Men may have held a dominant position in the world but don’t get prejudiced, for women are not far behind. Turn the pages of history and every country would have a long list of women who through their bravery and courage led the country towards advancement and progression. Britain has had one of the most affluent royal empires in the world till date. The country has been ruled by greatest monarchs and kings who steered it through the torrential times. Though ancient Britain too had female rulers, Matilda of England was considered as the first de factor female ruler of England, though she never consolidated her rule. Amongst the most famous empresses and queens of Britain include celebrated names like Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary I of England, Anne of Great Britain and Queen Elizabeth II, the current and longest-reigning British head of state and the longest-reigning queen regnant in world history. While it was under Queen Elizabeth I that the Elizabethan era flourished, Queen Victoria secured the establishment and expansion of Britain Empire by ten-folds. She was also known by the title Empress of India. The present Queen Elizabeth II has been one of the most magnetic women on the globe. Discover interesting facts about the life and works of some of the greatest British Empresses and queens.
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria
24 May 1819
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Elizabeth I of EnglandElizabeth I of England
07 September 1533
Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II
21 April 1926
Queen of the United Kingdom

Anne, Queen of Great BritainAnne, Queen of Great Britain
06 February 1665
Queen of Britan

Elizabeth of York Elizabeth of York
11 February 1466
Queen Consort of England

Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge
09 January 1982
The Duchess of Cambridge
Mary I of EnglandMary I of England
18 February 1516
Queen of England and Ireland

Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn
1501 AD
Marquess of Pembroke

Catherine of AragonCatherine of Aragon
16 December 1485

Lady Jane GreyLady Jane Grey
1537 AD
Elizabeth WoodvilleElizabeth Woodville
1437 AD
British Queen (1464-1483)

Mary of TeckMary of Teck
26 May 1867
Former Queen of the United Kingdom
Catherine HowardCatherine Howard
1523 AD
Queen of England from (1540-1541)

Anne of ClevesAnne of Cleves
22 September 1515
Former Queen of England

Elizabeth Bowes-LyonElizabeth Bowes-Lyon
04 August 1900
British Queen
Catherine ParrCatherine Parr
31 July 1512
Queen of England & Ireland

0030 AD
Queen of the Iceni Tribe
Victoria, Princess RoyalVictoria, Princess Royal
21 November 1840
Empress of Germany

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-StrelitzCharlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
19 May 1744
Queen Consort of Great Britain and Ireland

Princess Alice of BattenbergPrincess Alice of Battenberg
25 February 1885
Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark
Alexandra of DenmarkAlexandra of Denmark
01 December 1844
Queen of Great Britain (1901-1910)

Anne NevilleAnne Neville
11 June 1456
Queen of England
Empress MatildaEmpress Matilda
07 February 1102
Queen of Germany

Mary II of EnglandMary II of England
30 April 1662
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

Catherine of ValoisCatherine of Valois
27 October 1401
Queen Consort of England

Anne of DenmarkAnne of Denmark
12 December 1574
Queen of England
Maud of WalesMaud of Wales
26 November 1869
Queen of Norway
Philippa of LancasterPhilippa of Lancaster
31 March 1359

Gayatri DeviGayatri Devi
23 May 1919

Saint Margaret of ScotlandSaint Margaret of Scotland
1045 AD
English princess

Philippa of HainaultPhilippa of Hainault
24 June 1313
Elizabeth II of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United Kingdom
21 April 1926

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Caroline of AnsbachCaroline of Ansbach
01 March 1683

Mary of ModenaMary of Modena
05 October 1658

Queen MaryQueen Mary
18 February 1516
Politician, Queen

Wyndham LewisWyndham Lewis
18 November 1882
Painter, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Novelist
Mary TudorMary Tudor
18 March 1496

Camilla, The Duchess of CornwallCamilla, The Duchess of Cornwall
17 July 1947
British duchess
Marie-Chantal ClaireMarie-Chantal Claire
17 September 1968
Crown Princess of Greece