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Oliver Lanning is a famous American YouTube personality and social media star. Let’s take a look at his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 27, 2013

Nationality: American

Age: 6 Years

Sun Sign: Leo

Also Known As: Ollie

Born in: California

Famous as: YouTube Personality


father: Bryan Lanning

mother: Missy Lanning

siblings: Finley Lanning

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #672 Social Media Stars #7
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Oliver Lanning is the son of famous vloggers, Missy Lanning, and Bryan Lanning. He is just three years old and is especially known for his cute video uploads on the Lannings’ YouTube channel, ‘DailyBUMPS’. He is specially featured in videos where he is shown enjoying in the pool. He is known for his beautiful grey eyes and his pure blond hair. Oliver is a very energetic and adrenaline filled kid. He is full of fun and likes to be a part of the vlogs that his parents upload on their channel. He is seen behaving very naturally and showing off his own personality as a young kid. His vlogs mainly include funny incidents from his childhood. He has featured in some his parents most famous vlogs, such as ‘Baby trapped in Waterpark’, ‘Oliver’s 2nd birthday special’, ‘Oliver at the Dentist’ and ‘Dinosaur eats Toddler’. He has over 3 million views on one of his videos!

The Meteoric Rise
  • Ollie was born in 2013. His parents without even wasting any time started uploading his videos on their YouTube channel. The cuteness of Ollie earned him many views and likes and made him a superstar kid on YouTube within no time.
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  • Oliver’s parents had continued uploading vlogs even when his mother was pregnant with Ollie. Ollie’s first video was shot just after his birth. It was named – Welcome Oliver James. This video turned out to be super hit as it got around 9,217,097 views. Later, he became a regular part of the vlogs as Bryan saw to it that his son, Ollie, made his screen appearances regularly.
  • He has been a part of some famous videos including the ‘Toy Story Halloween Special’ one as well as ‘Santa caught on Camera’. Bryan and Missy started focusing their vlogs on Ollie more after his birth. This resulted in popularity of the channel and Ollie also became a YouTube star in no time.
  • His famous vlogs include ‘Baby trapped in Waterpark’, ‘Oliver’s 2nd birthday special’, ‘Oliver at the Dentist’ and ‘Dinosaur eats Toddler’.
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Behind The Curtains
  • Oliver’s parents, Bryan and Missy, had two miscarriages before his birth. Thus, Ollie is very special to them. He lives in California along with his parents and his younger brother, Finley. He has an Australian Shepherd dog named Karma and a new puppy named Luna. They had a Bengal cat named Zuri which the family gave away. Another pet, Hashtag, the fish passed away due to negligence.
  • His mother, Missy, had a full septum in her uterus which was causing her pregnancy troubles. However, unaware of this fact even after two miscarriages and stillbirths, Oliver turned out to be a miracle as she was still carrying the full septum which she got removed through surgery later.
  • Oliver is specially known for his cute appearances in the vlogs. His special features are his golden blond hair and his pure grey magnificent eyes. He is very special for his family as his birth was considered a miracle and that he was born to his mother after two pregnancy failures.

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