For those born on January 3, the ruling planet is Saturn. The reigning planet on this date of birth is Jupiter, the philosopher. Your zodiac symbol is the ‘Horned Goat’. For these people, failing is never an option. These Capricorns can be reckless and impulsive, but will never quit. They do not easily “pass the buck.” They are quite persistent with a sense of obligation, which means they are capable of overcoming most challenges. These people have a strong determination; therefore, may try the patience of people around them. It is difficult to sway them. They have a sharp eye for style and all things beautiful. People who are born on January 3 love compliments.

Greta ThunbergGreta Thunberg
17, Swedish
Environmental Activist
J. R. R. TolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien
81, British, South African

Eli ManningEli Manning
39, American
American Football Quarterback

Mel GibsonMel Gibson
64, American

Michael SchumacherMichael Schumacher
51, German
Racing driver

Karl GlusmanKarl Glusman
32, American
Savitribai PhuleSavitribai Phule
56, Indian
Social Reformer, Poet

Clement AttleeClement Attlee
84, British
Former British Prime Minister

63, Italian, Ancient Roman
Philosopher, Political Theorist
Katie McGrathKatie McGrath
37, Irish

Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
45, American
Dan HarmonDan Harmon
47, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Actor

Victoria PrincipalVictoria Principal
70, American

Robert LoggiaRobert Loggia
85, American

Nicholas GonzalezNicholas Gonzalez
44, American

Dabney ColemanDabney Coleman
88, American
George MartinGeorge Martin
90, British
Record Producer, Musician, Composer

Rebecca BroussardRebecca Broussard
57, American

Nicole BeharieNicole Beharie
35, American

Ray MillandRay Milland
79, Welsh
Marion DaviesMarion Davies
64, American

Sarah AlexanderSarah Alexander
49, British
Ngo Dinh DiemNgo Dinh Diem
62, Vietnamese
President of Vietnam

Lorenzo FertittaLorenzo Fertitta
51, American

Gordon MooreGordon Moore
91, American
Alex D. LinzAlex D. Linz
31, American

Victor BorgeVictor Borge
91, Danish, American
American-Danish comedian
Mimi FaustMimi Faust
48, American
Reality Star

Jaswant SinghJaswant Singh
82, Indian

Lucretia MottLucretia Mott
87, American
Abolitionist, Women's Rights Activist, Social
John Eliot Sturges John Sturges
82, American
Film Director

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Erick Brian ColonErick Brian Colon
19, Cuban
Instagram Star
Lee WanLee Wan
36, South Korean

Vy QwaintVy Qwaint
34, Vietnamese

Tamia M. WhittakerTamia M. Whittaker
21, American

Jeananne GoossenJeananne Goossen
35, Canadian
22, American
TikTok ( Star
Sabre NorrisSabre Norris
15, Australian

Chandler AlexisChandler Alexis
23, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

George JankoGeorge Janko
27, American
YouTuber, Singer

Charles Pelham VilliersCharles Pelham Villiers
96, British
22, American
Youtube Star

Matt RossMatt Ross
50, American

Lincoln MarkhamLincoln Markham
14, American

Vicky LoganVicky Logan
28, American

Jane O Meara SandersJane O Meara Sanders
70, American
Social Worker
Florence PughFlorence Pugh
24, British

Anna May WongAnna May Wong
56, American
Film actor, Stage actor, Television actor
Asa AkiraAsa Akira
34, Japanese, American

Stephen StillsStephen Stills
75, American

John ThawJohn Thaw
60, British
Sergio LeoneSergio Leone
60, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Rory StewartRory Stewart
47, Hong Konger, British
Randy WeaverRandy Weaver
72, American

Sanjay KhanSanjay Khan
79, Indian

Hank StramHank Stram
82, American
Football Coach

Jason MarsdenJason Marsden
45, American
Actor, Film director, Film actor, Television actor

Cheryl MillerCheryl Miller
56, American
Basketball coach
Jonny EvansJonny Evans
32, British
Association football player

Jim RossJim Ross
68, American
Restaurateur, Podcaster, Wrestler, Sports

Thomas BangalterThomas Bangalter
45, French
Disc jockey, Singer, Guitarist, Director,

