. They wanted people to think highly of their own self and be happy with who they were. Jovani believed that people should be comfortable in their own skin and feel nice about how they look, how they walk, how they talk and how they feel. Through their videos, they wanted to incite a ray of laughter, smile and hope in the life of people so that even if it were for a moment, people could forget their trouble and be happy. Apart from being a social media personality, Jovani is a professional booty dancer as well. Quite too much for a superstar!
Behind The Curtains
Jovani Jara was born on July 20, 1999 in Boynton Beach, Florida. His brother, Julian Jara and he are identical twins. They have a sister, Andrea. Jovani was a concert cellist. Early on, Jovani played with the orchestra in Carnegie Hall in New York City. He tried to enrol at a performing arts school but did not make it through the admission procedures. Discovering how much fun it was creating funny videos and making people laugh, Jovani decided to pursue it as his career. Together with his twin brother, Jovani’s journey to fame on social media started in February 2015 when they opened their social media account by the name 99goonsquad. Prior to this, in 2013, Jovani had signed up for Twitter. Information about Jovani’s love life is unknown.

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