Think life as a diplomat is all Ferrero-Rocher chocolates and cocktail parties. Not quite so. No matter how slick tongued one is, it always takes more than smooth talking to clear up the mess after the war is over. Over the years, the world has had all kind of diplomats — the sweet-tongued and the shrewd-minded, and while some lasted a fleeting moment before sinking back to professional obscurity, a few managed to leave behind indelible impression with their impeccable communication style, flair and deftness at handling situations. True, diplomats live in a world of adroitly chosen words, and this quality that distinguishes them from others. Whether negotiating a treaty, attending a state dinner, or arranging Visas for travelers, diplomats are those who multitask with sleepless tact, unmovable calmness, and a patience that nothing can shake. America has been a hotbed of many world-class, peace-seeking diplomats like Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, James Buchanan, Albert Gallatin and many others who have served in countless ways but with one common interest — America. Read on to know the trivia, timeline, and facts in the biographies of some of the most famous American diplomats.
Sidney PoitierSidney Poitier
20 February 1927
Condoleezza RiceCondoleezza Rice
14 November 1954

Fran DrescherFran Drescher
30 September 1957

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11 October 1884
Wife of American President Franklin Delano

Caroline KennedyCaroline Kennedy
27 November 1957

Robert Todd LincolnRobert Todd Lincoln
01 August 1843
Politician, Son of Abraham Lincoln
Madeleine AlbrightMadeleine Albright
15 May 1937
Politician & Diplomat

George J. MitchellGeorge J. Mitchell
20 August 1933
Former Senator, Lawyer

Washington IrwingWashington Irving
03 April 1783
Author, Historian, Diplomat

Adlai Stevenson IIAdlai Stevenson II
05 February 1900
John JayJohn Jay
12 December 1745
First Chief Justice of the United States

Valerie JarrettValerie Jarrett
14 November 1956
Zbigniew BrzezinskiZbigniew Brzezinski
28 March 1928
Former Diplomat, Political Scientist

Allen DullesAllen Dulles
07 April 1893
Former Diplomat & Head of CIA

John Foster DullesJohn Foster Dulles
25 February 1888
Former United States Secretary of State
Edward EverettEdward Everett
11 April 1794
Former American senator

Nicholas Murray ButlerNicholas Murray Butler
02 April 1862
Philosopher, Educator
W Averell HarrimanW Averell Harriman
15 November 1891
Former Governor of New York

Susan RiceSusan Rice
17 November 1964
Diplomat, Politician, Screenwriter

Samantha PowerSamantha Power
21 September 1970
John BoltonJohn Bolton
20 November 1948

Dan CoatsDan Coats
16 May 1943
J. Christopher StevensJ. Christopher Stevens
01 April 1960
politician, lawyer, diplomat

Joseph C. WilsonJoseph C. Wilson
06 November 1949
Diplomat, Writer, Whistleblower, Businessperson

Jean Kennedy SmithJean Kennedy Smith
20 February 1928

Alexander HaigAlexander Haig
02 December 1924
Diplomat, Politician, Military personnel,
Alger HissAlger Hiss
11 November 1904
Jurist, Lawyer, Diplomat
Raymond A. SpruanceRaymond A. Spruance
03 July 1886
Officer, Diplomat

Mark WallaceMark Wallace

Richard HolbrookeRichard Holbrooke
24 April 1941
Banker, Diplomat, Politician, Writer

Daniel Patrick MoynihanDaniel Patrick Moynihan
16 March 1927
George F. KennanGeorge F. Kennan
16 February 1904
Diplomat, Historian, Geopolitician, Political

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Zalmay KhalilzadZalmay Khalilzad
22 March 1951

Paul WolfowitzPaul Wolfowitz
22 December 1943
Political scientist, Diplomat, Politician,

Callista GingrichCallista Gingrich
04 March 1966

Paul BremerPaul Bremer
30 September 1941
Politician, Diplomat
John EisenhowerJohn Eisenhower
03 August 1922
Diplomat, Military historian, Author, Writer,