Mohammed OmarMohammed Omar
53, Afghan
Former President of Afghanistan
Gul PanagGul Panag
41, Indian

Willy T. RibbsWilly T. Ribbs
65, American
Sport shooter, Racecar driver
Doug McDermottDoug McDermott
28, American
Basketball player

Kurt VileKurt Vile
40, American

Bobby HullBobby Hull
81, Canadian
Ice hockey player
31, Indian

Thelma SchoonmakerThelma Schoonmaker
80, American
Film editor
Chetan SharmaChetan Sharma
54, Indian

Jim EverettJim Everett
57, American
American Footballer

Father DamienFather Damien
49, American
David StarkeyDavid Starkey
75, British
Historian, Radio personality, Writer

Pola NegriPola Negri
90, Polish, American
Michael Lee-ChinMichael Lee-Chin
69, Canadian, Jamaican
Business Person

Vladimir PotaninVladimir Potanin
59, Russian

Sakamoto RyōmaSakamoto Ryōma
31, Japanese
Japanese samurai

Glen A. LarsonGlen A. Larson
77, American
Film producer
Naresh IyerNaresh Iyer
39, Indian
Nicole C. MullenNicole C. Mullen
53, American

Alexey StakhanovAlexey Stakhanov

Wilhelm PieckWilhelm Pieck
84, German

Roger RogersonRoger Rogerson
79, Australian
Police officer
Brooke WilliamsBrooke Williams
36, New Zealander
Actor, Film actor

Eric VoegelinEric Voegelin
84, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, University

Ikechi AnyaIkechi Anya
32, British
Association football player

86, Indian
Writer, Human rights activist, Children's writer

August MackeAugust Macke
27, German
Dave DobbynDave Dobbyn
63, New Zealander
Singer, Songwriter

Carla Anderson HillsCarla Anderson Hills
86, American
Madman MuntzMadman Muntz
73, American
Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Electrical engineer,

Robert LaceyRobert Lacey
76, British
Biographer, Historian
Kōhei UchimuraKōhei Uchimura
31, Japanese
Artistic gymnast
Bruce LaBruceBruce LaBruce
56, Canadian
Writer, Photographer, Film director, Screenwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 3rd  

People born on this day tend to love unconditionally. They love family because of the blissful and comfortable life it can bring as well as for the feeling of safety and security. They are protective towards their loved ones. These Capricorns, if not given respect by their loved ones, may seek to find it somewhere else. Capricorns born on this day are quite susceptible to adulation. These individuals are very reliable and display a high level of loyalty towards others. Capricorns born on January 3 will usually think of others before they think of themselves, and can also be inflexible.  Their element is ‘earth’, so they are somewhat connected to a natural surrounding and love outdoor activities.

Those born on January 3rd have an unlimited energy as well as possess a zeal for living. They have a strong appetite and though they want to keep fit, yet they find working out quite tedious. They would keep themselves busy with other activities and rather pamper at a spa than going to the gym. They should drink plenty of fluids for a healthy looking skin.

Someone born on this day will usually opt for a job that brings both financial incentive as well as contentment. They love luxury, and to that end will work tirelessly to acquire the finer things in life. Those born on January 3rd are determined and motivated by monetary rewards. Therefore, they will often move from job to job in order to obtain a higher pay. However, just because they enjoy financial success does not mean they are not generous. On the contrary, their generosity towards the less fortunate ones is quite remarkable.

The ingenuity and adaptability offers them the opportunity to become successful in almost any field they choose. These people are socially gifted. This makes them a great candidate in the areas such as marketing, public relations and sales. Their knack for creativity can also make them a successful creative writer.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
True to the Capricorn sign, individuals born on this particular day are often shy as far as relationships are concerned. Quite often, they will keep their real emotions under wraps. They are the type of person who must feel very close to someone in order to bring forth their passions and exuberance. They are prone to jealousy and may pout from time to time if provoked. The older and wiser they become, the more they realize the advantages of communicating their deep feelings and dreams with a soul mate. Often Capricorns born on this day find it very challenging to commit to an intimate relationship due to their shyness. Due to their responsible and caring personality they make wonderful parents.

Lucky Colors: Purple, Light Brown & Charcoal Gray
Lucky Numbers: 3 & 4
Lucky Days (of the Month): 3rd & 4th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Thursday