Italy has a rich legacy of music that ranges across a broad spectrum of opera and instrumental classical music and spans a diverse array of regional styles, instruments and dances. Composers like Ottorino Respighi, Ferruccio Busoni, Alfredo Casella, and Gian Francesco Malipiero have been instrumental in popularizing Italian music throughout Europe. Italy retained a Romantic operatic musical tradition in the early 20th century though it eventually declined before interest in the genre was revived during the later part of the century by the likes of Aldo Clementi, Marco Tutino and Lorenzo Ferrero. Instrumental music also holds an important position in the nation’s musical legacy with instrumentalists like Andrea Gabrieli, Giovanni Gabrieli, Tomaso Albinoni, Arcangelo Corelli, Antonio Vivaldi, and Luigi Boccherini contributing immensely to the development of this genre. Italian folk music too has a deep and complex history, and the late 20th century saw the rise of social and political popular music led by Gianni Bosio. Modern pop is one of the most popular genres in the contemporary world which was popularized by the singers and musicians like Domenico Modugno, Mina, Patty Pravo, Mia Martini, and Adriano Celentano. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Italian Musicians.
Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti
12 October 1935
Ennio MorriconeEnnio Morricone
10 November 1928

Giuseppe GaribaldiGiuseppe Garibaldi
04 July 1807
Italian Nationalist

Ludovico EinaudiLudovico Einaudi
23 November 1955
Pianist, Composer

Giorgio MoroderGiorgio Moroder
26 April 1940

Giuseppe VerdiGiuseppe Verdi
10 October 1813
Giacomo PucciniGiacomo Puccini
22 December 1858

Gioachino RossiniGioachino Rossini
01 March 1792

Claudio MonteverdiClaudio Monteverdi
15 May 1567

Amos BocelliAmos Bocelli
22 February 1995
Andrea Bocelli’s Son
Domenico ScarlattiDomenico Scarlatti
26 October 1685
Musical Composer

Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaGiovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
03 February 1525
Jean-Baptiste LullyJean-Baptiste Lully
28 November 1632

Gaetano DonizettiGaetano Donizetti
29 November 1797

Vincenzo Bellini Vincenzo Bellini
03 November 1801
Opera Composer
Arcangelo CorelliArcangelo Corelli
17 February 1653

Gian Carlo MenottiGian Carlo Menotti
07 July 1911
Composer and librettist
Ferruccio BusoniFerruccio Busoni
01 April 1866

Giuseppe TartiniGiuseppe Tartini
08 April 1692

Giovanni GabrieliGiovanni Gabrieli
1557 AD
Italian composer
Luciano BerioLuciano Berio
24 October 1925
Italian composer

Ruggero LeoncavalloRuggero Leoncavallo
23 April 1857
Francesco CavalliFrancesco Cavalli
14 February 1602
Composer, Organist

Francesca CacciniFrancesca Caccini
18 September 1587
Composer & Singer

Antonio Lucio VivaldiAntonio Lucio Vivaldi
04 March 1678

Luca MarenzioLuca Marenzio
18 October 1553
Composer & Singer
Niccolo PaganiniNiccolo Paganini
27 October 1782
Roberto ZinconeRoberto Zincone
Musician, Ex-Husband of Malin Akerman

Antonio VivaldiAntonio Vivaldi
04 March 1678
Opera composer, Pianist, Catholic priest, Composer

Sergio LeoneSergio Leone
03 January 1929
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Antonio SalieriAntonio Salieri
18 August 1750
Composer, Conductor, Educationist, Musicologist,
17 January 1933
Actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician, Model

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Dario ArgentoDario Argento
07 September 1940
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter,

Roberto BenigniRoberto Benigni
27 October 1952
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Comedian,

Cristina ScabbiaCristina Scabbia
06 June 1972
Singer, Composer, Songwriter

Eros RamazzottiEros Ramazzotti
28 October 1963
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer
Robert MilesRobert Miles
03 November 1969

Adriano CelentanoAdriano Celentano
06 January 1938
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Comedian, Film director,
Saint CeciliaSaint Cecilia
Musician, Saint

Laura PausiniLaura Pausini
16 May 1974
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

15 October 1989
Rapper, Record producer
Romano MussoliniRomano Mussolini
26 September 1926
pianist, poet, painter, jazz musician

Alfredo FerrariAlfredo Ferrari
19 January 1932
Nino RotaNino Rota
03 December 1911
Composer, Conductor, Teacher, Pianist, Actor,

