Oli London Bio

(British Social Media Star Who Went through Multiple Surgeries to Look Like Korean Popstars)

Birthday: January 14, 1990 (Capricorn)

Born In: England. United Kingdom

Oli London is a British social media influencer who is most famous for the 18 plastic surgeries that he has undergone to look like Park Ji-min from BTS, which is a Korean K-pop boyband. He is fascinated by the Korean culture and has done everything in his power to look like a Korean. This has made him a controversial person. Many people have accused him of cultural appropriation. Then there are some people who believe that Oli London has no real love for the Korean culture and he is doing this to gain attention and further his career. Of course, Oli London has vehemently denied both the accusations and continues to vow his love for Korea and Jimin. However, he did use his newfound fame to launch his singing career. Today, Oli-London is known as the European’s first K-pop star. He is also a successful TV producer. London identifies himself as non-binary person and refers himself as “they” and “them.”

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In January

Age: 33 Years, 33 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Ji-min

Born Country: England

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males


In 2013, Oli London moved to Korea to teach English. This is when he fell in love with Jimin and Korean culture. He stayed there for a year and after returning to England he started undergoing plastic surgeries to look like his idol, Jimin.

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Oli London’s rise as a social media influencer began in 2018, when he appeared in Hooked on the Look, which is a British television documentary show. On the show, he revealed that he had spent more than $100,000 dollars on plastic surgeries to achieve the perfect Korean look.

People were enthralled by his story and they started checking his YouTube channel for more information. Soon he became viral and his YouTube channel picked up lots of subscribers. Today he has more than 37 thousand subscribers on YouTube and his videos have garnered more than million views.

His YouTube content consists of his transformation journey, diss tracks, music videos, and his love for everything Korean.

In 2018, he was a guest star in Rich Kids Go Skint, which is a British show that aired on Channel 5 from 2018-2021. He was also seen in The X Factor Series 15 and Celebs Go Dating.

Oli London moved to Los Angeles and in 2019, he launched his music career. His first single, Perfection, was well received and managed to climb up to 31 on itunes K-pop chart. Perfection was soon followed by Butterfly and Heart of Korea, both of them reached number 8 on itunes K-pop chart. Mirror Mirror was the next single by London and it was released in 2020.

He has achieved quite a success in the music field and today he is one of the top K-pop singers in Europe.

In 2020, Oli London appeared on Dr. Phil, which is one of the most popular American daytime talk show. He talked about his love for Korea and Jimin and why he underwent so many plastic surgeries to look like Jimin.

In 2020 when he married a cardboard cutout of Ji-min in Las Vegas and the ceremony was shown on Daily Mail TV, E! News, and MBC News Korea. All the hype surrounding his physical transformation and appearances on numerous television shows like, Being British East Asian (BBC series), Dr. Phil, and Botched Season 6 (American reality television show), helped him get lot of followers on TikTok.

Today he has more than 600K followers on TikTok and has more than 19 million likes on this platform alone. Though his videos are controversial, they are entertaining and unique.

The year 2021 was again marked by various television appearances on numerous German television networks like, Prosieben, RTL, and RED TV. The subject of the shows was again his transformation into a Korean pop star.

It was in June of 2021 that he tweeted that he was a Korean. There was swift backlash and he even received death threats.

Oli London is also popular on Instagram, where he has a fan following of 460K. Many of his photos on Instagram are with Ji-min, his idol.

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What Makes Oli London So Special

Though Oli London is a controversial figure, he does have a huge fan following. People love him for his openness and ability to lead the life that he loves.

Controversies & Scandals

The most controversial thing about Oli London are his 18 surgeries and more than 100 non-surgical procedures to look like Ji-min. In the process, he has spent more than $150,000.

In 2013, he became infatuated with the Korean culture and people after living there for a year. He began to idolize J-imin. In a bid to look like Ji-min, London started the physical transformation process in 2013.

So far, he has undergone five nose jobs. He has undergone eyelid lifting surgery to make them appear Korean. His jaw and cheekbones have been reconstructed to make them appear more symmetrical. He has also had his teeth removed and fitted with veneers to give that perfect Korean look.

One of the most painful surgeries that he has had is the chest reduction surgery. He is still not happy with his nose and plans to have it fixed in the near future, though many plastic surgeons have refused to do so. He plans to travel to South Korea and have his nose fixed there.

His physical transformation has not gone down well with many people. Some have called him racist and accused him of cultural appropriation.

In his defense, Oli London has said that he is doing it because he loves the Korean culture. Moreover, he argues that many Asian people undergo surgeries to look more like white people and that is okay with them. He points out that he is just doing the opposite

Family & Personal Life

Oli London was born on January 14, 1990, in England. Nothing is known about his upbringing or education. He has not shared any information about his parents or siblings.

There are rumors that he once dated Angelique Morgan, who is a French actress, model, and television personality.

In January 2020, Oli London married a cardboard cutout of Ji-min in a Las Vegas ceremony that was presided over by an Elvis Presley impersonator. This bizarre ceremony was shown on Daily Mail TV.

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