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(American YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 31, 2009 (Aquarius)

Born In: Florida

Emily Sister Forever is an American YouTube star popular as the younger sister on the ‘Sister Forever’ channel. As one-half of the famous sister duo, she is well-known for her charming personality, cute expressions and a great sense of humour. On their YouTube channel, she features alongside her elder sister in kid-friendly vlogs (that include pranks, challenges, school supply hauls, shopping trips, lifestyle, daily life situations, travels, etc. Even though she became a YouTuber just three years ago, she has become very popular on the Internet. She also features in another YouTube channel ‘SisterForeverVlogs’ alongside her sister and their family dog. She plays a central part in a lot of videos on the channel and is the subject of many videos too. Their primary channel is well on its way to crossing the 1 million subscribers mark soon. She is also active on Instagram where she posts pictures and videos along with her sister, and under the supervision of their mother. Her sister already has her own solo YouTube channel where she vlogs about lifestyle, fashion and beauty. As she grows up, Emily may get her own YouTube channel too.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Emily Gonzalez

Age: 15 Years, 15 Year Old Females


mother: Yaileny

siblings: Alisson

U.S. State: Florida

Emily started her YouTube career in May 2016, when her mother started the YouTube channel ‘Sister Forever’ for her and her elder sister, Alisson. The first ever video posted on the channel was ‘First time with glasses’. Thereafter, the sisters would post videos on various topics and themes. Their channel contained mainly kid-friendly vlog entries like pranks that the sisters played on each other or ones played by their mother on them, challenges that they posed to each other, school supply hauls, and other kiddie vlogs. They began vlogging on a regular basis and gained popularity for their child-friendly lifestyle videos.
Emily has become popular among her channel subscribers for her bubbly personality and cute demeanour. As the younger sister, she brings in much younger audiences to the channel through her charm, wit and childlike humour. She participates with her sister in unboxing videos for iPhone cases, pop sockets, ring lights, etc. They also do unique challenges like ‘Anything you can carry, I’ll pay for’ challenge, ’24 hours’ challenge, ‘Mom/Dad/Kids can’t say no’ challenge, and more. Their pranks on each other or their parents are also unique and very funny. Her sense of humour and innocence come through in most videos, especially when a prank is played on her. She also participates in DIY videos like making slime, room décor, etc. In fact, they have large number of videos dedicated to making various types of squishy slime for a variety of occasions. They also post videos about their travels on their channel. Their parents, especially their mother, are often seen on their YouTube videos.
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The most popular video on their YouTube channel is 'Mom Can’t Say No - Kids in Control for 24 Hours’ with almost 7 million views so far. The next most popular video on the channel is based on her, called ‘9 years old wore super long acrylic nails for week/ Instagram control her decisions “Emily"’ with about 5.9 million views. Their channel crossed the 500,000 subscribers mark on August 2, 2018. They now have 974,000 subscribers on their channel.
After the success of their first channel, she and her sister launched another channel on September 25, 2017, called ‘SisterForeverVlogs’. They showcase kid-friendly, family-friendly and humorous videos on this channel. Most of the vlogs on this channel feature their parents and family dog, and the videos are about their family vacations, shopping trips, drives to the school and back, school emergencies and performances, etc. Many lifestyle videos like the sisters’ or mother’s beauty routines, fashion, makeovers, etc. are also featured on this channel. The content on this channel is mostly funny, but sometimes serious as well.
The most popular video on this channel is ‘School Fire Alarm’ with over 2 million views. Another popular video on the channel is ‘Emily lost her new iPhone’ where her mother and sister play a prank on her, and the video has garnered over a million views so far. Her sister has her own solo channel called ‘It's me Ali’ where she vlogs about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and such other content.
She and her sister are active on Instagram as well, with more than 138,000 followers. Their mother handles their YouTube channels and Instagram account. As one-half of the sister duo, she also receives sponsorships from many brands and apps. She often participates with her sister in various YouTube events like VidCon.
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Family & Personal Life
Emily was born on January 31, 2009, in Florida, USA. Her mother’s name is Yaileny. Details about her father are not readily available, but he is frequently seen on her social media feed. She has an older sister, Alisson, and a pet dog named Coco who is also often seen on their YouTube channel and Instagram. She currently lives in Florida, USA with her family and dog.

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