The probability of the personality of December 19 individuals is astrologically influenced by the planet Jupiter. However, the celestial body Sun plays an equally dominating role in determining the personality traits of these people as it is the governor of the actual date, i.e. December 19, on which these individuals are born. Thus, both Jupiter and Sun together are responsible to cast their influence to form the uniqueness and individuality in the personality of December 19 folks. People born on this date are confident and enthusiastic individuals with a fondness for travel and change. They are super energetic, fearless, agile and full of vitality.  Intensely passionate with a drive to excel, these people have a philosophical and a religious bent of mind. The only aspect that December 19 folks need to concentrate on is their proneness for restlessness and impatience in a confused, imperious and contradictory manner.

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal
38, American
Alyssa MilanoAlyssa Milano
46, American

Karim BenzemaKarim Benzema
31, Algerian
Lauren SanchezLauren Sánchez
49, American
News Anchor

Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev
75, Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

Jennifer BealsJennifer Beals
55, American
Ronan FarrowRonan Farrow
31, American
Journalist, Activist, Human Rights Lawyer

Paulina GretzkyPaulina Gretzky
30, Canadian, American
Kristy SwansonKristy Swanson
49, American

Robert UrichRobert Urich
55, American
Film Actor
Criss AngelCriss Angel
51, American

Pratibha PatilPratibha Patil
84, Indian
Former President of India
Marla SokoloffMarla Sokoloff
38, American
Elaine JoyceElaine Joyce
75, American

Yong Jun-hyungYong Jun-hyung
29, South Korean
Mike LookinlandMike Lookinland
58, American

Maurice WhiteMaurice White
74, American
Jessica SteenJessica Steen
53, Canadian

24, American

Edith PiafEdith Piaf
47, French
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Rosa BlasiRosa Blasi
46, American

Albert Abraham MichelsonAlbert A. Michelson
78, American
Richard LeakeyRichard Leakey
74, Kenyan
Paleoanthropologist and Conservationist

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans
27, American
TV Personality
Alexis SanchezAlexis Sanchez
30, Chilean

Bobby CrosbyBobby Crosby
38, American
YouTube star
A. B. YehoshuaA. B. Yehoshua
82, Israeli
Israeli Faulkner
Upendranath BrahmachariUpendranath Brahmachari
72, Indian

Jorge BlancoJorge Blanco
27, Mexican
Musician, Actor
Blaže KoneskiBlaže Koneski
71, Macedonian

Eva AndressaEva Andressa
34, Brazilian
Russell HorningRussell Horning
17, American

Justice CarradineJustice Carradine
19, American
Social Media Personality

28, Canadian
George D. SnellGeorge D. Snell
92, American

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See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsMileva Marić
72, Serbian
John EllaJohn Ella
85, British

Ashlen DiazAshlen Diaz
23, American
Post Mallon’s Ex-Girlfriend
23, British

Timothy Lee ReidTimothy Lee Reid
74, American
Richard HammondRichard Hammond
49, British
Television presenter, Writer, Journalist,
Ricky PontingRicky Ponting
44, Australian

Gary CahillGary Cahill
33, British
Association football player
Ryan BabelRyan Babel
32, Dutch
Association football player

Arvydas SabonisArvydas Sabonis
54, Lithuanian
Basketball player
Marie Thérèse of FranceMarie Thérèse of France
72, French

Chris JaggerChris Jagger
71, British
Musician, Photographer, Music journalist

Kristina KeneallyKristina Keneally
50, Australian, American
Alvin LeeAlvin Lee
68, British
Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter, Record producer,

Til SchweigerTil Schweiger
55, German
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer,
Henry Clay FrickHenry Clay Frick
69, American
Entrepreneur, Patron of the arts

Jack FiskJack Fisk
73, American
Film director, Production designer
60, British
Singer, Musician

Angie StoneAngie Stone
57, American
Singer, Actor ,Singer-songwriter, Composer,
Jean GenetJean Genet
75, French
Writer, Playwright, Poet, Film director,
Professor LonghairProfessor Longhair
61, American
pianist, street artist,musician, singer

Al KalineAl Kaline
84, American
Baseball player
Jeremy SouleJeremy Soule
43, American

Nayan MongiaNayan Mongia
49, Indian
Rob PortmanRob Portman
63, American
politician, lawyer

Bukola SarakiBukola Saraki
56, Nigerian

Lee Myung-bakLee Myung-bak
77, South Korean
Hans ReiserHans Reiser
55, American
Programmer, Entrepreneur, Computer scientist,

Iker MuniainIker Muniain
26, Spanish
Association football player
Béatrice DalleBéatrice Dalle
54, French
Actor, Model

