If you have ever walked into an art gallery, you would know the magic that art creates. Paintings strung on wall may seem insipid from the outside but just as you step in, you would be enthralled by the magnificent magic that they exude. And just when you get closer to any of them, you would be transported into a world imagined and created on the canvas by the painter. Paintings are not mere amalgamation of colors and creativity. Each painting is the product of vivid imagination and has a gripping story to tell. While the world has been thronged by superlative painters from across the countries, it is British painters that we would be directing our focus on to in this section. Britain has given the world some of the greatest painters since centuries. Unless you have closed your eyes and ears to the world, you would have definitely heard about Francis Bacon, J.M.W. Turner, William Hogarth, John Ruskin, John Everest Millais, Thomas Gainsborough, David Hockney and Damien Hirst. Each of them has been amongst the world’s most talented painters and artists across centuries. Browse ahead and immerse yourself in the artistic galore of these famous British painters.
Ant AnsteadAnt Anstead
29 February 1979
Television Presenter
Jade JaggerJade Jagger
21 October 1971

J. M. W. TurnerJ. M. W. Turner
23 April 1775
Romanticist landscape painter

John RuskinJohn Ruskin
08 February 1819
Art Critic and Painter

Charlotte Johnson WahlCharlotte Johnson Wahl
30 April 1942
Painter, Mother of Boris Johnson

David HockneyDavid Hockney
09 July 1937
Sean PertweeSean Pertwee
04 June 1964

Tracey EminTracey Emin
03 July 1963
Artist, Painter

John ConstableJohn Constable
11 June 1776
Romantic Painter

Thomas GainsboroughThomas Gainsborough
14 May 1727
Landscape painter
John BergerJohn Berger
05 November 1926

Lawrence Alma-Tadema Lawrence Alma-Tadema
08 January 1836
Alfred SisleyAlfred Sisley
30 October 1839
Impressionist Landscape Painter

Jack Butler YeatsJack Butler Yeats
29 August 1871
Irish artist

Kim SearsKim Sears
10 December 1987

Anish KapoorAnish Kapoor
12 March 1954
Sculptor, Visual artist, Painter, Architect
L. S. LowryL. S. Lowry
01 November 1887

Stuart SutcliffeStuart Sutcliffe
23 June 1940
Painter, musician

Lucian FreudLucian Freud
08 December 1922
Painter, Illustrator, Printmaker
Holly JohnsonHolly Johnson
09 February 1960
Singer, Writer, Artist, Guitarist, Painter

Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
12 May 1828
Poet, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Artist,
John William WaterhouseJohn William Waterhouse
06 April 1849

Charles Rennie MackintoshCharles Rennie Mackintosh
07 June 1868
Architect, Painter, Designer, Sculptor

Louis WainLouis Wain
05 August 1860
Artist, Painter

Neil BuchananNeil Buchanan
11 October 1961
Television presenter
Justine FrischmannJustine Frischmann
16 September 1969
Derek JarmanDerek Jarman
31 January 1942
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Diarist,

William HogarthWilliam Hogarth
10 November 1697
Painter, Caricaturist, Illustrator, Graphic artist

Brian FroudBrian Froud
1947 AD
painter, illustrator

Daniel ChattoDaniel Chatto
22 April 1957
John Everett MillaisJohn Everett Millais
08 June 1829
Painter, Illustrator

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Alison LapperAlison Lapper
07 April 1965
Painter, Photographer

Frieda HughesFrieda Hughes
01 April 1960
Painter, Poet, Writer, Children's writer

Chris BarrieChris Barrie
28 March 1960

Gerald ScarfeGerald Scarfe
01 June 1936
Caricaturist, Illustrator, Designer, Animator,
Vanessa BellVanessa Bell
30 May 1879

Bridget RileyBridget Riley
24 April 1931
Peter GreenawayPeter Greenaway
05 April 1942
Theatre director, Film director, Writer,

Joshua ReynoldsJoshua Reynolds
16 July 1723

Thomas ColeThomas Cole
01 February 1801
Graham SutherlandGraham Sutherland
24 August 1903
Painter, Artist

