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ElloSteph (Stephanie Frosch) is a popular American YouTuber and LGBT rights activist. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, career, activities, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 5, 1993

Nationality: American

Famous: American Women Women Activists

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: Florida

Famous as: LGBT Rights Activist

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U.S. State: Florida

More Facts

education: University of Central Florida

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ElloSteph is a popular American YouTuber and LGBT rights activist. She is a self-proclaimed lesbian who started voicing her opinion through her blogs. In her blogs, she expressed her concern over discrimination against homosexuals. She said discrimination against homosexuals is still prevalent in the American society and that many people are homophobic. She works for a YouTube channel named ‘LGBTV,’ and is mostly seen hosting a few shows on Monday. She is also associated with another popular channel ‘LGBTeens,’ which too, fights for the rights of LGBT community. She has become a role model to many homosexuals around the world, as her display of sheer courage and fearlessness is often praised by many. ElloSteph has amassed thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is also popular on Tumblr and has many followers on the microblogging website. She was in a relationship with fellow social media star Madison Clark. She has also dated the popular Lesbian YouTuber Anna Campbell. ElloSteph and Anna Campbell were once known as the ‘most popular American lesbian couple.’

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Early Life
  • ElloSteph was born Stephanie Frosch in Florida, USA, on January 5, 1993, into a middle class family and was raised along with her sister. During her early teenage years, she realized that she was different from other girls as she wasn’t interested in boys.
  • After realizing about her sexual orientation, she started flirting with some of her schoolmates during her high school days. But she wasn’t ashamed of her sexuality and was open about it right from the word go. She later thanked her mother for supporting her. She even credited her mother with instilling courage and determination into her.
  • ElloSteph’s mother passed away when she was in her high school. This came across as a major blow to her, as her mother was her only pillar of support. ElloSteph wanted to be an actor; she participated in dramas organized by her school. She also started uploading videos on her YouTube channel, which she had created in 2010.
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Internet Fame
  • During her early days on social media, ElloSteph uploaded a few random videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. She started off by posting her drama rehearsals and then followed them up by posting cover versions of popular songs. She also posted a few funny videos, along with her audition tapes.
  • She soon became a small-time celebrity, but was yet to understand the seriousness of YouTube as she was very irregular in posting her videos. Later, when she found out that the general perception of people towards homosexuals was wrong, she decided to do something about it.
  • In order to bring about a change, she started writing blogs on Tumblr and spoke against the suppression of LGBT by the government and ignorant civilians. Soon, many people started liking her blogs and she was praised for her initiative.
  • Before the end of 2013, she had gained thousands of followers who started commenting regularly on all her blogs and videos. Two of her most daring videos are titled as ‘Falling for Your Best Friend’ and ‘How to Piss off a Lesbian.’ These videos were shared by thousands of her followers.
  • In the same year, she uploaded a video titled ‘Girlfriend Tag,’ for which the thumbnail was rather bold. The video went viral within few minutes and gathered more than a million views.
  • Gradually, the number of her subscribers increased as she kept posting bold and meaningful videos. Currently, her channel has accumulated more than 350,000 subscribers.
  • She eventually became a spokesperson for ‘LGBTV,’ a major media organisation that deals with the rights of LGBT community. This also led her to collaborate with several other YouTube channels like ‘LGBTeens.’ She also collaborated with popular YouTubers like Michael Buckley, who is famous for his video series ‘What the Buck!’
  • Through her videos and blogs, ElloSteph has helped several homosexuals in shedding their fear and accepting their sexuality. Many have even thanked her for her contributions, as seen in the comment section of her videos.
  • As far as her future goals are concerned, she wants to become an actor and popular musician.
Personal Life
  • ElloSteph graduated from ‘University of Central Florida’ with a major in ‘Theatrical Music.’ She has been involved in a few musical projects as well.
  • ElloSteph is very close to her sister Haley. In many of her videos, she has spoken about her sister.
  • According to ElloSteph, she has been in relationships with many girls. But her relationship with fellow YouTuber Madison Clark had really made headlines. They had appeared in many of their videos and were often seen displaying their affection towards each other, but the couple broke up in 2017.
  • ElloSteph then started dating Anna Campbell, who also happens to be a popular YouTuber. She too, has appeared in many of ElloSteph’s videos.

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