Just like other Capricorns, people born on 14th of January are very ambitious by nature and are gifted with a sharp mind. With Mercury as their ruling planet, these people are very effective communicators and are observant by nature. However, these people can get bored very easily and are thus on the lookout for exhilarating endeavors. They are very loyal and devoted to their loved ones and possess a strong will power. They are very good at organizing stuff and are very easy to get along with. However, at times they can be a little obstinate and at times may appear emotionally distant. They set very high goals for themselves and are well-equipped to deal with disappointments and failures.

Jason BatemanJason Bateman
51, American
Actor, Director & Producer
Dave GrohlDave Grohl
51, American

LL Cool JLL Cool J
52, American
Rapper, Actor

Holland Taylor Holland Taylor
77, American

Harold ShipmanHarold Shipman
57, British
Serial Killer

Mark AddyMark Addy
56, British
Carl WeathersCarl Weathers
72, American

Benedict ArnoldBenedict Arnold
60, British
American Revolutionary War General

Reginald Claypoole VanderbiltReginald Claypoole Vanderbilt
45, American
Millionaire, Equestrian

Grant GustinGrant Gustin
30, American
Yukio MishimaYukio Mishima
45, Japanese

Zakk Wylde Zakk Wylde
53, American
Joan I of NavarreJoan I of Navarre
32, French
Queen of Navarre

Rob HallRob Hall
35, New Zealander

Byron LeftwichByron Leftwich
40, American
Football Player
Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
90, French
Philosopher, Theologian

Shepard SmithShepard Smith
56, American
TV Anchor
Kacy CatanzaroKacy Catanzaro
30, American

Slick RickSlick Rick
55, British

Mehmed VIMehmed VI
65, Turkish
Last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Jordan LaddJordan Ladd
45, American

Richard BriersRichard Briers
79, British
Andy RooneyAndy Rooney
92, American

Cecil BeatonCecil Beaton
76, British

Maureen DowdMaureen Dowd
68, American
American Columnist

Caleb FollowillCaleb Followill
38, American
Juan Pablo RabaJuan Pablo Raba
43, Colombian
26, South Korean
Singer, Actors

Pornsak PrajakwitPornsak Prajakwit
38, Thai
Media Personality

Gary BrolsmaGary Brolsma
34, American
YouTube Personality

Kelsey CalemineKelsey Calemine
21, American
Instagram Star
Jack JonesJack Jones
82, American

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Marc AntonyMarc Antony
53, Ancient Roman
Roman General

Dan SchneiderDan Schneider
54, American

Mar McCoyMar McCoy
16, American
Dancer, Instagram star

18, American
Fashion vlogger
Jenna ValenzuelaJenna Valenzuela
17, American

Emily WatsonEmily Watson
53, British
Faye DunawayFaye Dunaway
79, American
American actress

Steven SoderberghSteven Soderbergh
57, American
American film producer

Kevin DurandKevin Durand
46, Canadian
Actor, Film actor
Kerri GreenKerri Green
53, American

Matt RiddleMatt Riddle
34, American
Zach GilfordZach Gilford
38, American

Jeanine MasonJeanine Mason
29, American

Víctor ValdésVíctor Valdés
38, Spanish

Mariss JansonsMariss Jansons
76, Latvian

T Bone BurnettT Bone Burnett
72, American
singer-songwriter, musician, composer, guitarist
Murray BookchinMurray Bookchin
85, American
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, University

Jemma RedgraveJemma Redgrave
55, British

Jim DugganJim Duggan
66, American

Martin NiemöllerMartin Niemöller
92, German
Lawrence KasdanLawrence Kasdan
71, American

Karen ElsonKaren Elson
41, British
Model, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
Leonard SiffleetLeonard Siffleet
27, Australian

Adam DellAdam Dell
50, American

Hal RoachHal Roach
100, American
Film producer, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter
Geoff TateGeoff Tate
61, American

Narain KarthikeyanNarain Karthikeyan
43, Indian
Racecar driver
Edward St AubynEdward St Aubyn
60, British

