Famous People Born On January 14th

Just like other Capricorns, people born on 14th of January are very ambitious by nature and are gifted with a sharp mind. With Mercury as their ruling planet, these people are very effective communicators and are observant by nature. However, these people can get bored very easily and are thus on the lookout for exhilarating endeavors. They are very loyal and devoted to their loved ones and possess a strong will power. They are very good at organizing stuff and are very easy to get along with. However, at times they can be a little obstinate and at times may appear emotionally distant. They set very high goals for themselves and are well-equipped to deal with disappointments and failures.

 3 Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman
Listed In: Criminals
Famous As: Serial Killer
Birth Year: 1946
Nationality: British
Died: January 13, 2004

 4 Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl
Listed In: Singers
Famous As: Musician
Birth Year: 1969
Nationality: American
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
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 8 Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold
Listed In: Leaders
Famous As: American Revolutionary War General
Birth Year: 1741
Nationality: British
Died: June 14, 1801

 11 Mark Antony

Mark Antony
Listed In: Leaders
Famous As: Politician
Birth Year: 0083
Nationality: Ancient Roman
Died: August 1, 0030

 17 Zakk Wylde

Zakk Wylde
Listed In: Musicians
Famous As: Musician
Birth Year: 1967
Nationality: American
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

 22 Rob Hall

Rob Hall
Listed In: Miscellaneous
Famous As: Mountaineer
Birth Year: 1961
Nationality: New Zealander
Died: May 11, 1996

 23 Slick Rick

Slick Rick
Listed In: Singers
Birth Year: 1965
Nationality: British
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

 26 Karen Elson

Karen Elson
Listed In: Fashion
Famous As: Model, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
Birth Year: 1979
Nationality: British
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 31 Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge
Listed In: Singers
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1989
Nationality: British
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

 38 T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett
Listed In: Musicians
Famous As: singer-songwriter, musician, composer, guitarist
Birth Year: 1948
Nationality: American

 40 Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan
Listed In: Sportspersons
Famous As: Wrestler
Birth Year: 1954
Nationality: American
Height: 6'3" (190 cm)

 41 Julian Bond

Julian Bond
Listed In: Activists
Famous As: Social Activist
Birth Year: 1940
Nationality: American
Died: August 15, 2015

 44 Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin
Famous As: Writer, Historian, Philosopher, University teacher, Anarchist, Libertarian municipalism, Social ecology
Birth Year: 1921
Nationality: American
Died: July 30, 2006

 47 Yohan Cabaye

Yohan Cabaye
Listed In: Sportspersons
Famous As: Association football player
Birth Year: 1986
Nationality: French
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 14th

The people born on this particular day are blessed with a very perceptive mind and are known for their highly ambitious nature. Blessed with strong mental will, astuteness, and organizational skills, these individuals achieve great success in their lives. However, at times they can be a little obsessed and may also feel a little insecure. However, if they can get rid of their insecurities they can achieve wonders.  

January 14th born often tend to overlook their health. However, they are seldom attracted to drinking or smoking habits, which plays a great role in their physical well-being. However, they are susceptible to stress-related disorders and thus suffer from headaches and insomnia. Though they are extremely passionate towards extreme sports, it is advisable for them to take part in light exercises such as swimming and cycling.

Though they are good at managing other people’s finances, the individuals born on this day are not very adept at handling their finances, and at times can spend recklessly. Hence, they often find it difficult to maintain a financial balance in their personal life.

As these individuals are blessed with great observational and creative skills, photography and writing is a great career option for them.  They may also pursue career in property development and design. But, owing to their extraordinary dedication, they thrive in any field they chose.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The individuals born on this particular day do not get emotionally intimate very easily and often struggle to open up to others. They look for someone with equal intellect and same interests and are very respectful towards their partners. As parents, they tend to inculcate a taste for adventure in their children and encourage them to form hobbies.

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Lucky Numbers: 5, 6
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