Have you ever fancied writing a piece of poetry? If yes, then you would know that penning rhythmic works that have a great amount of aesthetic value to them can be so difficult. Poetry is a window of life that takes readers on to a fanciful journey, sometimes awakening the soul and on other occasions giving it some food for thought. Whatever the case may be, poems through their minimal use of words, help readers delve deeper into the meaning of life. Italy is considered to be the cultural paradise of the world. Artists and writers have prospered and propelled in Italy. Italy has had a stockpile of famous poets who, with their rhythm and rhyme, penned poetic masterpieces on different aspects of life such as ature, romance and even problem plaguing the society. Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divina Commedia’ was one of the pinnacles of Middle Ages literature. Francesco Petrarca’s magnum opus came with his collection of 366 poems called ‘Canzoniere’. Giacomo Leopardi’s ‘Canti’ and ‘Operette morali’ became one of the most famous poems of Italian literary history. Matteo Maria Boiardo is a world renowned Italian poet for his epic poem ‘Orlando innamorato’. Read on to more about Italian poets who have earned unparalleled name and an irreplaceable status in the world map, all thanks to their insurmountable contribution in poetry.
Dante AlighieriDante Alighieri
30 April 1265
20 March 0043

20 July 1304
Poet & Philosopher

Julius EvolaJulius Evola
19 May 1898

George SantayanaGeorge Santayana
16 December 1863
Philosopher, Essayist, Poet, & Novelist

Giovanni BoccaccioGiovanni Boccaccio
16 June 1313
Leon Battista AlbertiLeon Battista Alberti
18 February 1404
Architect, Linguist

0055 AD

Veronica FrancoVeronica Franco
25 March 1546
Courtesan, Poetess

Cesare PaveseCesare Pavese
09 September 1908
Italian poet
Ludovico AriostoLudovico Ariosto
08 September 1474

Girolamo FracastoroGirolamo Fracastoro
1478 AD
Physician, scholar, poet
Salvatore Quasimodo Salvatore Quasimodo
20 August 1901
Author & Poet

Giuseppe UngarettiGiuseppe Ungaretti
08 February 1888
Poet, Essayist

Francesco PetrarchFrancesco Petrarch
20 July 1304
Poet, Scholar and Humanist
Pier Paolo PasoliniPier Paolo Pasolini
05 March 1922
Film director, Writer, Actor, Poet, Screenwriter,

Italo CalvinoItalo Calvino
15 October 1923
Writer, Poet, Politician, Journalist, Reporter,
Lanny PoffoLanny Poffo
28 December 1954

Guillaume ApollinaireGuillaume Apollinaire
25 August 1880

0084 BC
Filippo Tommaso MarinettiFilippo Tommaso Marinetti
22 December 1876
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Composer, Science

Giacomo LeopardiGiacomo Leopardi
29 June 1798
Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Philologist
Marsilio FicinoMarsilio Ficino
19 October 1433
Philosopher, Writer, Cleric, Astrologer, Poet

Baldassare CastiglioneBaldassare Castiglione
06 December 1478
Diplomat, Poet, Writer

Francesco RediFrancesco Redi
18 February 1626
Physician, Naturalist, Poet, Writer, Painter,

Alessandro ManzoniAlessandro Manzoni
07 March 1785
Italian poet
Torquato TassoTorquato Tasso
11 March 1544
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Poet lawyer
Gaius MaecenasGaius Maecenas
15 April 0068

Lorenzo Da PonteLorenzo Da Ponte
10 March 1749
Opera librettist, Poet

Peter LombardPeter Lombard
1090 AD

Pietro AretinoPietro Aretino
19 April 1492
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Journalist
Eugenio MontaleEugenio Montale
12 January 1896
poet, writer, journalist, translator

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0045 AD

Dino BuzzatiDino Buzzati
16 October 1906

Vittorio AlfieriVittorio Alfieri
16 January 1749
Playwright, Poet, Writer, Actor, Translator, Stage

Giosuè CarducciGiosuè Carducci
27 July 1835
Writer, Poet, Journalist
14 July 1454

Giovanni PapiniGiovanni Papini
09 January 1881
Pietro BemboPietro Bembo
20 May 1470
Writer, Poet, Librarian, Historian, Translator,

Guido CavalcantiGuido Cavalcanti
1255 AD

Giovanni PascoliGiovanni Pascoli
31 December 1855
Giacinto ScelsiGiacinto Scelsi
08 January 1905
Composer, Poet

Arrigo BoitoArrigo Boito
24 February 1842
Giorgio BassaniGiorgio Bassani
04 March 1916

Livius AndronicusLivius Andronicus
0284 BC
Dramatist, poet

Eduardo De FilippoEduardo De Filippo
24 May 1900
Film director, Actor, Poet, Screenwriter,

Pietro MetastasioPietro Metastasio
03 January 1698
Italian poet

Clément MarotClément Marot
23 November 1496
French poet
Gnaeus NaeviusGnaeus Naevius
0270 BC

Ugo BettiUgo Betti
04 February 1892
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Judge