Over past four centuries, the office of a pastor in the Christian church has been a role that has been accepted without question. That is right! Since the days of John Calvin, church government has comprised of a pastor and the elders — the elected representatives of the congregation. This pyramidal governmental structure of the church, with the pastor as the head and the rest of the board beneath him, is how the church administration is organized. While many modern day church-goers defy this structure, there is little denying the importance a pastor holds in the daily workings of a Church and Christianity, at large. America has been home to many such reverend pastors who have given new meaning to their religion. Divinely gifted, they are America’s most famous and highly sought preachers involved in the task of redeeming souls and fighting evil forces. Let us check out the biography, timeline, trivia and facts on America’s famous pastors.
Joel OsteenJoel Osteen
05 March 1963
American Preacher & Televangelist
Billy GrahamBilly Graham
07 November 1918

Joyce MeyerJoyce Meyer
04 June 1943

Jerry FalwellJerry Falwell
11 August 1933

Fulton J. SheenFulton J. Sheen
08 May 1895

Frank ReichFrank Reich
04 December 1961
Football Coach
Lyman BeecherLyman Beecher
12 October 1775

Edward EverettEdward Everett
11 April 1794
Former American senator

George A. SmithGeorge A. Smith
26 June 1817
Political leader

Allen AllensworthAllen Allensworth
07 April 1842
Baptist Minister, Educator, Army Officer
John PiperJohn Piper
11 January 1946
American pastor

Dr. Norman Vincent PealeDr. Norman Vincent Peale
31 May 1898
Pastor, Self-Help Writer
Shaun KingShaun King
29 May 1977

Fred PhelpsFred Phelps
13 November 1929
Lawyer, Pastor, Journalist

Demond WilsonDemond Wilson
13 October 1946
Charles StanleyCharles Stanley
25 September 1932
Pastor, Radio personality

Steven FurtickSteven Furtick
19 February 1980
Franklin GrahamFranklin Graham
14 July 1952
Pastor, Missionary

Robert JeffressRobert Jeffress
29 November 1955
Religious leader

Ted HaggardTed Haggard
27 June 1956
Pastor, Priest, Preacher
Victoria OsteenVictoria Osteen
28 March 1961

John HageeJohn Hagee
12 April 1940
Pastor, Theologian, Saxophonist
Francis ChanFrancis Chan
31 August 1967
Theologian, Author

John C. MaxwellJohn C. Maxwell
20 February 1947
Writer, Motivational speaker

John OsteenJohn Osteen
21 August 1921
Non-fiction writer

Andy StanleyAndy Stanley
16 May 1958
Jay BakkerJay Bakker
18 December 1975
Carlton PearsonCarlton Pearson
19 March 1953
Christian minister

Jesse DuplantisJesse Duplantis
09 July 1949

David WilkersonDavid Wilkerson
19 May 1931

Harold CampingHarold Camping
19 July 1921
Radio personality, Civil engineer
David JeremiahDavid Jeremiah
13 February 1941

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Rob BellRob Bell
23 August 1970

Barry MinkowBarry Minkow
17 March 1967

Eddie LongEddie Long
12 May 1953
Priest, Writer

Mark DriscollMark Driscoll
11 October 1970
Pastor, Writer
Adrian RogersAdrian Rogers
12 September 1931

Paul WasherPaul Washer
1961 AD
Bill GothardBill Gothard
02 November 1934

Louie GiglioLouie Giglio
30 June 1958

Alistair BeggAlistair Begg
1952 AD
Tullian TchividjianTullian Tchividjian
13 July 1972

Shirley CaesarShirley Caesar
13 October 1938
Erwin McManusErwin McManus
28 August 1958
Author, Theologian

Craig GroeschelCraig Groeschel
02 December 1967

Jeremiah WrightJeremiah Wright
22 September 1941

Mike MurdockMike Murdock
18 April 1946

Greg LaurieGreg Laurie
10 December 1952
Fred ShuttlesworthFred Shuttlesworth
18 March 1922

Juanita BynumJuanita Bynum
16 January 1959

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
29 November 1908

John OrtbergJohn Ortberg
05 May 1957
Author, Theologian, Psychologist
Walter RauschenbuschWalter Rauschenbusch
04 October 1861

Robert H. SchullerRobert H. Schuller
16 September 1926
Pastor, Non-fiction writer
Brian McLarenBrian McLaren
04 May 1956

Scott LivelyScott Lively
14 December 1957

Harry Emerson FosdickHarry Emerson Fosdick
24 May 1878
Becky FischerBecky Fischer
31 May 1951

Gary ChapmanGary Chapman
10 January 1938
James LawsonJames Lawson
22 September 1928
university teacher, pastor

Reuben Archer TorreyReuben Archer Torrey
28 January 1856

Gregory A. BoydGregory A. Boyd
02 June 1957
Author, Pastor
Tim KellerTim Keller
23 September 1950

Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
18 October 1934