Discover the notable alumni of Georgia Tech. The list includes people like Jimmy Carter, Iman Shumpert, Daniel Webster, Jeff Foxworthy & Amin Elhassan. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as media personalities, film & theater personalities, leaders, scientists and intellectuals & academics etc.
Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter
(39th U.S. President)

01 October 1924


Iman ShumpertIman Shumpert
(Basketball Player)

26 June 1990


Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
(Former United States Senator)

18 January 1782


Jeff FoxworthyJeff Foxworthy

06 September 1958


Amin ElhassanAmin Elhassan
(Sports Commentator)

12 April 1979


Kary MullisKary Mullis
(Biochemist, Molecular biologist, Chemist)

28 December 1944


Nagesh KukunoorNagesh Kukunoor
(Film director, Actor, Film producer)

30 March 1967


Juan Carlos VarelaJuan Carlos Varela

12 December 1963


Paul Craig RobertsPaul Craig Roberts
(Economist, Conspiracy theorist, Journalist)

03 April 1939


Arthur MurrayArthur Murray
(Entrepreneur, Teacher, Journalist)

04 April 1895


Timothy KopraTimothy Kopra

09 April 1963


John C. Portman, Jr.John C. Portman, Jr.

04 December 1924


Georgia Institute of Technology or simply known as ‘Georgia Tech’ is a public research university situated in Atlanta, Georgia. The institution which was once founded in 1885 is currently organized into six colleges which houses 31 departments. As per the U.S. News & World Report ratings, it is ranked 7th among public national universities in the country and 34th among all universities and colleges. Being globally renowned particularly for its engineering and business programs, Georgia Tech has also been ranked as the ‘smartest’ public college in the United States. The institute has further gone on to extend its reach overseas with satellite campuses across the globe in countries such as Singapore, France, India, Spain and China. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Liberal Arts, Computing, Engineering, Business, Design and Science. Georgia Tech’s vision is to enhance and sustain its position as a pioneer in scholarship and research for generations to come. The massive student body comprises of over 25,000 students who represent the diversity of 114 countries from every corner of the world. Georgia Tech’s alumni’s who are also referred to as the ‘yellow jackets’ have gone on to accomplish great things and have made a mark on the world. Some of these illustrious individuals include Jimmy Carter, Calvin Johnson, Ivan Allen Jr., and John F. Brock. Keep reading this list to know some more noteworthy Georgia Tech alumni’s who have made the institution proud.