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(Filipino YouTuber, Animator and Cartoonist.)

Birthday: September 27, 1990 (Libra)

Born In: Manila, Philippines

Dominic Panganiban is a Filipino YouTuber, animator, and social media personality currently residing in Canada. He is more popular by his nickname and his YouTube username, Domics. A native of the city of Manila, Dominic moved to Saudi Arabia because of his father’s profession. He and his family later relocated to Canada, where he has spent the most part of his life. Domics began his career in 2010 with a webcomic that he posted on Tumblr. After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in architecture, he created his YouTube channel in August 2012 and started posting content a day later. Since then, he has accumulated over six million subscribers and hundreds of millions of total views. His videos have appeared in websites like NewNowNext, the Malay Mail Online, and CBS News' website. He was affiliated with the multi-channel YouTube network Fullscreen before joining the Channel Frederator Network in November 2014. His popularity on YouTube has found its way to other social media platforms as well. He has over three hundred thousand followers on Twitter, over half a million followers on Instagram, and several hundred thousand followers on Facebook.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In September

Girlfriend: Chikarabbit, K1tana

Also Known As: Dominic Panganiban

Age: 33 Years, 33 Year Old Males

Born Country: Philippines

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Males

Notable Alumni: Toronto Metropolitan University

City: Manila, Philippines

More Facts

education: Toronto Metropolitan University

In July 2010, Dominic began sharing a webcomic on Tumblr. The username he chose for himself, Domics, is an amalgamation of Dominic and comics. He had always harboured an interest in animation, and after graduating from college, he decided to learn more about it. He started watching the content of YouTubers like Egoraptor, OneyNG, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, and Swoozie and learned animation by watching various tutorials.
After finding moderate success as a social media-based cartoonist, he set up his YouTube account ‘Domics,’ on August 11, 2012. His first video was uploaded on 12 August. Titled ‘Domics: Rural’, it is a 14-second-long clip in which Domics complains about the word “rural”. This gave an idea to his initial viewers of what kind of content he was going to put out. In the video titled ‘Domics: Relationship Status’, posted on 30 August, he emulated the vlog style of Swoozie. Since then, most of his videos have been made in a similar format.
When his channel started gaining popularity, he realised that he had a choice to make regarding his professional life. He had spent four years of his life to get the architecture degree, but he also wanted to see where Domics led him. He eventually chose the latter and focused on making more content on YouTube and put out more webcomics on Tumblr. The channel reached the one-million-subscriber milestone in March 2015. This prompted Domics to make a ‘Draw My Life’ video. In September 2018, the channel crossed the six-million-subscriber milestone. These days, each of his videos garners millions of views. Some of the most popular videos on his channel are ‘Crushes’, ‘Butts’, ‘Buying Used Things’, and ‘Best Friend Zone’. He set up his secondary account, ‘DUMBics,’ on May 27, 2013, and uploaded the first video, ‘Strah burrz.’, on the same day. He has about 30 thousand subscribers on the channel.
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Family & Personal Life
Dominic was born on September 27, 1990, in Manila, Philippines as the second of three children of his parents. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. In the initial years of his life, he was almost exclusively raised by his mother as his accountant father was employed at a company in Saudi Arabia. At some point, Dominic and the rest of his family moved to Saudi Arabia to live with his father. When he was later asked to explain the reason behind the family’s relocation, he apparently said, “because Ohana, man.”
When he was a child, he used to have issues with the concept of different countries and cultures. For a long while, he was under the impression that Saudi Arabia was only a part of the Philippines. He must have drawn such a conclusion because of the neighbourhood in which he and his family lived had a large Filipino population. During this period, he studied at International Philippine School In Al Khobar.
In 1997, Dominic and his family came to Canada, and for about a year, lived in Hamilton, Ontario. They then moved to Mississauga, where he resided for the ensuing seven years. It was during this period that he developed a deep passion for art. After receiving words of encouragement from one of his teachers, he began drawing almost every day. He later became interested in drawing anime characters in various styles. At one point, his family moved to a different part of the city and he was enrolled at a school named St. Barbara.
Dominic relocated to Virginia, USA after his father landed a job there. He struggled to adapt to the US education system and often times was overwhelmed by the sheer difference between it and the Canadian system. After he graduated high school and the family moved back to Canada, he began attending Ryerson University, from where he earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2012.
At present, he is dating a woman named Claire.
Dominic has been trained in taekwondo and break dancing.

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