Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot Bio

(British Singer, Songwriter, and Pianist)

Birthday: November 20, 2000 (Scorpio)

Born In: Streetly, West Midlands, England

It was almost a decade ago that a 6-year old girl named Connie Talbot mesmerised the world for the first time with her incredible singing voice in the first season of the hit reality talent show, 'Britain's Got Talent.' So enamoured was everyone by the adorable music prodigy that by the time the season ended, she had become something of a global star. Years have flown by, and the wonder child has grown into a teen pop artist with an international following. Five albums, an extended play and numerous singles; round-the-world tours and performances at packed concerts; adulation and accolades - Connie has seen it all and will continue to scale new heights in her new journey. Here is a ringside view into the rise and rise of everybody's favourite, Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot!
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In November

Nick Name: Connie Talbot

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females


father: Gavin Talbot

mother: Sharon Talbot

siblings: Josh, Mollie

City: Birmingham, England

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
There is no ambiguity regarding where the dream run started for Connie. In mid-2007, ITV launched'Britain's Got Talent' - a new reality talent show created by Simon Cowell that would later go on to become a global phenomenon spawning spin-offs in as many as 58 countries. It was here that the world first caught a glimpse of Connie's genius, and quite soon, she became the face of the show alongside tenor musician Paul Potts. Though Potts went on to win the first season, Connie won the hearts of millions around the world. That kind of talent and popularity inevitably open the door to great opportunities, which was precisely what happened in Connie's case. Soon after her BGT stint, Connie signed with the Rainbow Recording Company and released her debut album, 'Over the Rainbow.' And that was the beginning of many great things to come.
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What Makes Connie Talbot So Special
The girl who could sing as soon as she could talk: that's how everyone close to Connie fondly remembers her early years. Connie Talbot was born to sing. Now, that may sound clichéd, but this is one of those rare instances where it holds true. Perhaps the word 'singer' is a bit reductive, for she is also a bona fide pianist. So, a more wholesome analysis would be this: she is a born musician! It runs in her DNA. In an age where so many mediocre wannabes manage to pass off as artists quite successfully (all thanks to technology, clever PR stunts and great strokes of luck), Connie is a rare exception. And that's what makes her special.
Beyond Fame
Between 2007 and 2016, Connie's creative output has been prolific. Through 'Connie Talbot's Christmas Album' (2008) and 'Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic' (2009), her voice became synonymous with the gaiety and spirit of the holiday season. Besides brand endorsements for various children-oriented merchandise, she also toured internationally and performed at prestigious events. Among this was the 2010 trip to South Korea where she was the opening act for the 'Road to Hope' concert which marked the inception of the G20 Summit in Seoul. This was followed by the mega-event on New Year's Eve in China (in 2011), which was watched by over 600 million viewers on television in the country.
Along the way, Connie passed a few milestones too; she made it to the Guinness Book of World Records thrice - as the youngest English artist ever to reach the charts, the youngest ever to receive a gold record and the lead vocalist to be accompanied by the largest number of backing singers in a public venue.
In 2012, Connie recorded her first "pop" single in Los Angeles: the song, 'Sail Away' peaked at No.1 on CD Baby's Pop Single Chart. Her fourth album, 'Beautiful World', was released in the same year, and was a big hit in Taiwan and China.
Behind the Curtains
At the tender age of 16, Connie Talbot is already into the second decade of her career as a musician. She has graduated swiftly from being a wunderkind to a teen pop sensation, and much credit for this smooth transition goes to her mother Sharon and her father Gavin, who have been both nurturing and protective of their gifted daughter. They haven't let the music career interfere with her studies. Connie schools at a private institution in Birmingham and has proved herself to be equally competent in academics and sports - she is a member of the school's netball team.
After years of working with Grammy award-winning producers and performing with a host of famous musicians, Connie forayed into the pop music genre with confidence in early 2016, with the release of her fifth album, 'Matters to Me.' If you ask me, that's just the beginning. The girl who started singing before she talked is going to enthral and enchant us in the years to come, and that's a reason for much elation.
Connie has three Guinness World Records to her name!

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