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Malak Watson is a famous American Vine Star and social media personality. Let’s have a look into his family & personal life including girlfriends, net worth and some interesting facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: August 26, 2000

Nationality: American

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born in: Hawaii

Famous as: Viner

U.S. State: Hawaii

Popularity Index
Viners #105 YouTubers #1194
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In a world driven by technology the internet has provided scope for experimentation to all individuals. The ones who have taken the most advantage of this feature are youngsters. Many creative minds with some special talent have utilized the internet to showcase their skills and get quick fame with their quirky, hilarious ideas. Hawaiian Malak Watson has also chosen the internet way to bring out his talent for singing, dancing and portray his funny side. Today Malak Watson is a known name on the video-sharing platform Vine where he has over 270K followers of his hilarious videos. The boy revels in dancing, rapping, skateboarding, acting, and creating videos about these subjects, which are his hobbies. He has gained a lot of attention with his funky get-ups as well. One of the videos shows him decked up as a dog with ears and nose of a dog on his face.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • The teenager mostly makes his Vine videos in conjunction with his friend Tayvion Power, who is also a Vine star. The duo appeared in the video ‘When Guys Try To Act Natural In Front Of Girls’ by SelfieC. About 10K people follow him on Twitter while his Instagram account followers are 205K. Malak and his friend Liane V appear in a video titled the ‘Smell It Challenge’ wherein Malak makes his friend identify objects with their smell when she is blindfolded. The video is really funny.
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    If haven't listened to my song already go now ??? it's in my bio ?????

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What Makes Malak So Special?
  • Actor cum singer Malak has a penchant for skateboarding; he can be seen doing it in many of his videos. What sets Malak apart is his charming demeanor and work with several objects in his videos. Malak’s weird dressing sense adds to the fun in his videos. In a video he has a red protruding object on his head like a rhinoceros’s horn. He goes about saying “Look I’m a killer rhino” and goes and bangs into his friend sitting on the sofa. Caps of all kinds are also an integral part of the singer’s outfit.
Beyond Fame
  • Though Vine videos have brought a lot of fan following for Malak, the flip side of his videos is the verbal content. In many of the videos Malak and co-actors can be seen using abusive language.
Behind The Curtains
  • Malak was born in the U.S state of Hawaii but his family chose to reside in Southern California in America. The teenager is an African-American and his family is of French descent. In a video, Malak’s friend suggests that they talk about “What we find in a female” to which Malak responds that it should instead be “What females find in us”. The video is quite bizarre and the two boys are really funky. While Malak got instant fame through the internet one wonders whether the boy will attain a decent education considering the time he has to spend on his videos. The other concern is that such children may lose their childhood and their innocence as well while trying to become professionals at a young age.

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Last Updated : April 06, 2018
Malak Watson

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