Finley Lanning Bio

(YouTube Personality)

Birthday: October 24, 2015 (Scorpio)

Born In: California

Finley Lanning is one of the youngest YouTube sensations of all time! It is a common phenomenon these days to become famous through YouTube, but Finley is a truly special child. His account is managed by his parents, who regularly upload videos regarding his day-to-day life. He has been a part of his family’s YouTube channel ‘Daily Bumps’ ever since he was conceived. Since then, his journey to becoming a toddler has been documented by his parents, who carefully recorded every step of his life. From his birth to his very first giggle, his family has given their viewers a sneak peek into the daily life of Finley. They document every milestone and significant activity in the lives of Finley and his brother Oliver. The family has come a long way since their first video upload back in 2013!
Quick Facts

Age: 8 Years, 8 Year Old Males


father: Bryan Lanning

mother: Missy Lanning

siblings: Oliver Lanning

U.S. State: California

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Finley Lanning was a YouTube star even before he was born! He has received media limelight ever since he was conceived, and his parents announced their pregnancy. Since then, through a series of videos that mark his every milestone—from his kicks when he was in his mother’s womb, to his birth—Finley has stolen the show. Started in 2013, the Lanning family channel ‘Daily Bumps’ has grown immensely since their first upload. They have produced countless endearing and sweet videos in a very short span. Finley’s birth vlog even has a record for accumulating more than half a million views in just 8 hours, which is something truly remarkable. Needless to say, Finley Lanning is a huge hit among the YouTube audience, with his cherubic personality and his amazing chemistry with his big brother.
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What Makes Finley Lanning So Special
Finley Lanning is one of the popular much-publicized toddlers in YouTube. His viewers have seen him grow from a mere heartbeat in his mom’s tummy to the handsome and adorable toddler he is today. The documenting and filming procedures for his videos are very honest, and are truly excerpts from his day-to-day life. The rawness and naturalness of these videos truly make him one of the most sought after toddlers of YouTube. His relationship with his family and his adventures from dealing with dry ice for the first time, to buying his first pet, has made him a little star. He definitely has the potential to make it big as a social media star in future too. His parents’ daily vlogging has given the tiny tot the benefit of connecting to his fans on a really personal basis.
Behind the Curtains
Finley Lanning was born on 24 October 2015 in California. His birth was much awaited, as he was born over nine days after his proposed due date. He weighed 9 lbs at the time of his birth. His parents, Bryan and Missy Lanning, are responsible for the YouTube channel ‘Daily Bumps’ that feature Finley and his brother, Oliver Lanning. Missy is a stay-at-home mom, while Bryan is a singer/songwriter. Being the younger son, Finley is often the centre of all the attention in their most recent videos. In September 2015, his father Bryan even released a single on iTunes called ‘Finley’s lullaby’.

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