Discover the notable alumni of Boston College. The list includes people like Amy Poehler, Leonard Nimoy, Kofi Kingston, Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Stephen F. Lynch. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as sportspersons, film & theater personalities, leaders, fashion and miscellaneous etc.
Amy PoehlerAmy Poehler
16 September 1971, American
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
26 March 1931, American

Joe BastianichJoe Bastianich
17 September 1968, American

Kofi KingstonKofi Kingston
14 August 1981, Ghanaian, American

Elisabeth HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck
28 May 1977, American
Talk Show Host

Bonnie SomervilleBonnie Somerville
24 February 1974, American
Joe MorganJoe Morgan
19 September 1943, American
Baseball Player

Nikesh AroraNikesh Arora
09 February 1968, Indian
Former President & COO of SoftBank Corp

Denis O’BrienDenis O’Brien
19 April 1958, Irish
Stephen F. LynchStephen F. Lynch
31 March 1955, American
U.S. Representative

Scott BrownScott Brown
12 September 1959, American
Former United States Senator from Massachusetts
Chris O'DonnellChris O'Donnell
26 June 1970, American

Thomas P. O'NeillThomas P. O'Neill
09 December 1912, American

Doug FlutieDoug Flutie
23 October 1962, American
American football player

Ed MarkeyEd Markey
11 July 1946, American

Mike CapuanoMike Capuano
09 January 1952, American
Luke KuechlyLuke Kuechly
20 April 1991, American
American Football player

Brian FloresBrian Flores
24 February 1981, American
American football coach

A. J. DillonA. J. Dillon
02 May 1998, American
American Football player

Maile FlanaganMaile Flanagan
19 May 1965, American
Actor, Television actor, Stage actor
Kenny FlorianKenny Florian
26 May 1976, American
Association football player, Mixed martial artist,

Bill RomanowskiBill Romanowski
02 April 1966, American
American Footballer
Tom McCarthyTom McCarthy
07 June 1966, American
Film director

Bruce PearlBruce Pearl
18 March 1960, American
Basketball coach

Matt HasselbeckMatt Hasselbeck
25 September 1975, American
American football player
Lisa LampanelliLisa Lampanelli
19 July 1961, American
Stand-up Comedians

Tim HasselbeckTim Hasselbeck
06 April 1978, American
American football player
Cameron EspositoCameron Esposito
17 October 1981, American
Stand-up Comedian

Thomas MeninoThomas Menino
27 December 1942, American

John F. FitzgeraldJohn F. Fitzgerald
11 February 1863, American
Chris HerrenChris Herren
27 September 1975, American
Basketball player

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Harry MarkopolosHarry Markopolos
22 October 1956, American
Damien WoodyDamien Woody
03 November 1977, American
American Football Player

Amanda HearstAmanda Hearst
05 January 1984, American
Socialite, Model

Amul ThaparAmul Thapar
29 April 1969, American

Ayla BrownAyla Brown
28 July 1988, American
Jason AthertonJason Atherton
06 September 1971, British
Mathias KiwanukaMathias Kiwanuka
08 March 1983, Ugandan, American
American Football player

Kasim EdebaliKasim Edebali
17 August 1989, German
Football player

George V. HigginsGeorge V. Higgins
13 November 1939, American

Ernie StautnerErnie Stautner
20 April 1925, German, American
Football Player
Gosder CherilusGosder Cherilus
28 June 1984, Haitian, American
Football player

Murray, John CourtneyMurray, John Courtney
12 September 1904, American
American theologian

Carolyn SwordsCarolyn Swords
19 July 1989, American
Basketball player

Robert A. BruceRobert A. Bruce
20 November 1916, American

Tyler JewellTyler Jewell
21 February 1977, American
Louis Fabian Bachrach Jr.Louis Fabian Bachrach Jr.
09 April 1917, American

Everett HughesEverett Hughes
21 October 1885, American
Patrick HeckmannPatrick Heckmann
27 February 1992, German
Basketball player

Dick LucasDick Lucas
09 January 1934, American
American football player

Joseph McLellanJoseph McLellan
1929 AD, American
Music critic
Bernard WefersBernard Wefers
19 February 1873, American
Sprint Runner

Boston College also referred to as the BC is one of the most popular Jesuit Catholic research university found in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. With over 9,100 full-time undergraduates and close to 5,000 graduate students making it one of the most sought after institutions in the world. Apart from offering fantastic education to their students, this reputed institution also has one of the best sports team in the world. Their sports team is called, ‘Eagles’ and the color they represent are, maroon and gold. As per the reliable ‘U.S. News & World Report’, the Boston College has been ranked 31st among the world’s best institutions offering one of the best undergraduate programs. It has also been regarded as the ‘R1: Highest Research Activity’ establishment, by the ‘Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’. Being the 40th largest university in North America, Bosto9n University is a dream institution of tons of student, who dream to graduate from this place. The Boston College has done its bit in giving the society the best in the world. The alumni of the Boston College have set all new standards for hard work and dedication. They are living examples of everything that the world needs from the youth of today. Some of the notable alumni of the Boston College are, American footballer, Doug Flutie or the American politician, John Kerry or the beautiful actress Amy Poehler.This list of notable Boston College alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame. We are quite certain that you will be surprised by some of the notable Boston College alumni who made it to this list.