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Kurtis Conner is a Canadian comedian and ‘YouTube’ personality. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 4, 1994

Nationality: Canadian

Girlfriend: Jenna Allard

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Canada

Famous as: YouTube Personality

Height: 5'9" (175 cm), 5'9" Males


siblings: Kylie

Popularity Index
Vloggers #292 Viners #29 Comedy YouTubers #52 YouTubers #469
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Kurtis Conner is a Canadian comedian and ‘YouTube’ personality, with nearly 1.5 million followers. He initially gained popularity on ‘Vine,’ before becoming a star on ‘YouTube.’ He is also popular on other social-media sites, such as ‘Instagram, with over 515 thousand followers, and ‘Twitter,’ where he has over 254 thousand followers. He began posting on ‘Youtube’ in the middle of 2014, with the video `Answering Questions.’ His videos initially did not gain too many views. However, over the years, his popularity soared. His first video to cross half a million views was `Weird Instagram Ads: How to Pick Up Women.’ His video `The internet`s most obvious lies’ became his first video to cross a million views. Other popular videos on his channel include `The Country Girls of TikTok,’ with over 3.4 million views, and `I`m Not Like Most Girls Phenomenon,’ which has over 3.1 million views. He has also released a comedy album titled ‘Cuppla Jokes.’

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Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Kurtis Conner initially became popular through his self-titled channel on ‘Vine.’ Later, he moved to ‘YouTube,’ where he began posting videos such as `Answering Questions,’ `Being a Vegetarian,’ `My Tattoos,’ `I met the Real Santa!!!!,’ `Jeff Dunham Ruined Comedy,’ and `This is why Millennials Cant Afford Houses.’
  • His first video to cross half a million views was `Weird Instagram Ads: How to Pick up Women.’ The video has reached over 647 thousand views so far. The video features him criticizing an ad for making sexist remarks. He continued to upload videos, with many of them becoming quite popular, such as `Fortnight Comedy exists…. And its terrible,’ with over 480 thousand views, `I roasted my followers tattoos,’ with over 645 thousand views, and `The Absurdity of Buzzfeed Quizzes,’ which earned over 972 thousand views.
  • His video `The Internet`s Most Obvious Lies,’ which he uploaded in September 2018, became his first video to cross a million views. The video features him making fun of posts of a particular ‘Instagram’ account, as they were made up, despite the fact that they appeared to be true. The video has earned 2.4 million views.
  • His next video, `Cringey 1D Images,’ which was uploaded just after 2 weeks, also crossed a million views. Some of the other popular videos on his channel are `Instagram Magicians,’ with over a million views, `Christian Mingle: The Movie,’ with over 1.7 million views, `The Softboy Epidemic,’ with over 3 million views, and `The Country Girls of Tik Tok,’ which has over 3.4 million views.
  • Two of his most recent videos are `The Internet`s Cringiest Dating Show Part 2’ and `The Most Attractive Man on YouTube.’
  • He has also performed at the ‘ONEXONE Toronto International Film Festival’ in Canada and an event at a comedy bar.
  • He has also released a comedy album named ‘Cuppla Jokes,’ which released in 2016. It appeared at the sixth position on the ‘Billboard’ comedy charts for the week.
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