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Sockie Norris is an Australian professional skateboarder, surfer, and social-media influencer. Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family, personal life, career, and achievements.

Quick Facts

Birthday: March 13, 2007

Nationality: Australian

Age: 13 Years, 13 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Pisces

Also Known As: Cerrus

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Justin Norris

mother: Brooke Norris

siblings: Biggy Norris, Disco Norris, Naz Norris, Sabre Norris

Popularity Index
Vloggers #210 Instagram Stars #190
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Sockie Norris is a young, upcoming professional skateboarder, surfer, and social-media influencer from Greensborough, Australia. She looks up to her older sister, Sabre, who is a prominent skateboarder and surfer in Australia and is gearing up for the 2020 ‘Olympics.’ Like her sister, Sockie wishes to represent her country in the 'Olympics' and make her parents proud. She currently represents Australia in the Oceania region and has participated in numerous skateboarding tournaments. Sockie regularly features on her family 'YouTube' channels, which publish life vlogs of the Norris family. She first came under the media spotlight after she appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

Birth & Early Life
  • Sockie was born Cerrus, on March 13, 2007, in Australia. Her father, Justin Norris, is a professional swimmer from the 'Hunter Swimming Club,' New Castle. Known for individual medley swimming, he is a 200-meter butterfly bronze medal winner at the 2000 ‘Summer Olympics' in Sydney. Sockie's mother, Brooke, is also a professional swimmer and has formerly won a junior swimming champion.
  • Inspired by her athlete parents, Sockie always dreamt of becoming a sportsperson. Like her elder sister, Sabre, who is a professional surfer and skateboarder, she chose the same sports. Sockie grew up learning skateboarding and surfing and is now part of a premier skateboard-event management company. Her other younger siblings, except her youngest brother, Disco, who is just a few months old, have also ventured into surfing. Apart from sports, Sockie’s brother Biggy loves singing. Her sister Naz loves sewing and making craftwork.
  • In one of her social-media posts, Sockie mentioned that her parents had initially given her a terrible birth name. However, it was Sabre who had renamed her “Sockie.” When she came to know the fact, Sockie was a bit surprised, as she had always doubted Sabre’s decision-making capabilities.
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  • Currently, Sockie is in the nascent stage of her skateboarding career. However, going by the statistics, her future seems promising. Sockie’s ultimate dream is to become a skateboarding professional and perform internationally. Her profile is available on 'The Boardr,' a premier host and organizer of top skateboarding events, such as the 'Vans Park Series.' Associating with such an organization gave a boost to Sockie’s skateboarding career. According to the official site of 'The Boardr,' she represents Australia in the Oceania region and holds the 16th rank in the female category of the 'Park Terrain Top 50.' As of 2019, her global rankings in the ‘Park’ and the ‘Vert’ categories are 393 and 761, respectively, making her hold an overall position in the top 1400.
  • Apart from skateboarding, Sockie regularly features on her family 'YouTube' channels. Their primary vlog channel, 'The Norris Nuts,' covers the lives of the Norris family and has earned over two million subscribers to date. She has also been featured in the video 'NORRIS NUTS - We The #LEGENDS (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO),' the first video on the channel to garner over nine million “views.” Some of the other videos that feature Sockie and have “views” in millions are 'SOCKIE NEVER EXPECTED THIS PRESENT...,’ 'Sockie Norris 12th Birthday Party,' 'SOCKIE CRIED* MYSTERY MEMORY MATCH challenge with the Norris Nuts,' 'SOCKIE AND NAZ GET CURLY HAIR AND TAKE BABY SHOPPING,' 'Sockie cheated* BLINDFOLDED SLIME CHALLENGE GONE WRONG!!!,' and 'Sockie is Absolutely Terrified to get Needle Vaccine Immunizations.' Sockie also appears on her other family 'YouTube' channels, 'Norris Nuts Squad,' which is primarily an adventure channel, and 'Norris Nuts Do Stuff,' which publishes challenges, games, unboxing, slime making, skits, daily vlogs, cooking, skating, and viral games. Sockie owns her individual 'Instagram' page, where her posts have earned her over 185 thousand followers.
  • Sockie made her first TV appearance in the popular talk show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' Her sister, Sabre was a regular guest on the show throughout the 2016 and the 2017 seasons. Sockie and her siblings also featured in an interview on the 'The Today Show.' On the show, the Norris siblings displayed their lighter side and won the viewers’ hearts with their impeccable comic timing and wit. Sockie has also been featured along with her siblings in several major radio networks, newspapers, and journals throughout Australia.
Personal Life
  • Sockie is very close to Sabre, who not only guides her as a sister but also supports Sockie in her career as a sportsperson. She has always acknowledged Sabre’s contribution to her career and has appreciated her achievements. Sabre was the youngest surfer ever to be awarded a wildcard in 'Sydney Pro' at Cronulla Beach. Sockie helped her sister when she was diagnosed with a condition called Chiari malformation. Her long-term goal is to go on a surfing world tour with her siblings.

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