Anllela Sagra Bio

(Colombian Fitness Model)

Birthday: October 6, 1993 (Libra)

Born In: Colombia

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model, trainer, bodybuilder, and social media personality. Blessed with inherent beauty and strict work ethics, she has emerged as one of the most influential figures in her industry in the recent years. Initially, her aspiration was to become a regular model and fashion designer. She even earned a degree in fashion design from the University of Colombia. However, she decided to become a fitness model after meeting a fitness enthusiast in the gym. The concept of female bodybuilders is still quite novel in her home country as muscles on women are not considered attractive in Colombia. Despite this, Sagra started undergoing weight training and began to put on muscles on her slim frame. Soon enough, she was attending fitness competitions and garnering fans from all over the world on social media. She has over 10 million followers on Instagram and more than one million followers on Facebook. On Twitter and YouTube, the social media platforms on which she is rarely active these days, she has 22.5 thousand followers and 265 thousand subscribers respectively. She has her own app listed on both Apple App Store and Google Play.
Quick Facts

Boyfriend: Tomas Echavarria

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Females


siblings: Laura Sagra

City: Colombia, Colombia

Childhood & Early Life
Anllela Sagra was born on October 6, 1993, in Colombia. She has a sister named Laura Sagra who is a popular fitness model in her own right and has about 408 thousand Instagram followers.
Sagra harboured modelling aspirations since she was a child. After finishing high school, she decided to study fashion design at the University of Colombia. She could only model during the weekends. She was extremely thin as Colombians did not find muscles on women attractive. One day, while she was going through her routine in the gym, she met a fitness trainer who would eventually change her perception and life.
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Rise to Stardom
Anllela Sagra began working out earnestly, spending more and more time in the gym. She gained significant muscle mass and as a result, her work as a model became sporadic. Many of her friends, family members, and acquaintances noticed the changes that were happening to her and implored her to stop as they feared that she might end up “hurting” her body. However, she was truly passionate about fitness and had a definite goal to achieve.
A year and a half later, she participated in a fitness competition in which she was placed 3rd. It genuinely surprised her as she did not expect to perform that well herself, being rather new to bodybuilding. Furthermore, she received positive feedback from judges and respected individuals from the industry.
During this period, she faced a major dilemma of choosing between being yet another conventional model in Colombia or being the first Colombian fitness model. She feared the criticism she would definitely receive if she became a fitness model and considered whether it would be worth it.
Eventually, she took the risk and decided to become a fitness model. She has since stated that it was the best decision she has ever made in her life.
In the digital age, her decision to chronicle her journey from conventional modelling to fitness modelling and beyond proved to be a smart one. Her fame grew rapidly and she soon became one of the most popular Instagram personalities in her industry. She made use of almost all the social media platforms available. She set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Snapchat, and even a website. On September 26, 2014, she created her YouTube channel and the first video was uploaded on February 24, 2016. Despite uploading content on YouTube only sporadically, she still has 265 thousand subscribers on the channel.
On Instagram, her posts receive millions of views each and thousands of comments. She has been featured on the covers of ‘Fitness Curves,’ ‘Iron Man,’ and ‘Tendencia,’ to name a few. She also makes regular appearances in Olympia. Sagra is sponsored by 1Up Nutrition, a supplement brand based in the US.
Personal Life
Since 2015, Anllela Sagra has been in a relationship with fellow bodybuilder and athlete Tomas Echavarria. He has appeared in several of her fitness videos and has participated in couple’s workout sessions alongside Sagra.

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