Famous People From Canada
Popularly known as the Great White North, Canada has been an important pothole of world business deals today. And why not, for it is home to some of the most proficient deal makers and influential pedlars of the west. Call them business magnates or trade honchos, they are the true moguls of business who have helped Canada become a powerhouse that it is today. Who can undermine the contribution of Pattison Empire by still-effervescent Jim Pattison who has dodged age as just a number? Can you ignore the efforts by Heather Reisnman as the CEO of Indigo Books & Music Inc? The name Paul Browning is enough to define the next generation Canadian oil and gas market. Had Frank Mckenna had a LinkedIn profile, the internet would surely have been jammed! Does the name Mark Wiseman ring a bell? Sure it does, for he is responsible for managing the largest pot of investable money in Canada; his decisions affecting the fate of 18 million Canadians! The boardrooms and backrooms of Canada’s top business houses wouldn’t have worked as efficiently as they are, had these men and women not acted as torchbearers! Peek-a-boo into this section and update yourself with the profile, life and works of some of the most influential and famous Canadian business magnates.
Elon MuskElon Musk

28 June 1971

Wayne Douglas GretzkyWayne Gretzky

26 January 1961

Robert HerjavecRobert Herjavec

14 September 1962

Drew ScottDrew Scott

28 April 1978

Garrett CampGarrett Camp

04 October 1978

Linus SebastianLinus Sebastian

20 August 1986

Li Ka-shingLi Ka-shing

29 July 1928

John ToryJohn Tory

28 May 1954

James J. HillJames J. Hill

16 September 1838


11 November 1968

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George StephenGeorge Stephen

05 June 1829

Kevin O’LearyKevin O’Leary

09 July 1954

Celine DionCeline Dion

30 March 1968

Sean AverySean Avery

10 April 1980

Daryl KatzDaryl Katz

31 May 1961

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Mark CarneyMark Carney

16 March 1965

Paul SniderPaul Snider

15 April 1951

Galen WestonGalen Weston

29 October 1940

Jim TrelivingJim Treliving

12 May 1941

Jim PattisonJim Pattison

01 October 1928

Eugene MelnykEugene Melnyk

27 May 1959

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Victor Li Tzar-kuoiVictor Li Tzar-kuoi

01 August 1964

Charles BronfmanCharles Bronfman

27 June 1931

Belinda StronachBelinda Stronach

02 May 1966

Ben WeiderBen Weider

01 February 1923

Frank GiustraFrank Giustra

1957 AD

Frank StronachFrank Stronach

06 September 1932

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Peter MunkPeter Munk

08 November 1927

Peter GatienPeter Gatien

08 August 1952

W. Brett WilsonW. Brett Wilson

01 July 1957

Alex AnthopoulosAlex Anthopoulos

25 May 1977

Jim BalsillieJim Balsillie

03 February 1961

Lino SaputoLino Saputo

10 June 1937

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Brian WongBrian Wong

14 April 1991

Frank McKennaFrank McKenna

19 January 1948

Seymour SchulichSeymour Schulich

06 January 1940

Tim UppalTim Uppal

14 November 1974

Brian HunterBrian Hunter

1975 AD

Quinn LundbergQuinn Lundberg

1983 AD