Arthur RackhamArthur Rackham
19 September 1867
Painter, Illustrator
Edward Burne-JonesEdward Burne-Jones
28 August 1833

Branwell BrontëBranwell Brontë
26 June 1817
Painter, Poet, Writer

Henry FuseliHenry Fuseli
07 February 1741

Elizabeth SiddalElizabeth Siddal
25 July 1829
Painter, Poet, Art model, Visual artist, Model

Jack VettrianoJack Vettriano
17 November 1951
Oskar KokoschkaOskar Kokoschka
01 March 1886
Painter, Playwright, Writer, Poet, University

William Holman HuntWilliam Holman Hunt
02 April 1827
Painter, Artist

Stanley SpencerStanley Spencer
30 June 1891

Thomas LawrenceThomas Lawrence
13 April 1769
Augustus JohnAugustus John
04 January 1878
Painter, Etcher

Richard DaddRichard Dadd
01 August 1817
Painter, Illustrator
Wyndham LewisWyndham Lewis
18 November 1882
Painter, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Novelist

Eduardo PaolozziEduardo Paolozzi
07 March 1924
Sculptor, University teacher, Painter

Gertrude JekyllGertrude Jekyll
29 November 1843
Horticulturist, Painter, Gardener, Non-fiction
Joseph Wright of DerbyJoseph Wright of Derby
03 September 1734
Painter, Artist

Peter ScottPeter Scott
14 September 1909
Ornithologist, Illustrator, Painter, Postage stamp
Dora CarringtonDora Carrington
29 March 1893

E. H. ShepardE. H. Shepard
10 December 1879
Artist, Illustrator, Painter

Jenny SavilleJenny Saville
07 May 1970
Angelica KauffmanAngelica Kauffman
30 October 1741

John Atkinson GrimshawJohn Atkinson Grimshaw
06 September 1836
Roger FryRoger Fry
14 December 1866
Curator, Art historian, Painter, University

Chris OfiliChris Ofili
10 October 1968
Painter, Sculptor, Artist, Visual artist

Laura KnightLaura Knight
04 August 1877
Painter, Autobiographer

Godfrey KnellerGodfrey Kneller
08 August 1646
George StubbsGeorge Stubbs
24 August 1724
painter, non-fiction writer
Edmund LeightonEdmund Leighton
21 September 1852

Ben NicholsonBen Nicholson
10 April 1894
painter, sculptor

George Frederic WattsGeorge Frederic Watts
23 February 1817
Painter, Sculptor

Frank AuerbachFrank Auerbach
29 April 1931
Peter DoigPeter Doig
17 April 1959

John William GodwardJohn William Godward
09 August 1861

Elizabeth ThompsonElizabeth Thompson
03 November 1846

Ford Madox BrownFord Madox Brown
16 April 1821

Evelyn De MorganEvelyn De Morgan
30 August 1855
Kate PeruginiKate Perugini
29 October 1839

Henry Scott TukeHenry Scott Tuke
12 June 1858
Alfred MunningsAlfred Munnings
08 October 1878

David TibetDavid Tibet
05 March 1960
Musician, Painter, Poet

David ShrigleyDavid Shrigley
17 September 1968
Samuel PalmerSamuel Palmer
27 January 1805
Painter, Poet

Edward Gordon CraigEdward Gordon Craig
16 January 1872
Actor, Director, Illustrator, Scenographer,
Nicholas HilliardNicholas Hilliard
1547 AD

Maggi HamblingMaggi Hambling
23 October 1945

William EttyWilliam Etty
10 March 1787

Patrick CaulfieldPatrick Caulfield
29 January 1936
Painter, Illustrator
Howard HodgkinHoward Hodgkin
06 August 1932
Painter, Engraver

Roland PenroseRoland Penrose
14 October 1900
Paramedic, Art historian, Engineer, Photographer,
Edward Robert HughesEdward Robert Hughes
05 November 1851

Rex WhistlerRex Whistler
24 June 1905
Edward Adrian WilsonEdward Adrian Wilson
23 July 1872
Explorer, Ornithologist, Painter, Scientist

Herbert James DraperHerbert James Draper
1863 AD
painter, illustrator
Cecily BrownCecily Brown
1969 AD