When it comes to science and technology, the United States is undoubtedly one of the hubs of scientific research and discoveries. Biochemistry, the study of the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems, emerged as a specific scientific discipline around the early 19th century. John Jacob Abel, an influential American biochemist and pharmacologist, is credited to have founded and chaired the first department of pharmacology in the United States at the University of Michigan in the late 19th century. Max Henius who co-founded the American Academy of Brewing in Chicago, was an expert in the fermentation processes. In a male-dominated field, biochemist Gerty Theresa Cori became the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize in science and the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Another prominent biochemist was Lafayette Benedict Mendel who studied nutrition and conducted vital research on Vitamin A, Vitamin B, lysine and tryptophan. Coming to contemporary times, T. Colin Campbell is well known for his studies on nutrition and was one of the lead scientists of the China–Oxford–Cornell study on diet and disease. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous American biochemists.
Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov

02 January 1920

Linus PaulingLinus Pauling

28 February 1901

Har Gobind KhoranaHar Gobind Khorana

09 January 1922

Peggy WhitsonPeggy Whitson

09 February 1960

Gertrude B. ElionGertrude B. Elion

23 January 1918

Gerty CoriGerty Cori

15 August 1896

Melvin Ellis CalvinMelvin Calvin

08 April 1911

Paul BergPaul Berg

30 June 1926

Arthur Kornberg Arthur Kornberg

03 March 1918

Walter GilbertWalter Gilbert

21 March 1932

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Joseph L. GoldsteinJoseph L. Goldstein

18 April 1940

Alfred G. GilmanAlfred G. Gilman

01 July 1941

Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley

28 January 1922

Carl Ferdinand CoriCarl Ferdinand Cori

05 December 1896

Paul D. BoyerPaul D. Boyer

31 July 1918

Edmond H. FischerEdmond H. Fischer

06 April 1920

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Edwin G. KrebsEdwin G. Krebs

06 June 1918

Edward Lawrie TatumEdward Lawrie Tatum

14 December 1909

Konrad BlochKonrad Emil Bloch

21 January 1912

Martin Rodbell Martin Rodbell

01 December 1925

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Earl W. Sutherland, Jr.Earl W. Sutherland Jr.

19 November 1915

Stanford Moore Stanford Moore

04 September 1913

Christian Boehmer AnfinsenChristian Anfinsen

26 March 1916

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Lafayette MendelLafayette Mendel

05 February 1872

Charles BestCharles Best

27 February 1899

Kary B. MullisKary B. Mullis

28 December 1944

Vanessa NadalVanessa Nadal

18 August 1982

Alexander ShulginAlexander Shulgin

17 June 1925

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Kary MullisKary Mullis

28 December 1944

Erwin ChargaffErwin Chargaff

11 August 1905

Eric KandelEric Kandel

07 November 1929

Rashad KhalifaRashad Khalifa

19 November 1935

Roger Y. TsienRoger Y. Tsien

01 February 1952

Duane GishDuane Gish

17 February 1921

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Roger D. KornbergRoger D. Kornberg

24 April 1947

Marshall Warren NirenbergMarshall Warren Nirenberg

10 April 1927

Thomas A. SteitzThomas A. Steitz

23 August 1940

Bruce AmesBruce Ames

16 December 1928

Christian B. AnfinsenChristian B. Anfinsen

26 March 1916

Fritz Albert LipmannFritz Albert Lipmann

12 June 1899

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Wendell Meredith StanleyWendell Meredith Stanley

16 August 1904

Edward Adelbert DoisyEdward Adelbert Doisy

13 November 1893

John Howard NorthropJohn Howard Northrop

05 July 1891

Stanley CohenStanley Cohen

17 November 1922