Roger ShermanRoger Sherman
19 April 1721
Politician, Lawyer, Judge, Diplomat
W. Averell HarrimanW. Averell Harriman
15 November 1891

Bradford BishopBradford Bishop
01 August 1936
Diplomat, Fugitive

William J. DonovanWilliam J. Donovan
01 January 1883
Military Leader
Richard HelmsRichard Helms
30 March 1913
Government official

James RubinJames Rubin
28 March 1960
Howard BakerHoward Baker
15 November 1925

Maxwell D. TaylorMaxwell D. Taylor
26 August 1901
Diplomat, Military personnel

Kay Bailey HutchisonKay Bailey Hutchison
22 July 1943

John NegroponteJohn Negroponte
21 July 1939
Politician, Diplomat

Daniel SicklesDaniel Sickles
20 October 1819
Politician, Officer, Lawyer, Diplomat
William D. LeahyWilliam D. Leahy
06 May 1875
Officer, Diplomat

Warren ChristopherWarren Christopher
17 October 1925

James Russell LowellJames Russell Lowell
22 February 1819
Poet, Diplomat, Essayist, Writer, Literary critic,

Dean RuskDean Rusk
09 February 1909
Max BaucusMax Baucus
11 December 1941

Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche
1904 AD
Walter AnnenbergWalter Annenberg
13 March 1908
Art collector, Diplomat, Publisher, Businessperson

Albert GallatinAlbert Gallatin
29 January 1761
Politician, Diplomat

Brent ScowcroftBrent Scowcroft
19 March 1925
Officer, Geopolitician
Mark BrzezinskiMark Brzezinski
07 April 1965
lawyer, diplomat

Jeane KirkpatrickJeane Kirkpatrick
19 November 1926
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher
Jon Huntsman, Jr.Jon Huntsman, Jr.
26 March 1960

John W. DavisJohn W. Davis
13 April 1873

George Washington WilliamsGeorge Washington Williams
16 October 1849
Soldier, Historian, Diplomat, Writer, Minister,
Lawrence EagleburgerLawrence Eagleburger
01 August 1930

George BancroftGeorge Bancroft
03 October 1800
Diplomat, Historian of the modern age, Historian,
William Temple FranklinWilliam Temple Franklin
22 February 1762

Anthony ZinniAnthony Zinni
17 September 1943
Officer, Senior Advisor, Diplomat

Adolph DubsAdolph Dubs
04 August 1920
Diplomat, Politician

Toomas Hendrik IlvesToomas Hendrik Ilves
26 December 1953
Politician, Journalist, Diplomat
John Sherman CooperJohn Sherman Cooper
23 August 1901
Politician, Judge, Lawyer, Diplomat, American
Felix RohatynFelix Rohatyn
29 May 1928
Diplomat, Banker

August BelmontAugust Belmont
08 December 1813
Diplomat, Banker, Financier

Sumner WellesSumner Welles
14 October 1892
Diplomat, Non-fiction writer

Vernon A. WaltersVernon A. Walters
03 January 1917
Diplomat, Interpreter
Thomas R. PickeringThomas R. Pickering
11 May 1931

David K. E. BruceDavid K. E. Bruce
12 February 1898
Lawyer, Diplomat, Politician

John MottJohn Mott
25 May 1865
Protester, Activist

Christopher R. HillChristopher R. Hill
1952 AD

James Bryant ConantJames Bryant Conant
26 March 1893
Chemist, Diplomat, Teacher, University teacher
Whitelaw ReidWhitelaw Reid
27 October 1837

Justin Francis RigaliJustin Francis Rigali
19 April 1935
Theologian, Diplomat, Catholic priest
Frederick VreelandFrederick Vreeland
24 June 1927

William S. RosecransWilliam S. Rosecrans
06 September 1819

Joel BarlowJoel Barlow
24 March 1754
Poet, Diplomat, Writer
Francis E. Meloy, Jr.Francis E. Meloy, Jr.
28 March 1917

Lewis WallaceLewis Wallace
10 April 1827
William Pierce RogersWilliam Pierce Rogers
23 June 1913