Anna Campbell Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 25, 1993 (Aquarius)

Born In: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Anna Campbell is an American YouTuber. She is also pretty active on other social media platforms and constantly uploads pictures on her Instagram account, which has close to a million followers. She started her YouTube channel back in 2007, with random videos among other amateur stuff. She has amassed a decent subscriber base on YouTube owing to her funny videos on varied topics and her series of videos that represent some of the most prevalent mental illnesses. Her ‘Drive with Me’ series of videos have also contributed to her overall fame and popularity. Her tutorial/funny video titled ‘Trick to Being Skinny’ is her most viewed video, which gathered more than a million views within the few days. As for her relationships, she is an open bisexual and has dated some fellow female YouTubers such as Nataliya Taylor and was also in a relationship with Ellosteph, another YouTuber. She is also active in wild life conservation and other social welfare activities.

Quick Facts

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

City: Boston

U.S. State: Massachusetts

Childhood & Early Life

Anna Campbell was born on January 25, 1993, and hails from Massachusetts. She is the only child in the Campbell family.

She grew up in a middle class family and her brief visit to Kenya as a kid had her falling in love with the wildlife. During that time, she also found an interest in extreme sports and decided to make a career in the field.
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She was eventually drawn towards Psychiatry. She read books related to psychology and intricate workings of human mind while in school, and she became determined to pursue this stream in college.

Her mother’s lung cancer survival journey also played a major role in shaping her up as a person. In 2007, she started her self titled YouTube channel ‘Anna Campbell’.

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YouTube & Social Media
She uploaded her first video in August 2009. It was titled ‘No Doubt-Hey Baby’, and she lip synced to the song along with one of her best friends. The video was of poor quality, but garnered some pretty fine response.

She wasn’t serious about a career on YouTube and forgot all about it until one year later, when she uploaded a video with her friends during road trip in 2010. This was followed by another video with her friend where she claimed to share Nicki Minaj’s phone number. The video garnered more views than her previous two videos combined and this finally got her going.

After a few more videos, she uploaded the video that finally turned out to be her breakthrough. Studying closely what other popular YouTubers were doing at that time, she uploaded a video titled ‘The Trick to Being Skinny’, which received great response and gained more than a million views within a week. Presently, it is one of the most watched videos on her channel with more than 2 million views.

This success finally encouraged her to carry on with YouTube and she began doing several different things, which made her more famous. Being one of the earliest YouTube sensations also helped her greatly. The video/audio quality was also getting better, which further helped.
Soon after that, her YouTube channel became a crazy mishmash of different types of content including funny videos, Vlogs, challenges and skits. She also started a few series’ such as ‘Life of Anna and Timmy’, ‘Story Time Sunday’ and ‘Drive with Me’.
She suffers from health anxiety, which is a highly prevalent mental disorder. She has uploaded videos talking about her issues with the fear of catching life threatening diseases, while most of the times they were not that big a deal.

She is highly popular on Instagram and Twitter as well and apart from having approximately 380,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, she has 2,00,000 subscribers on Twitter and close to a million followers on Instagram.

Apart from her YouTube career, she works at a psychiatric hospital as a mental health specialist, which she mentions as her calling in life.
Family & Personal Life
Anna Campbell grew up in Massachusetts, USA, as a single child in the family. She was extremely close to her mother and she recalls being depressed when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she survived and the family found relief.

Anna is a bisexual and has been in relationships with guys and girls during her college time. She was in a relationship with the popular YouTube celebrity Ellosteph. In the past, her relationship with another YouTuber Natalia Taylor garnered her huge popularity. She also dated Taylor Pendergraff, Andie and Kaylee Jade.

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