Arturo ToscaniniArturo Toscanini
25 March 1867
Conductor, Music director

Vasco RossiVasco Rossi
07 February 1952
Singer-songwriter, Screenwriter

Filippo Tommaso MarinettiFilippo Tommaso Marinetti
22 December 1876
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Composer, Science

Tiziano FerroTiziano Ferro
21 February 1980
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Author,
Benny BenassiBenny Benassi
13 July 1967
Club DJ, Disc jockey, Musician, Composer, Singer,

Caterina ValenteCaterina Valente
14 January 1931
Actor, Singer, Guitarist

Domenico ModugnoDomenico Modugno
09 January 1928
Singer, Actor, Politician, Human rights activist,

Stéphane GrappelliStéphane Grappelli
26 January 1908
Street artist, Composer, Jazz musician, Pianist
Tomaso AlbinoniTomaso Albinoni
08 June 1671

27 September 1966
Singer-songwriter, Composer
Lucio BattistiLucio Battisti
05 March 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Record

Claudio AbbadoClaudio Abbado
26 June 1933
Conductor, Politician, Pianist, Music director

Toto CutugnoToto Cutugno
07 July 1943
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Songwriter
Luigi BoccheriniLuigi Boccherini
19 February 1743
Composer, Cellist

Lucio DallaLucio Dalla
04 March 1943
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician,
Muzio ClementiMuzio Clementi
23 January 1752
pianist, conductor, composer, musicologist, music

Ottorino RespighiOttorino Respighi
09 July 1879
Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Music educator,

Alessandro ScarlattiAlessandro Scarlatti
02 May 1660
Composer, Musician
Elio de AngelisElio de Angelis
26 March 1958
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver, Pianist

Gianna NanniniGianna Nannini
14 June 1956
singer-songwriter, musician, singer, songwriter,
Riccardo MutiRiccardo Muti
28 July 1941
Conductor, Music director

Fabrizio De AndréFabrizio De André
18 February 1940
Singer-songwriter, Composer

Gabry PonteGabry Ponte
20 April 1973
Club DJ

04 July 1977
Musician, Singer
Umberto TozziUmberto Tozzi
04 March 1952
Giovanni Battista PergolesiGiovanni Battista Pergolesi
04 January 1710
Composer, Organist

Emma MarroneEmma Marrone
25 May 1984

Claudia MoriClaudia Mori
12 February 1944
Actor, Singer, Musician

Luca TurilliLuca Turilli
05 March 1972
composer, musician, guitarist
Alessandro CortiniAlessandro Cortini
24 May 1976
Singer, Guitarist

Franco BattiatoFranco Battiato
23 March 1945
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film director,

Pietro MascagniPietro Mascagni
07 December 1863
Italian composer

06 January 1972
Singer, Composer, Songwriter

Salvatore AdamoSalvatore Adamo
01 November 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer
Dario MarianelliDario Marianelli
21 June 1963
Composer, Film score composer

Gianni MorandiGianni Morandi
11 December 1944
Actor, Musician, Singer
Domenico CimarosaDomenico Cimarosa
17 December 1749

Paolo ContePaolo Conte
06 January 1937
Singer, Columnist, Pianist, Composer, Jazz

15 March 1968
actor, singer, model, record producer, composer
Rita PavoneRita Pavone
23 August 1945
Actor, Singer

Fabio LioneFabio Lione
09 October 1973
Singer, Composer, Songwriter
Gigliola CinquettiGigliola Cinquetti
20 December 1947
Singer, Actor, Television presenter, Journalist

Maurizio PolliniMaurizio Pollini
05 January 1942
Pianist, Conductor, Composer, Musician

Giacomo BallaGiacomo Balla
18 July 1871
Painter, Sculptor, Composer

Luigi CherubiniLuigi Cherubini
14 September 1760
Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Music educator,
Gregorio AllegriGregorio Allegri
1582 AD
composer, priest, cantor, singer, cleric

05 August 1972
Rapper, Singer-songwriter, Singer
Luigi RussoloLuigi Russolo
30 April 1885
Composer, Painter, Artist, Musical instrument

Pino DanielePino Daniele
19 March 1955
Composer, Singer, Jazz guitarist, Songwriter
Luigi NonoLuigi Nono
29 January 1924
Composer, Conductor

06 September 1975
Junior JackJunior Jack
31 August 1971
Record producer, Disc jockey, Composer