Physicists are involved with the physical aspects of the world. They study matter and related concepts and conduct research to know more about the physical phenomenon or natural science. Mostly, physicists deal with the general functioning and behaviour of the universe. Every country today has its own rich resource of physicists who through their research and experimentation have discovered various aspects of the physical world. Gravitational force, nuclear interactions, electromagnetism were unknown phenomena that were eventually perceived, explored and presented to the world by physicists. Physicists have conquered the various branches of physics, right from classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, theory of relativity and electromagnetism. Just like every other country in the world, Netherlands too has its own share of famous physicists who have greatly contributed to the better understanding of the subject. Right from Abraham Pais to Andre Geim, Pieter Zeeman to Frits Zernike, Paul Ehrenfest to Christian Hugyens, Dutch physicists have discovered and invented revolutionary concepts of the physical world. Browse through this section to know more about famous Dutch physicists.
Hendrik LorentzHendrik Lorentz

18 July 1853

Heike Kamerlingh OnnesHeike Kamerlingh Onnes

21 September 1853

Fritz ZernikeFrits Zernike

16 July 1888

Pieter ZeemanPieter Zeeman

25 May 1865

Simon van der MeerSimon van der Meer

24 November 1925

Johannes Diderik van der WaalsJohannes van der Waals

23 November 1837

Gerard ’t HooftGerard ’t Hooft

05 July 1946

Edsger W. DijkstraEdsger W. Dijkstra

11 May 1930

Jan IngenhouszJan Ingenhousz

08 December 1730

Heike Kamerlingh-OnnesHeike Kamerlingh-Onnes

21 September 1853