Lisa WilkinsonLisa Wilkinson
59, Australian
Presenter, Journalist
Iman AliIman Ali
38, Pakistani
Model, Television presenter, Actor

James L. JonesJames L. Jones
75, American
Paul RhysPaul Rhys
55, British
Carter G. WoodsonCarter G. Woodson
74, American
Journalist, Historian

Jimmy BainJimmy Bain
68, British
Songwriter, Bassist
Graham KingGraham King
57, British
Film producer

Italo SvevoItalo Svevo
66, Italian
Writer, Playwright, Translator, Businessperson,
Alberto TombaAlberto Tomba
52, Italian
Alpine ski racer

Tim FollinTim Follin
48, British

Rabah BitatRabah Bitat
74, Algerian
Irina VoroninaIrina Voronina
41, Russian
Russian model

Derrick JensenDerrick Jensen
58, American
Novelist, Writer
Miguel PiñeroMiguel Piñero
41, American
Playwright, Writer

Lazaros ChristodoulopoulosLazaros Christodoulopoulos
32, Greek
Association football player
Krista WhiteKrista White
34, American

Barry MazurBarry Mazur
81, American
Priyanka DuttPriyanka Dutt
34, Indian
Film producer
Eric Allin CornellEric Allin Cornell
57, American
Physicist, University teacher

Fritz ReinerFritz Reiner
74, Hungarian, American
Conductor, Composer
Hammasa KohistaniHammasa Kohistani
31, British
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Tero PitkämäkiTero Pitkämäki
36, Finnish
George Davis SnellGeorge Davis Snell
92, American
American geneticist

Mary LivermoreMary Livermore
84, American
Editor, Women
Kevin McHaleKevin McHale
61, American
Basketball Coach, Basketball player

Raphael SpiegelRaphael Spiegel
26, Swiss
Association football player
Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of FranceMarie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France
72, French
Queen consort

Jens Fink-JensenJens Fink-Jensen
62, Danish
Poet, author, photographer, composer and
Lincoln HallLincoln Hall
56, Australian

Carter Godwin WoodsonCarter Godwin Woodson
74, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 19

Sagittarians born on December 19 have unique personality traits and features. These people are confident and fearless with a dominating attitude. They are enthusiastic and energetic folks with full of vitality and strength. Blessed with an optimistic attitude, they mostly look at the brighter side of situation and things and do not resort to any sort of negativity or pessimism. They have an over generous nature and caring personality. Ambitious and resourceful, December 19 individuals look forward to make a significant contribution to the society and the world at large. What differentiates December 19 born Sagittarians with their counterparts is their strong will and desire to win and come out as successful individuals in even the most trying times.

The health of individuals born on December 19 is mostly stable. These people understand the value of healthy living and thus mostly subscribe to homeopathic or holistic treatments for having a fruitful life. More than physical health, it is psychological and emotional health that these people focus on to experience sound overall vitality. In addition to eating right and exercising daily, these people include deep massage, reiki, rolfing techniques in the daily routine to provide psychological and emotional benefits to the body. Due to all this, December 19 individuals hardly face any health issues. They experience good health and overall wellness in their daily schedule.

The financial condition of individuals sharing their birthday on December 19 is hard to predict. These people generally do better when they struggle for something and the same holds true for money as well. For those December 19 individuals for whom money comes in easily or at an early stage in life, they might lose the edge soon and face financial crisis situation. On the other hand, individuals who struggle to make money often successfully retain the same and experience a sound monetary condition.

Just like for other things in life, a particular career that is easy to achieve is not appealing for individuals born on December 19. These people mostly do better when they struggle to get their hands on an ideal vocation. And only when they successfully do so, they enjoy their career and think of making it big. Success that comes in early loses its edge in the long run for these people. As such, an ideal vocational choice for December 19 folks is one that takes lots of effort, dedication and patience.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
December 19 individuals hold securely their relationships. They enjoy having strong bond of love with their parents, siblings, friends and relatives. What works in their favour is that these people make friends effortlessly. Similarly, they have the ability to transform a frivolous relationship into a meaningful one. Romantically, these people are known as great lovers. However, they are in no hurry to be tied down to a specific partner. December 19 individuals’ can be termed as the Casanova types who enjoy playing the field before settling down. Though they are mostly plain and simple, they prefer their partner to be the glamorous types. Towards their soul mate, these people are extremely loving, considerate, compassionate and caring. When committed to a relationship, they are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same in return. As far as parenting is concerned, December 19 men and women follow the footsteps of their parents, except for the fact that they are inclined to give their children far greater freedom than they were allowed. However, these people have high academic expectations and

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19