Born under the sign of Cancer, these individuals are artistic by nature and are very independent minded. Their tendency to break from the tradition makes them natural leaders and influential among their peer group. Their ability to think outside the box enables them to be effective problem solvers. These people tend to surround themselves with friends and family; however, they also tend to be very secretive about their innermost thoughts and desires. Their intense need for ‘time alone’ may seem excessive at times, however, it is imperative that they have this time to recharge their emotional spirit.

Lionel MessiLionel Messi
32, Argentinian
Football Player
Mindy KalingMindy Kaling
40, American

Tana MongeauTana Mongeau
21, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Solange KnowlesSolange Knowles
33, American

Minka KellyMinka Kelly
39, American

Hope SandovalHope Sandoval
53, American
Lele PonsLele Pons
23, American
Viner, YouTuber

Iain GlenIain Glen
58, British

Jack DempseyJack Dempsey
87, American
American professional boxer
Roy O. DisneyRoy O. Disney
78, American
Co-Founder of Walt Disney Company

Candice PattonCandice Patton
31, American
Peter WellerPeter Weller
72, American

Tom Lister Jr.Tom Lister Jr.
61, American

Charles WhitmanCharles Whitman
25, American

Vanessa RayVanessa Ray
38, American

Phil HarrisPhil Harris
91, American
27, American

Gautam AdaniGautam Adani
57, Indian
Founder of Adani Group

Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl KitchenerHerbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener
65, Irish, British
Field Marshal

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce Ambrose Bierce
72, American
Journalist & Writer, soldier
Georg Stanford BrownGeorg Stanford Brown
76, Cuban, American

31, American, South Korean
John of the CrossJohn of the Cross
49, Spanish
Roman Catholic Saint

Sajida TalfahSajida Talfah
82, Iraqi
Wife of Saddam Hussein

Monika DannemannMonika Dannemann
50, German
Girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix
Amber Rose RevahAmber Rose Revah
33, British

Carla GalloCarla Gallo
44, American
Nelson PeltzNelson Peltz
77, American
Businessman & Investor

Sherry StringfieldSherry Stringfield
52, American

Rafi GavronRafi Gavron
30, British, American
Coy StewartCoy Stewart
21, American

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Domo WilsonDomo Wilson
25, American
YouTube Star
Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher
73, American
Clergyman, Preacher & Abolitionist

23, American
TikTok ( Star, Singer

Norman CousinsNorman Cousins
75, American
Journalist & Author

Dieterich BuxtehudeDieterich Buxtehude
69, German, Danish
Musical Composer and Organist
Erin MoriartyErin Moriarty
Mindy McKnightMindy McKnight
40, American

25, British

Victor Francis HessVictor Francis Hess
81, American
Discoverer of Cosmic Rays

Martin Lewis PerlMartin Lewis Perl
87, American
Ethan KleinEthan Klein
34, American

Petra NemcovaPetra Nemcova
40, Czech

Derek LuhDerek Luh
27, American
Hip-Hop Singer

Jack Massey WelshJack Massey Welsh
23, British

Tess ChristineTess Christine
28, American
YouTube Star
Robert Downey Sr.Robert Downey Sr.
83, American

M. S. ViswanathanM. S. Viswanathan
87, Indian
Actor, Composer
Jeff BeckJeff Beck
75, British
Guitarist, Composer, Musician, Jazz guitarist,

Micah RichardsMicah Richards
31, British
Association football player

Mick FleetwoodMick Fleetwood
72, British
Jarret StollJarret Stoll
37, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Tom Lister Jr.Tom Lister Jr.
61, American
Atul AgnihotriAtul Agnihotri
49, Indian

Stassi SchroederStassi Schroeder
31, American
Television personality

Sumona ChakravartiSumona Chakravarti
31, Indian

Robert ReichRobert Reich
73, American

Curt SmithCurt Smith
58, British, American
Singer, Bassist, Songwriter
Stuart BroadStuart Broad
33, British

