Even though it’s been decades since AIDS surfaced the earth, it still remains as one of the frightening realities that the world just can’t cope with. There was a time when it was believed that AIDS would affect only a certain kind of people. But as the years flew by, it has proven that it shows no bias and will strike anyone with no discrimination when it comes to race or sexuality. Initially considered a stigma that needed to keep the victim aloof, now it is more open for acceptance and space to learn to live with the disease without the fear of disapproval from the masses. Now with a boom in technology, people have a better understanding and approach toward this life-altering disease and have even gone to spread awareness about its gravity. There are a number of agencies that are even related to the government that work tirelessly to support advocacy efforts that will help both the victims and the general public about HIV and AIDS. This gruesome disease didn’t spare the lives of the artists and game-changers in Hollywood either! Legendary singer Freddie Mercury fell victim to HIV which claimed his life at the age of 45. American actor Rock Hudson, model Gia Carangi, author Isaac Asimov, and singer/actor Antony Perkins are some of the many who succumbed to this deadly disease. Keep reading and you will probably be blown away by the number of artists you never knew were affected by HIV!
Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury
05 September 1946, British
Rock HudsonRock Hudson
17 November 1925, American

07 September 1964, American

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
02 January 1920, American
Writer, Professor

16 May 1919, American

Arthur AsheArthur Ashe
10 July 1943, American
Tennis Player
Michel FoucaultMichel Foucault
15 October 1926, French
French philosopher

Keith HaringKeith Haring
04 May 1958, American
American artist

Rudolf NureyevRudolf Nureyev
17 March 1938, Austrian
Ballet Dancer & Choreographer
Gia CarangiGia Carangi
29 January 1960, American

Denholm ElliottDenholm Elliott
31 May 1922, Spanish, British
Paul ShenarPaul Shenar
12 February 1936, American

Alvin AileyAlvin Ailey
05 January 1931, American

Steve RubellSteve Rubell
02 December 1943, American

Allan BloomAllan Bloom
14 September 1930, American

Roy CohnRoy Cohn
20 February 1927, American
Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins
04 April 1932, American
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,

Robert ReedRobert Reed
19 October 1932, American

Howard AshmanHoward Ashman
17 May 1950, American
Composer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film

Kevin Peter HallKevin Peter Hall
09 May 1955, American
Howard RollinsHoward Rollins
17 October 1950, American

Tony RichardsonTony Richardson
05 June 1928, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor
Ian CharlesonIan Charleson
11 August 1949, Scottish
Scottish actor

Kenny EverettKenny Everett
25 December 1944, British
Radio personality

Tim RichmondTim Richmond
07 June 1955, American
Race Car Driver
Ofra HazaOfra Haza
19 November 1957, Israeli
Singer, Voice actor, Actor, Composer, Journalist,

Dan HartmanDan Hartman
08 December 1950, American
Derek JarmanDerek Jarman
31 January 1942, British
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Diarist,

Pedro ZamoraPedro Zamora
29 February 1972, Cuban, American

Klaus NomiKlaus Nomi
24 January 1944, German
23 April 1932, American
Fashion designer, Costume designer

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Leonard FreyLeonard Frey
04 September 1938, American
Glenn BurkeGlenn Burke
16 November 1952, American
Baseball player

Leigh BoweryLeigh Bowery
26 March 1961, Australian
Dancer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Model

Bruce ChatwinBruce Chatwin
13 May 1940, British

Perry EllisPerry Ellis
03 March 1940, American
Fashion designer
Tina ChowTina Chow
18 April 1950, American
David WojnarowiczDavid Wojnarowicz
14 September 1954, American
Photographer, Painter, Writer

Félix González-TorresFélix González-Torres
26 November 1957, Cuban, American
Visual Artist

Max RobinsonMax Robinson
01 May 1939, American

Nkosi JohnsonNkosi Johnson
04 February 1989, South African
Franco MoschinoFranco Moschino
27 February 1950, Italian
Fashion designer

04 April 1958, Brazilian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Songwriter,

Michael PetersMichael Peters
06 August 1948, American

06 September 1947, American

Dambudzo MarecheraDambudzo Marechera
04 June 1952, Zimbabwean
Grethe RaskGrethe Rask
1930 AD, Danish
physician, surgeon

Paul MonettePaul Monette
16 October 1945, American
Gibson KenteGibson Kente
23 July 1932, South African

Peter AllenPeter Allen
10 February 1944, Australian
Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Pianist

Jay ScottJay Scott
04 October 1949, Canadian
Film critic
Severo SarduySevero Sarduy
25 February 1937, Cuban

Herbert de SouzaHerbert de Souza
13 November 1935, Brazilian
Brad DavisBrad Davis
06 November 1949, American

Nestor AlmendrosNestor Almendros
30 October 1930, Spanish

Sony Labou TansiSony Labou Tansi
05 June 1947, Congolese