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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 20, 2009 (Aquarius)

Born In: United States

Lyla Grace is an American YouTube personality, who has achieved worldwide fame while still being a child. Lyla is currently one of the most charismatic YouTube stars. She first became popular after appearing on the channel, ‘SevenAwesomeKids’, in which she was featured every Wednesday. She was then approached by several other YouTube celebrities, requesting her to appear on their respective channels. Eventually, she agreed to appear on a channel named ‘SevenPerfectAngels’, which featured her every Friday. Apart from appearing on several YouTube channels of other personalities, which made her famous, she also created her own channel, ‘AdventuresWithLyla’, in 2014. Lyla spends most of her time with her three sisters. Her older sister, Jayden Lynzee, also makes YouTube videos and is famous for her videos pertaining to the SPA series.
Quick Facts

Age: 15 Years, 15 Year Old Females

Lyla & YouTube
At the tender age of five, she started her own YouTube channel, ‘AdventuresWithLyla’. Although the channel was created in 2014, she did not upload anything on it until 2016.
She initially appeared in a few of her sister’s videos which paved the path for her to grab the attention of other popular YouTube stars. She was then asked to appear on the channel ‘SevenAwesomeKids’ which she obliged. The channel had more than a million subscribers and Lyla’s appearance impressed each and every one of them, making her an overnight sensation.
By appearing on the channel, Lyla gave its viewers a glimpse of her everyday life. She also spoke about various topics pertaining to her family, school and how she gets along well with her sisters.
One of the videos titled ‘The Day I Become a Beautician’ went unexpectedly viral and gathered more than 6 million views. Other videos featuring Lyla that went viral include ‘The Postman’s Mistake’ and ‘Lyla makes slime and gets grounded’.
In September 2017, she broke the hearts of her ardent fans by announcing that she would no longer be associated with ‘SevenAwesomeKids’. However, she also said that she would appear on another channel named ‘SevenPerfectAngels’. This channel posted videos similar to that of the ones posted by ‘SevenAwesomeKids’.
Simultaneously, the channel ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ uploaded a video titled ‘Introducing Lyla’, which gathered many views. Lyla was then featured in the videos posted by the channel on Fridays.
The new channel, Lyla was now associated with, produced similar content which had her talking about her everyday routine. Lyla soon became the star of the channel as it started gaining more number of subscribers ever since Lyla joined hands with it. She is now known as the most popular person among all its celebrities.
In August 2015, Lyla uploaded the first video on her official channel and it has so far garnered more than 180,000 views. Lyla keeps herself busy with other activities and hence doesn’t upload videos regularly on her channel. However, she has already managed to garner close to 25000 subscribers.
One of the most popular videos on her channel, ‘Sisters Lyla, Jayden and Sophie take the Warhead challenge’, has gained more than two and a half million views.
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Family & Personal Life
Lyla Grace spends most of her time with her sisters and often includes them in her videos. Her sisters have also appeared on the videos that feature her on other channels. Lyla often speaks about her sisters and is very close to them.

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