Russell Franke Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: July 9, 2011 (Cancer)

Born In: Utah, United States

Russell Franke is an American YouTube star, most popular as one of the six kids of the family on the YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers’. He is very popular with the ‘8 Passengers’ fans for his magnificent smile, friendly and helpful nature, and his cute throwback pictures that his mother posts on the family’s Instagram account. His family’s popular YouTube show ‘8 Passengers’ has amassed over 2.3 million subscribers so far. His family usually posts videos of their daily life, funny videos, pranks, challenges, sponsored product posts, family tragedies as well as celebrations. The family consists of his mother and father, and five brothers and sisters in total. His parents run the channel and he is one of the six children regularly featured on the videos. He is the second youngest member of his family and is developing his own personality on the family’s vlogs (video blogs). He also has his own Instagram account that is monitored by his parents. He has famous YouTube vlogger uncles and aunts, and his older siblings have their own YouTube channels too. He may get his own channel soon, but until then, he continues to participate in his family’s vlogging activities on YouTube.

Quick Facts

Age: 12 Years, 12 Year Old Males


father: Kevin Franke

mother: Ruby Franke

siblings: Abby Franke, Chad Franke, Eve Franke, Julie Franke, Shari Franke

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Utah

Russell Franke is one of the eight members of the ‘8 Passengers’ on the YouTube channel of the same name. The channel features videos about the lives of his parents and his five brothers and sisters, as they go about their daily lives. The family’s YouTube channel was started by the mother, Ruby, in January 2015 to record her pregnancy and early life of the youngest child of the family, Eve. The first video that was posted on the channel ‘The Making of Eve’ featured all the six kids of the family, including, Russell, who was a toddler at that time. The family channel’s growth was slow but steady. They hit the 5000 subscribers mark within nine months of creating the channel, and rapidly progressed to 1 million subscribers by August 2017. Currently, their ‘8 Passengers’ channel has over 2.3 million subscribers.
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His family generally uploads funny and family-friendly, clean content on their YouTube channel. Content usually consists of the family’s day-to-day life, travels, pranks, challenges, parenting tips, heart-to-heart talks, heartbreaks, tragedies, celebrations, and some sponsored product posts too. The entire family is generally seen in the videos.
Russell Franke is the fifth and second youngest child of the family. On the family’s ‘8 Passengers’ channel, he is quite often seen lending his own affable personality to the videos. He has a cute smile and a very helpful nature. His mother often posts throwback pictures of him when he was a baby on the family’s Instagram account as well as YouTube channel. ‘Russell’s Imaginary Friend’ was his first solo video on the channel. He also has his own Instagram account that is monitored by his parents. His account has over 31,000 followers. He is regularly seen on his family’s ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel as well as their Instagram account.
His siblings have their own YouTube channels. The eldest child, Shari, is a talented teenager who posts makeup tutorials, story-telling videos and also does giveaway events, under the guidance of her parents. The second child, Chad, has done several challenge and puberty-related videos on his channel that went viral. The third child, Abby, is very shy and is not seen very often on the family YouTube channel. The fourth child, Julie’s, childhood is very well captured on YouTube. The youngest child, Eve’s birth story marked the start the family channel and several videos featuring her have gone viral. The family’s online popularity has made them real-life stars too and they have reportedly made a fortune from their product-sponsored posts, advertisements and other vlog-related incomes. They have also partnered up with several mainstream brands like Kleenex, Crockpot, Hunter, etc. to promote products on their YouTube channel and Instagram account.
The elder children may soon go off to college, but the parents plan to continue making fresh content videos with the younger children, including Russell. He may also get his own YouTube channel in the future.
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Family & Personal Life
Russell Franke was born on July 9, 2011, in Utah, USA to Kevin Franke and Ruby Franke. His father is highly educated, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. too. He has worked as a geotechnical engineering consultant for seven years and now is an assistant professor of civil engineering at Brigham Young University in Utah.
Russell has four elder siblings; sister, Shari - 14 years, brother, Chad - 12 years, and sisters Abby - 10 years and Julie - 8 years. He also has a younger sister, Eve, who is 4 years old. They have a dog named ‘Nolly’.
His famous vlogger uncles and aunts are Beau Griffiths, Bonnie Hoellein, Ellie Mecham and Julie Deru.
The family also have an online merchandise store that sells pants, t-shirts, mugs, polo shirts, etc. under the brand name ‘8 Passengers’.
He currently lives with his family and dog in Utah, USA.

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