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(American Youtuber and Beauty Vlogger)

Birthday: July 27, 1994 (Leo)

Born In: Connecticut, New England

Eugenia Cooney is a 22 years old YouTube vlogger who has gained an impressive one million subscribers to her eponymous YouTube channel. Eugenia Cooney gained popularity on her YouTube channel for posting lifestyle videos featuring her "Emo" look. She usually posts videos on makeup, beauty and fashion tips on her channel. She also posts challenge videos sometimes, and took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Her videos often feature her mother and some other guests. She was the winner of The New Face of Big Drop NYC national contest in 2012. She made a cameo appearance in the episode "Too Many Fingers" of the Canadian series "Degrassi: New Class," where her portrayal was heavily based on her real life YouTube personality and dealt with the rumors of her being anorexic.
Quick Facts

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Females


siblings: Chip

Height: 5'10" (178 cm), 5'10" Females

U.S. State: Massachusetts

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
Eugenia Cooney started her YouTube channel on June 17, 2011. She made it primarily as a vlogging channel and posted videos on her "Emo" lifestyle. She soon gained a sizeable fan following on her channel. She was not only interested in making her own videos, but also liked following other famous YouTubers. She was particularly influenced by famous YouTube vlogger Michael Buckley, whose channel as well as other social media profiles she followed closely. She was drawn to the YouNow platform when she saw a few live broadcasts of Buckley on YouNow. She soon moved to that platform to broadcast live and interact with her fans. Apart from her YouTube success, she is now a famous YouNower with 616k fans.
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What Makes Eugenia So Special
Most people who met Eugenia Cooney either in person or online would readily accept that she has the best personality they have ever seen. She is a kind person who never hurts anyone willingly. She is optimistic and passionate about everything she does. Nevertheless, when asked about her hobbies, she said that she considers herself quite boring, but she loves to listen to music and go to concerts.
A quick look at her social media profiles will tell anyone that Eugenia has received a lot of attention on the internet. Unfortunately, a large portion of that is negative attention. Anyone looking at a picture or video of Eugenia can readily recognize that there is something wrong with her body. She is extremely thin and skinny, looking much like she is suffering from some kind of health issue. A lot of the comments she receives on her posts are about her health and whether or not she is anorexic. However, she hardly ever talks about her health or why she looks sick in any of her videos. She has also been criticized by many on the ground that she is not even fit to host fashion videos. Eugenia, however, often maintains that she never wants to negatively affect people, asking her followers not to watch her videos if they dislike them. Despite all the negativity, she has continued to make videos to entertain her fans and has received a lot of support from them.
Beyond Fame
It might sound surprising, but people have actually petitioned against Eugenia Cooney on, pleading with YouTube to ban her channel, even if temporarily. Even though a lot of the hate comes from insensitive people criticizing her looks, a large number of her followers are genuinely concerned about her health. It all started when some YouTubers mentioned Eugenia in their videos in an attempt to raise awareness and to help her. She often insists that she is "naturally thin" and that she doesn't need any medical attention, while others tried to prove why she must have an eating disorder. Some even claimed that as a YouTuber with a million subscribers she should be more responsible about her image on YouTube. Citing a number of times when Eugenia has contradicted herself over her health issues, they argue that she deliberately parades her skinny look in her videos to gain viewers. There have been instances where people have claimed that young girls in their families starved themselves to look like her. However, a lot of people have come to support her stating that someone cannot be labeled as a bad role model because of an illness. Moreover, if YouTube is her source of income, taking that away would only make things worse for her.
Behind The Curtains
Eugenia Cooney grew up in Connecticut with her parents and younger brother Chip. She went to an elementary school in Massachusetts. She later moved to New York City to take acting classes. She has been living with her mother up until a few years ago when she got into her own apartment. Her mother has often been criticized by many of her followers for neglecting her health issues, especially after she started to live by herself.

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