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Birthday: December 24, 1983 (Capricorn)

Born In: Yetminster, Dorset

Paul Sykes, better known under his YouTube username ‘Sjin,’ is an employee with the media production company Yogscast Ltd for who he produces YouTube content. He runs a YouTube channel ‘YogscastSjin’ on which he posts funny Minecraft videos, often with his mates, such as ‘Sjin's Farm with Lewis, ‘Lewis Makes A Bee Island’ and ‘Duncan Is Hard Up’, to name a few. His single player content includes Sykes’ ‘Let's Build series’ where he develops large Minecraft constructions. Besides the Minecraft content, the YouTuber plays Sjindie Games, Indie games, and other multiplayer games. Due to his highly interesting videos, Sykes’ channel has become one of the most sough-after channels on YouTube. This has in turn given the YouTuber considerable name and fame. As of June 2017, Sykes had accumulated over 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. And it’s not only on YouTube where the social media star has fans! He has got a strong fan base on other social networking platforms as well. As of now, Sykes has got 337k followers on Twitter and about 599k followers on Twitch. Apart from this, he has earned more than 114k followers on Facebook. And we have to mention that over 116k people like his official page in Facebook!
Paul Sykes created his YouTube channel ‘YogscastSjin’ in the year 2012. After this, he began posting content on his channel. His first video was ‘Let's Build: A Castle’ which was followed by ‘Let's Try: King Arthur's Gold’, ‘Let's Dust: Dustforce’ and several others. One of the most popular gaming content by Sykes was released five years ago, on Mar 13, 2012. This video titled ‘Sjin's Top Ten Tekkit Technological Terrors - 10-9’ has over 1 million views as well as about 7935 likes (as of June 2017). Some of Sykes’ Minecraft based videos which truly captured the limelight were ‘Minecraft - Bring The Noise’, ‘Minecraft - Like A Bat Out Of Beaverdale’, ‘Minecraft - Boston Bridge is Falling Down’ and ‘Minecraft - Critical Thrusts’, to name a few. Note that Sykes aka Sjin is also known for creating several series with Sips. The content uploaded by the duo includes ‘Sips and Sjin's Tekkit Adventure #4 – Crash’, ‘Mass Effect 3: Co-op Multiplayer with Sips and Sjin’ and much more. Well, the journey of videos by this extremely popular YouTuber continues and his channel has earned more than 1.9 million subscribers as of today. Apart from this, his content is extremely popular on Twitch as well where he has about 599k followers.
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Personal Life
Paul Sykes was born on December 24, 1983 in England and was raised in the village of Mary Tavy, Devon. He is part-Scottish and has a younger brother. Sykes’ middle name is Webster. He is a huge fan of Disney movies, especially ‘Frozen’. He even dressed in the character of ‘Elsa’ during the Jingle Jam in 2014, 2015 and 2016! Besides this, no other information regarding Sykes’ personal life is available on the social media.

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