Died On January 31st

Discover the most famous people who died on January 31. The list includes people like A. A. Milne, Charles Spurgeon, Samuel Goldwyn, John Galsworthy, Ragnar Frisch. Famous personalities featured on this list, include soldiers, playwrights, poets and emperors & kings and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands & Canada and many more countries.

Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes
13 April 1570, British
Charles Edward StuartCharles Edward Stuart
31 December 1720, British
Military Leader

A. A. MilneA. A. Milne
18 January 1882, British
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Charles SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon
19 June 1834, British
Baptist Preacher

Samuel GoldwynSamuel Goldwyn
17 August 1879, American
Film Producer

John GalsworthyJohn Galsworthy
14 August 1867, American
Nobel Laureate in Literature
Rasual ButlerRasual Butler
23 May 1979, American
Basketball Player

Ragnar FrischRagnar Frisch
03 March 1895, Norwegian

George Abramovich KovalGeorge Koval
25 December 1913, Russian
U.S. Born Soviet Spy

Jacob RoggeveenJacob Roggeveen
01 February 1659, Dutch
Explorer who discovered Easter Island
Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah DevMahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
11 June 1920, Nepalese
Former King of Nepal

Terry WoganTerry Wogan
03 August 1938, Irish, British
Radio personality, Television presenter, Q22343421
Meher BabaMeher Baba
25 February 1894, Indian

15 June 1929, Indian
Actor, Singer

John BoscoJohn Bosco
16 August 1815, Italian
Writer, Catholic priest
Ernesto MirandaErnesto Miranda
09 March 1941, American

Eddie SlovikEddie Slovik
18 February 1920, Polish, American
Military personnel, Soldier
Joe AllenJoe Allen
06 August 1888, American

Edwin Howard ArmstrongEdwin Howard Armstrong
18 December 1890, American
Electrical engineer, Inventor, Engineer

Mahendra of NepalMahendra of Nepal
11 June 1920, Nepalese
Arthur PercivalArthur Percival
26 December 1887, Malaysian, British
Military personnel

Giant BabaGiant Baba
23 January 1938, Japanese
Baseball player, Professional wrestler
Pauly FuemanaPauly Fuemana
08 February 1969, New Zealander
Singer, Songwriter

Richard von WeizsäckerRichard von Weizsäcker
15 April 1920, German
Politician, Lawyer, Military personnel

Molly IvinsMolly Ivins
30 August 1944, American
American columnist

William StephensonWilliam Stephenson
23 January 1897, Canadian
George AbbottGeorge Abbott
25 June 1887, American
Actor, Film director, Playwright, Screenwriter,
Menno SimonsMenno Simons
1496 AD, Dutch
theologian, priest, cleric

Rashad KhalifaRashad Khalifa
19 November 1935, American
Chemist, Translator, Biochemist, Computer

Alfred de RothschildAlfred de Rothschild
20 July 1842, British
Banker, Diplomat

Carl DjerassiCarl Djerassi
29 October 1923, Austrian, American
Chemist, Writer, University teacher, Science
Evert TaubeEvert Taube
12 March 1890, Swedish
Singer, Composer, Musician, Writer, Poet,

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John MottJohn Mott
25 May 1865, American
Protester, Activist

Jean GiraudouxJean Giraudoux
29 October 1882, French
Playwright, Screenwriter, Diplomat, Novelist,

Khosrau IKhosrau I
0501 AD, Iraqi

Jean-Louis-Ernest MeissonierJean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
21 February 1815, French
Sculptor, Painter, Politician
Jakob RoggeveenJakob Roggeveen
01 February 1659, Dutch

Ragnar Anton Kittil FrischRagnar Anton Kittil Frisch
03 March 1895, Norwegian
Norwegian economist
Dewey MartinDewey Martin
30 September 1940, Canadian
musician, singer

Henry of PortugalHenry of Portugal
31 January 1512, Portuguese