The aviation industry would have lost many of its precious jewels had Americans not been included in the list. Though none can decline the fame of Neil Armstrong to be the grandest when it comes to American aviators, there have been number of other aviators who have contributed greatly. Topping the list is Charles Lindbergh, the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo, flying from New York to Paris. Not far behind is John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth. His accomplishments on-board Freedom 7 was a marvellously impressive feat of the then era. Adding to the list of accomplishments are feats by aviators Jimmy Doolittle, Chuck Yeagar, Steve Fossett, Richard E Byrd, James Banning, Bud Day and Glenn Curtiss. Interestingly, not just men, women too have left an indelible mark on the American aviation industry with their achievements and accomplishments. The first amongst them to mention is Amelia Earhart, popularly known as Lady Lindy. She was the first woman to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean and the first to fly solo from Honolulu to Oakland. Bessie Coleman changed the paradox of the aviation industry by becoming the first African American woman to become a pilot. To know more interesting facts about famous American aviators, check out this section.
George H. W. BushGeorge H. W. Bush
12 June 1924
41st U.S. President
John McCainJohn McCain
29 August 1936
United States Senator

Howard HughesHoward Hughes
24 December 1905
Entrepreneur, Investor

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart
24 July 1897
Aviator, Pilot

Charles LindberghCharles Lindbergh
04 February 1902
Aviator, Inventor & Author

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager
13 February 1923
Alan ShepardAlan Shepard
18 November 1923
Astronaut, Aviator, Entrepreneur

Bessie ColemanBessie Coleman
26 January 1892

John T. WaltonJohn T. Walton
08 October 1946
Sam Walton's Son
Anne Morrow LindberghAnne Morrow Lindbergh
22 June 1906
Renowned Author & Aviator

Eddie RickenbackerEddie Rickenbacker
08 October 1890
Aviator, Racecar Driver, Military Personnel
Igor SikorskyIgor Sikorsky
25 May 1889

Dieter DenglerDieter Dengler
22 May 1938

Orville WrightOrville Wright
19 August 1871
Co-inventor of First Successful Airplane

Wilbur WrightWilbur Wright
16 April 1867

Jim LovellJim Lovell
25 March 1928
Betty OngBetty Ong
05 February 1956
Flight attendant

Susan OliverSusan Oliver
13 February 1932

Alfred WordenAlfred Worden
07 February 1932
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Russell JohnsonRussell Johnson
10 November 1924
Fred HaiseFred Haise
14 November 1933
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Fighter pilot

James StockdaleJames Stockdale
23 December 1923
Officer, Aviator, Politician
Deke SlaytonDeke Slayton
01 March 1924
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut, Autobiographer

Ken MattinglyKen Mattingly
17 March 1936
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Gordon CooperGordon Cooper
06 March 1927
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace
Frank BormanFrank Borman
14 March 1928
Air force officer, Test pilot, Astronaut,

Randy ShughartRandy Shughart
13 August 1958
Military personnel, Aviator, Soldier
Scott CarpenterScott Carpenter
01 May 1925
Test pilot, Aquanaut, Astronaut, Autobiographer,

Edgar MitchellEdgar Mitchell
17 September 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Jake PavelkaJake Pavelka
27 January 1978
Aviator, Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Actor,
William C. McCoolWilliam C. McCool
23 September 1961
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

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Wally SchirraWally Schirra
12 March 1923
United States Naval Aviator, Astronaut,
Pete ConradPete Conrad
02 June 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Racecar driver

Steve FossettSteve Fossett
22 April 1944

Charles DukeCharles Duke
03 October 1935
Air force officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Fighter

Roger B. ChaffeeRoger B. Chaffee
15 February 1935
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut
Joseph KittingerJoseph Kittinger
27 July 1928
Officer, Aviator, Balloonist
Guion BlufordGuion Bluford
22 November 1942
Officer, Astronaut, Engineer, Aviator

Alan BeanAlan Bean
15 March 1932
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Painter, Aviator

Burt RutanBurt Rutan
17 June 1943
Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Aviator,

James IrwinJames Irwin
17 March 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Jacqueline CochranJacqueline Cochran
11 May 1906

Wiley PostWiley Post
22 November 1898

Robert L. GibsonRobert L. Gibson
30 October 1946
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Bruce McCandless IIBruce McCandless II
08 June 1937

Story MusgraveStory Musgrave
19 August 1935
Astronaut, Statistician, Aviator, Officer
Eugene CernanEugene Cernan
14 March 1934
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut, Fighter pilot,

Glenn CurtissGlenn Curtiss
21 May 1878
Robert CrippenRobert Crippen
11 September 1937

Pancho BarnesPancho Barnes
22 July 1901

Gail HalvorsenGail Halvorsen
10 October 1920
Officer, Aviator
Walter CunninghamWalter Cunningham
16 March 1932
Astronaut, Officer, Aviator, Fighter pilot

James McDivittJames McDivitt
10 June 1929
Rusty SchweickartRusty Schweickart
25 October 1935
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

Harriet QuimbyHarriet Quimby
11 May 1875

Stuart RoosaStuart Roosa
16 August 1933

Donn F. EiseleDonn F. Eisele
23 June 1930
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

Joe EngleJoe Engle
26 August 1932
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace
Nate SaintNate Saint
30 August 1923

Vance D. BrandVance D. Brand
09 May 1931

Nathan Farragut TwiningNathan Farragut Twining
11 October 1897

Glenn L. MartinGlenn L. Martin
17 January 1886
Rodger WardRodger Ward
10 January 1921

Thomas Hinman MoorerThomas Hinman Moorer
09 February 1912
Naval officer
James Smith McDonnellJames Smith McDonnell
09 April 1899

Jerome Clarke HunsakerJerome Clarke Hunsaker
26 August 1886
Aeronautical engineer

Forrest BirdForrest Bird
09 June 1921
Elinor SmithElinor Smith
17 August 1911

Clyde CessnaClyde Cessna
05 December 1879
Paul MacCreadyPaul MacCready
25 September 1925
Aeronautical Engineer

Floyd BennettFloyd Bennett
25 October 1890

Jerrie MockJerrie Mock
22 November 1925
Robert Lee Scott Jr.Robert Lee Scott Jr.
12 April 1908
Brigadier general

Carl Ben EielsonCarl Ben Eielson
20 July 1897
Elrey Borge JeppesenElrey Borge Jeppesen
28 January 1907

Betty SkeltonBetty Skelton
28 June 1926

Maxie AndersonMaxie Anderson
10 September 1934
Hot air balloonist

T. Claude RyanT. Claude Ryan
03 January 1898
Scott KellyScott Kelly
21 February 1964
James TytlerJames Tytler
17 December 1745

Louise McPhetridge ThadenLouise McPhetridge Thaden
12 November 1905

Evelyn TroutEvelyn Trout
07 January 1906

David Mathieson WalkerDavid Mathieson Walker
20 May 1944
James T. PyleJames T. Pyle
08 November 1913