Signe Hansen Biography

Signe Hansen, better known as Wiishu, is a Danish digital artist and ‘YouTube’ vlogger. Let's take a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Signe Hansen
Quick Facts

Birthday: April 19, 1995

Nationality: Danish

Boyfriend: Seán William McLoughlin

Famous: Artists Danish Women

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: Denmark

Famous as: Digital Artist

More Facts

education: Athlone Institute of Technology

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Signe Hansen is a Danish digital artist and ‘YouTube’ vlogger, better known as Wiishu. Signe owns a channel that is quite popular for her speedpaint videos. She has recently added some variety to her vlogs by posting videos related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She is also popular as the girlfriend of ‘YouTube’ video game commentator Seán William McLoughlin. They have been dating each other for quite some time now and have appeared a number of times on each other’s vlogs. Signe also has her personal blogging page where she writes about her life and her monthly favorites. One can find her adorable pictures and videos on her ‘Instagram’ and ‘Tumblr’ accounts.

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Signe Hansen
Social Media Fame
  • As a child, Signe exhibited a marked inclination toward arts. She mixed her passion with technology and became a digital artist. She soon started posting her artwork on her ‘Tumblr’ account, with the intention of showcasing her talent to a wider audience. Her interesting and quirky drawings made Signe a popular speed-painting artist. She later created a ‘YouTube’ channel, using the psudonym “Wiishu.” She chose this particular name because she likes terms that begun with the letter “W” and she found the name really cute.
  • After establishing herself as a popular digital artist, Signe ventured into various other areas. She soon began posting content related to beauty and fashion. She then began posting travel vlogs and lifestyle videos. Her boyfriend has appeared on her videos a number of times, giving relationship goals to their fans. The channel has now earned more than 448 thousand subscribers.
  • Signe discovered her latent talent of writing when she began blogging. Through her blog, she shares her experiences, thoughts, and opinions. She has used her blog to share her experiences during a difficult phase of her life, when she went through anxiety and depression.
  • Signe’s art is also available on her ‘Instagram’ account, which now has over 428 thousand followers.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Signe Hansen was born on April 19, 1995, in Denmark. She grew up with three sisters, one of whom is Signe’s identical twin. Signe loves her sisters and considers them her best friends. On several occasions, she has referred to them as her support system. She feels she would not have been the successful artist that she is now, without their support.
  • Signe attended the ‘Athlone Institute of Technology’ in Athlone, Ireland. As a child, she dreamt of being a dinosaur expert. However, she gradually developed an interest in digital arts and made a career in the same field.
  • Signe is currently in a relationship with popular ‘YouTube’ gamer Seán William McLoughlin, also known as ‘Jacksepticeye.’ They have appeared together in a couple of videos and have also attended a number of video conventions together. It all started when Seán asked for Signe’s permission to use one of her ‘Tumblr’ pictures in his gaming videos. They often had long chats and eventually developed feelings for each other. Signe’s love for videos games, too, had a crucial role in bringing them closer.
  • However, Seán was already in a relationship with a Korean girl at that time. A few months later, he broke up with his Korean girlfriend and began dating Signe. This incident made many of Seán’s fans refer to Signe as a “boyfriend snatcher.” The couple started living together in Athlone, Ireland, and later shifted to New Brighton, England. Signe has recently developed a passion for home-décor plants, especially succulents.
  • She owns a pretty good collection of cacti, which adorn her living room. Signe prefers tea over coffee. She usually has multiple cups of tea every day. She hates the taste of coffee. She loves warm colors. Orange is her favorite color, as according to her, the color symbolizes energy. The color orange brings a sense of fulfillment and warmth to her. However, she does not prefer wearing orange clothes, as the color makes her look pale.
  • Signe is an early riser. She prefers waking up early and completing her daily commitments by evening. The Danish beauty is also very clumsy. She often slips and falls. She has a nervous tick of flipping her hair repeatedly, as she is highly self-conscious. Signe is horrible at remembering names.

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