Warren MitchellWarren Mitchell
89, British

Frankie BridgeFrankie Bridge
31, British
Giulio AndreottiGiulio Andreotti
94, Italian
Writer, Journalist, Politician, Diplomat, Reporter

Yohan CabayeYohan Cabaye
34, French
Association football player
Seema BiswasSeema Biswas
55, Indian

Nero Claudius DrususNero Claudius Drusus
29, German
Roman Politician

Berthe MorisotBerthe Morisot
54, French

Allen ToussaintAllen Toussaint
77, American
Singer, Composer, Jazz musician, Record producer,
Mahasweta DeviMahasweta Devi
90, Indian
Human rights activist, Writer, Poet, Novelist,
Marco HietalaMarco Hietala
54, Finnish
Bassist, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

John Dos PassosJohn Dos Passos
74, American
American novelist

Carlos P. RomuloCarlos P. Romulo
86, Filipino

Giancarlo FisichellaGiancarlo Fisichella
47, Italian
Racecar driver
Mark GoodsonMark Goodson
77, American
television producer

Trevor NunnTrevor Nunn
80, British
Theatre director, Screenwriter

Trieste Kelly DunnTrieste Kelly Dunn
39, American

Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
55, British
Author, Television presenter, Celebrity chef

Hasso von ManteuffelHasso von Manteuffel
81, German
Politician, Officer
Kuno BeckerKuno Becker
42, Mexican
Film actor, Television actor, Stage actor

C. D. DeshmukhC. D. Deshmukh
86, Indian
Ann E. DunwoodyAnn E. Dunwoody
67, American
Military General

Julian BondJulian Bond
75, American
Civil Rights Activist

Hugh LoftingHugh Lofting
61, British
Alfred TarskiAlfred Tarski
82, Polish, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

59, Russian
Caterina ValenteCaterina Valente
89, French, Italian
Actor, Singer, Guitarist

Joseph LoseyJoseph Losey
75, American
Film Director

Harold RussellHarold Russell
88, Canadian, American

Valeri KharlamovValeri Kharlamov
33, Russian
Ice hockey player
Constantine VIConstantine VI
25, Turkish

Don GarlitsDon Garlits
88, American
Racing driver
Matthew Fontaine MauryMatthew Fontaine Maury
67, American

Garry WinograndGarry Winogrand
56, American
Emperor NakamikadoEmperor Nakamikado
35, Japanese

Mike TrampMike Tramp
59, Danish
Morihiro HosokawaMorihiro Hosokawa
82, Japanese
Politician, Journalist, Ceramist, Potter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 14th

The people born on this particular day are blessed with a very perceptive mind and are known for their highly ambitious nature. Blessed with strong mental will, astuteness, and organizational skills, these individuals achieve great success in their lives. However, at times they can be a little obsessed and may also feel a little insecure. However, if they can get rid of their insecurities they can achieve wonders.  

January 14th born often tend to overlook their health. However, they are seldom attracted to drinking or smoking habits, which plays a great role in their physical well-being. However, they are susceptible to stress-related disorders and thus suffer from headaches and insomnia. Though they are extremely passionate towards extreme sports, it is advisable for them to take part in light exercises such as swimming and cycling.

Though they are good at managing other people’s finances, the individuals born on this day are not very adept at handling their finances, and at times can spend recklessly. Hence, they often find it difficult to maintain a financial balance in their personal life.

As these individuals are blessed with great observational and creative skills, photography and writing is a great career option for them.  They may also pursue career in property development and design. But, owing to their extraordinary dedication, they thrive in any field they chose.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The individuals born on this particular day do not get emotionally intimate very easily and often struggle to open up to others. They look for someone with equal intellect and same interests and are very respectful towards their partners. As parents, they tend to inculcate a taste for adventure in their children and encourage them to form hobbies.

Lucky Colors:  Green & Azure
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6
Lucky Days (of the Month): 5th & 6th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Wednesday