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Born In: Watts, California , United States

Jay Cinco is a young rapper from California who began rapping in early 2020. His most popular tracks include Hood Confessions and Neva Fold. He also has a significant following on his Instagram and You Tube through which he promotes his work. He works independently and does not want to sign up with anyone as of now. Growing up, he witnessed gang violence which had its effect on him but he successfully stayed away from it. He wanted to live a life and take care of his family. After High school, he found his calling in music and has worked hard to create a name for himself.


Before turning to music, Jay Cinco worked different jobs to earn money. In January 2020, he started rapping and since then has released his other songs. Amongst his popular number are Hood Confessions and Neva Fold. The first song is a tribute to his cousin Keith Moore (and other people who lost lives in gang violence) who was shot and killed. His other tracks include Yo Body, Balenciagas, Next Up, Heartless and Broken Promises.

Simultaneously, Jay Cinco also started doing TikTok and Instagram to increase his fan base and eventually make his songs more popular. His Instagram account has a large number of followers (more than 200k). His You Tube account, too, has thousands of subscribers. On his You Tube account, he has uploaded the official music videos of Hood Confessions Ghetto Angels Remix, Neva Fold and 30 Shots, all of which have attracted thousands of views.

Five years down the line, Cinco aspires to become more successful, run his own label and have a song that tops the billboards.

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Family & Personal Life

Jay Cinco was born on 14th December 2002 in Watts, California and spent his initial years there before moving to Compton at the age of eleven (he was in fifth grade then). He belongs to Mexican, African American, Samoan, and Native American descent. Growing up, he witnessed a lot of gang violence and death and saw people giving up on their dreams and goals. However, he wanted to get away from it as he realised that following that path would eventually lead to either prison or death. He wanted to change his life and so he turned towards music.

He played basketball during his high school. After he graduated from high school, he saved money to go to the studio.

He is dating YouTuber Brooklyn Frost.

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