When you talk of German history, what is the first name that strikes the mind? Without a doubt, almost everyone would come up with the name Adolf Hitler and why not, for his tyranny and totalitarianism ended up in World War II that was detrimental for the society and its people. But did you know that Hitler wasn’t a German-born? Yes, as surprising as it may seem to be, Hitler in fact was an Austrian but had such a profound influence on German history that he was counted as a German. German history is filled with such influential personalities whose contribution led to the literary, technological, spiritual and political development of the world. Imagine how far would mankind have gone without the discovery of Einstein’s theory of relativity? What if Johannes Gutenberg never existed? Who would have introduced printing to Europe? Karl Marx and his work in economics have laid the basis for the current understanding of labor and its relation to capital. He is indisputably one of the most influential figures of human history. But these names are just the handful of the numerous German figures whose immeasurable contribution transformed the way the world worked. Delve deeper into the segment and find out in details about famous German historical personalities and their contribution for the development of mankind.
02 April 0742
King of the Frank
Albert, Prince ConsortAlbert, Prince Consort
26 August 1819
Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Husband of Queen

George I of Great BritainGeorge I of Great Britain
28 May 1660
King of Britain

George II of Great BritainGeorge II of Great Britain
30 October 1683
Former King of Great Britain & Ireland

Anne of ClevesAnne of Cleves
22 September 1515
Former Queen of England

Empress Elisabeth of AustriaEmpress Elisabeth of Austria
24 December 1837
Empress of Austria

Empress MatildaEmpress Matilda
07 February 1102
Queen of Germany

Leopold I of BelgiumLeopold I of Belgium
16 December 1790
King of Belgium

Christian IX of DenmarkChristian IX of Denmark
08 April 1818
King of Denmark
Francis I, Holy Roman EmperorFrancis I, Holy Roman Emperor
08 December 1708
Holy Roman Emperor

Sigismund, Holy Roman EmperorSigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
14 February 1368
King of Hungary

Otto I, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor
23 November 0912

George V of HanoverGeorge V of Hanover
27 May 1819
Wilhelm IIWilhelm II
27 January 1859
Emperor of Germany

Charles the FatCharles the Fat
13 June 0839
Emperor of the Carolingian Empire

Albert, Duke of PrussiaAlbert, Duke of Prussia
17 May 1490
The First Monarch of the Duchy of Prussia
Frederick the GreatFrederick The Great
24 January 1712
King of Prussia

Alexandra FeodorovnaAlexandra Feodorovna
06 June 1872
Louis I The PiousLouis The Pious
16 April 0778
King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor

Frederick William III of PrussiaFrederick William III of Prussia
03 August 1770
Composer, Politician

Frederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William IV of Prussia
15 October 1795

Henry IV, Holy Roman EmperorHenry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
11 November 1050
Christian VII of DenmarkChristian VII of Denmark
29 January 1749
Frederick William I of PrussiaFrederick William I of Prussia
14 August 1688

Ferdinand I of RomaniaFerdinand I of Romania
24 August 1865

Carol I of RomaniaCarol I of Romania
20 April 1839

Frederick William II of PrussiaFrederick William II of Prussia
25 September 1744
Frederick William, Elector of BrandenburgFrederick William, Elector of Brandenburg
16 February 1620

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Ludwig III of BavariaLudwig III of Bavaria
07 January 1845

Ferdinand I of BulgariaFerdinand I of Bulgaria
26 February 1861

Augustus II the StrongAugustus II the Strong

Otto IV, Holy Roman EmperorOtto IV, Holy Roman Emperor
1175 AD
Former Holy Roman Emperor
Charles VII, Holy Roman EmperorCharles VII, Holy Roman Emperor
06 August 1697

Henry VI, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
31 October 1165
monarch, writer, composer
Sophie, Hereditary Princess of LiechtensteinSophie, Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein
28 September 1967
Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein

Henry the LionHenry the Lion
1129 AD

0467 AD
King of Wessex
Louise of Mecklenburg-StrelitzLouise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
10 March 1776

Louis the GermanLouis the German
0804 AD
Henry V, Holy Roman EmperorHenry V, Holy Roman Emperor
11 August 1086

Louis IV, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor
01 April 1282

Augustus III of PolandAugustus III of Poland
17 October 1696

Henry III, Holy Roman EmperorHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor
28 October 1017

Henry VII, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
1275 AD
Frederick I of WürttembergFrederick I of Württemberg
06 November 1754

Isabeau of BavariaIsabeau of Bavaria
1370 AD

Frederick V, Elector PalatineFrederick V, Elector Palatine
26 August 1596

Maximilian II of BavariaMaximilian II of Bavaria
28 November 1811
Valentinian IIValentinian II
0371 AD

Charles I Louis, Elector PalatineCharles I Louis, Elector Palatine
22 December 1617
25 March 1252
King of Jerusalem

Charles Theodore, Elector of BavariaCharles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria
10 December 1724

Christopher of BavariaChristopher of Bavaria
26 February 1416
Conrad III of GermanyConrad III of Germany
1093 AD

Luitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
12 March 1821
William II of WürttembergWilliam II of Württemberg
25 February 1848

Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of BavariaMaximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria
11 July 1662

Philip I, Landgrave of HessePhilip I, Landgrave of Hesse
13 November 1504
Louis the ChildLouis the Child
30 September 0893

Philip of SwabiaPhilip of Swabia
31 July 1177
Maximilian I, Elector of BavariaMaximilian I, Elector of Bavaria
17 April 1573

Lothair III, Holy Roman EmperorLothair III, Holy Roman Emperor
09 June 1075

Conrad I of GermanyConrad I of Germany
0890 AD

Juliana Maria of Brunswick-WolfenbüttelJuliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
04 September 1729
Carloman of BavariaCarloman of Bavaria
0830 AD
Louis the YoungerLouis the Younger
0830 AD

John William FrisoJohn William Friso
14 August 1687

William I, German EmperorWilliam I, German Emperor
22 March 1797

Alexander John CuzaAlexander John Cuza
20 March 1820
Political figure
Rudolph I of HabsburgRudolph I of Habsburg
01 May 1218

Henry I of GermanyHenry I of Germany
0876 AD

King Ludwig II of BavariaKing Ludwig II of Bavaria
25 August 1845

Maria Alexandrovna of HesseMaria Alexandrovna of Hesse
08 August 1824

Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-SigmaringenPrince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
22 September 1835
Prussian prince
Viktoria Luise of PrussiaViktoria Luise of Prussia
13 September 1892

Alexandra FyodorovnaAlexandra Fyodorovna
13 July 1798
Empress of Russia