David AlabaDavid Alaba
27, Austrian
Association football player

Lotte VerbeekLotte Verbeek
37, Dutch

Vernon PhilanderVernon Philander
34, South African
Adrienne ShellyAdrienne Shelly
40, American

Dan GilroyDan Gilroy
60, American
Screenwriter, Film director
54, Indian
Poet, Lyricist, Songwriter

Diego AlvesDiego Alves
34, Brazilian
Association football player

Juan Román RiquelmeJuan Román Riquelme
41, Argentinian
Association football player
George PatakiGeorge Pataki
74, American

Ariel PinkAriel Pink
41, American
Rich EisenRich Eisen
50, American

Shunsuke NakamuraShunsuke Nakamura
41, Japanese
Association football player

Jean CharestJean Charest
61, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
John TortorellaJohn Tortorella
61, American
Ice hockey player

Michele LeeMichele Lee
77, American
Kevin NolanKevin Nolan
37, British
Association football player, Association football

Juan Manuel FangioJuan Manuel Fangio
84, Argentinian
Entrepreneur, Formula One driver, Racecar driver

Anita DesaiAnita Desai
82, Indian

Joe PennyJoe Penny
63, British, American
Rebecca SolnitRebecca Solnit
58, American
John IllsleyJohn Illsley
70, British
Bassist, Guitarist

Levi RootsLevi Roots
61, British
Chef, Actor

Philippa of HainaultPhilippa of Hainault
56, British

Ellison OnizukaEllison Onizuka
39, American
Officer, Astronaut, Engineer
Clarissa Dickson WrightClarissa Dickson Wright
66, British
Celebrity chef

Julia KristevaJulia Kristeva
78, Bulgarian, French
Philosopher, Writer, Feminist

Sissel KyrkjebøSissel Kyrkjebø
50, Norwegian
Singer, Musician, Opera singer

John Lloyd CruzJohn Lloyd Cruz
36, Filipino

Colin BlunstoneColin Blunstone
74, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer
Joanna KuligJoanna Kulig
37, Polish

Fred HoyleFred Hoyle
86, British
Screenwriter, Astronomer, Writer, Physicist,
Jan KarskiJan Karski
86, Polish
jurist, writer, teacher

Nick WoodmanNick Woodman
44, American
Raphael LemkinRaphael Lemkin
59, Polish
Lawyer, Peace researcher
Claude ChabrolClaude Chabrol
80, French
Film director, Film actor, Press agent,

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 24th

These people are usually charming and well organized. Their ability to talk themselves out of almost any situation makes them wonderful negotiators. They love social situations, but are happy to take a backseat and allow others to be in the limelight. They enjoy anything related to fine arts and are no strangers to dabbling in various artistic pursuits. They may juggle several projects at a time and therefore, may not take each project to its logical conclusion.

These individuals are in overall great health, however, they may be prone to skin issues and problems with chronic rash or eczema may arise from time to time. These people are usually vigilant about their own health and are quick to address these issues. They are avid joggers and can often log up to ten miles a week. They prefer working out alone, as this is usually their time to decompress. They tend to gravitate towards healthy eating, however, occasionally indulging in rich and fatty foods.

People born on June 24 are usually great with their money and are not stingy and tend to "share the wealth" with others, especially the ones who are in need. They rarely find themselves experiencing financial hardships and build themselves great nest eggs, which allow them to lead comfortable lifestyles after retirement.

Because of their charm and natural artistic tendencies, these individuals do well in fields which allow them to work with others on creative projects. They do best in the atmospheres in which they can take the lead. They make excellent actors, directors, photographers and musicians. Their innovative working style and ability to think outside the box helps them to excel in their respective fields.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
At times, people born on June 24 can have issues finding a compatible mate who can share their artistic interests and endeavors, and therefore they may spend the first part of their life dedicated to their work and projects. Due to constant distraction from ongoing projects, when they do find a romantic partner, they can sometimes be perceived as uncaring towards their mates. They do make an honest attempt to create harmony within their homes and make wonderful parents to their children.

Lucky Colors: Blue, Green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 15, 23
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 17, 23