Famous People From Canada
If you think comedy is just about cracking a few jokes or contracting and expanding facial muscles to look funny and elicit a smile, just try doing the same with your friends or even your partner and watch out for the results. The last you would end up doing is tickling their funny bone to elicit forced laughter! Comedy is not just about acting funny or saying something hilarious. Wittiness also requires wisdom else it could turn insipid. Having said that, next time when you watch a comedy show, movie or even come across anyone with comedic abilities; pay your respect for he/she has a talent for making people smile and laugh. The genre of comedy is vast and varied – you have plain comedy, sarcastic ones, slapstick comedy, or even sex comedy. Canada has given the world some of the hilariously funny guys who have time and again helped crack up our smiles. Some of them include Leslie Nielsen, Phil Hartman, Russell Peters, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy, Mike Myers, Lorne Michaels and so on. But no list of Canadian comedians can be complete without the mention of the legendary Jim Carrey – the ace comedian who became a household name for his funny antics and pranks. Check this section to know the life and works of famous Canadian comedians.
Eugene LevyEugene Levy
17 December 1946
Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director
John CandyJohn Candy
31 October 1950
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
22 March 1931
Actor, Producer

Seth RogenSeth Rogen
15 April 1982
Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Producer, Director

Rick MoranisRick Moranis
18 April 1953
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter & Musician

Phil HartmanPhil Hartman
24 September 1948
Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian
Mike MyersMike Myers
25 May 1963
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer, Film

Leslie NielsenLeslie Nielsen
11 February 1926

Tommy ChongTommy Chong
24 May 1938
Comedian, Actor
Martin ShortMartin Short
26 March 1950

Howie MandelHowie Mandel
29 November 1955
Actor, Comedian
13 June 1974

Russell PetersRussell Peters
29 September 1970
Comedian, Actor and Producer

Ryan StilesRyan Stiles
22 April 1959

Tyler LabineTyler Labine
29 April 1978

Norm MacDonaldNorm MacDonald
17 October 1959
Canadian stand-up comedian
Catherine O'HaraCatherine O'Hara
04 March 1954

Alan ThickeAlan Thicke
01 March 1947
Actor, Songwriter, Composer, Television presenter,

Thomas MiddleditchThomas Middleditch
10 March 1982

Tom GreenTom Green
30 July 1971
Actor, Television presenter, Blogger, Radio
Paul ShafferPaul Shaffer
28 November 1949

Cree SummerCree Summer
07 July 1969
Dave FoleyDave Foley
04 January 1963

Steven CrowderSteven Crowder
07 July 1987
political commentator

Chris DiamantopoulosChris Diamantopoulos
09 May 1975
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Voice actor
Andrea MartinAndrea Martin
15 January 1947

Colin MochrieColin Mochrie
30 November 1957
Television actor, Comedian, Stage actor, Film
Evan GoldbergEvan Goldberg
11 January 1982

Caroline RheaCaroline Rhea
13 April 1964
Actor, Model

Harland WilliamsHarland Williams
14 November 1962
Mark McKinneyMark McKinney
26 June 1959

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Kevin McDonaldKevin McDonald
16 May 1961
Jon LajoieJon Lajoie
21 August 1980
Actor, Guitarist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter,

Gerry DeeGerry Dee
31 December 1968
Ice hockey player, Actor

Selma DiamondSelma Diamond
05 August 1920
actor, screenwriter, television actor

Robin DukeRobin Duke
13 March 1954
Bruce McCullochBruce McCulloch
12 May 1961
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter
Morton Lyon SahlMort Sahl
11 May 1927

David SteinbergDavid Steinberg
09 August 1942
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Brent ButtBrent Butt
03 August 1966
Actor, Writer

Beatrice LillieBeatrice Lillie
29 May 1894
Patrick McKennaPatrick McKenna
08 May 1960
Actor, Film actor

Rick MercerRick Mercer
17 October 1969
Television presenter, Blogger, Screenwriter,

Don HarronDon Harron
19 September 1924
Librettist, Actor, Screenwriter

Rupan BalRupan Bal
26 January 1990
Actor, Film actor

Kathy GreenwoodKathy Greenwood
21 March 1962
Actor, Film actor
Shaun MajumderShaun Majumder
29 January 1972
Actor, Film actor

Sugar SammySugar Sammy
29 February 1976
Stewart FrancisStewart Francis
03 October 1949

Manuel TadrosManuel Tadros
30 September 1956
Actor, Singer, Dub actor, Songwriter

Les LyeLes Lye
18 November 1924
Cathy JonesCathy Jones
06 April 1955
Putita, Comedian

Frank ShusterFrank Shuster
05 September 1916
Jason JonesJason Jones
03 June 1973

Scott ThompsonScott Thompson
12 June 1959

Ray CameronRay Cameron
19 August 1938

Mary WalshMary Walsh
13 May 1952
actor, comedian, screenwriter