95 Years Old

The list of famous 95 years old includes Bob Barker, Gloria Vanderbilt, Robert Mugabe, Bob Dole, Charles Aznavour. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, lawyers, actors and physicists and from other domains of life. This list of 95 years old includes people from United States, England, France & India and many more countries.

Bob BarkerBob Barker
12 December 1923, American
Television Game Show Host
Gloria VanderbiltGloria Vanderbilt
20 February 1924, American
Artist, Actress

Robert MugabeRobert Mugabe
21 February 1924, Zimbabwean
Former PM & President of Zimbabwe

Bob DoleBob Dole
22 July 1923, American
Politician, Lawyer

Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour
22 May 1924, French

Murray WalkerMurray Walker
10 October 1923, British
Formula One Commentator & Journalist
Kenneth KaundaKenneth Kaunda
28 April 1924, Zambian

Meshulam RiklisMeshulam Riklis
02 December 1923, Israeli

Philip Warren AndersonPhilip Warren Anderson
13 December 1923, American

Antony HewishAntony Hewish
11 May 1924, British
Radio Astronomer
Torsten WieselTorsten Wiesel
03 June 1924, Swedish

Rudolph A. MarcusRudolph A. Marcus
21 July 1923, Canadian
Roger GuilleminRoger Guillemin
11 January 1924, French

Freeman DysonFreeman Dyson
15 December 1923, British, American
Mathematician, Theoretical physicist, Nuclear

Ram JethmalaniRam Jethmalani
14 September 1923, Indian
Lawyer, Politician
Nicholas ParsonsNicholas Parsons
10 October 1923, British
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality,

Juan Ponce EnrileJuan Ponce Enrile
14 February 1924, Filipino
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer
Paul HellyerPaul Hellyer
06 August 1923, Canadian
Politician, Ufologist, Writer

John LukacsJohn Lukacs
31 January 1924, Hungarian, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University

George H.W. BushGeorge H.W. Bush
1924 AD
U.S. Vice President, Diplomat, U.S.
Gerda Weissmann KleinGerda Weissmann Klein
08 May 1924, Polish
Author, Writer

Richard PipesRichard Pipes
11 July 1923, Polish, American
Historian, Writer, University teacher
Sheldon HarnickSheldon Harnick
30 April 1924, American
Poet, Writer, Songwriter, Librettist

Lys AssiaLys Assia
03 March 1924, Swiss
Swiss singer

Ned RoremNed Rorem
23 October 1923, American
Composer, Diarist, Writer, University teacher,

Tomiichi MurayamaTomiichi Murayama
03 March 1924, Japanese
Prime Minister, politician
03 June 1924, Indian
Politician, Screenwriter, Author, Journalist,
Mort WalkerMort Walker
03 September 1923, American
Comics artist, Writer

Zizi JeanmaireZizi Jeanmaire
29 April 1924, French
Actor, Singer, Ballet dancer

Judith JonesJudith Jones
10 March 1924, American

Harry PregersonHarry Pregerson
13 October 1923, American
Officer, Lawyer, Judge
Evelyn Boyd GranvilleEvelyn Boyd Granville
01 May 1924, American
American mathematician

Claribel AlegríaClaribel Alegría
12 May 1924, Nicaraguan
Poet, Journalist

Alfred GoodwinAlfred Goodwin
29 June 1923, American
Lawyer, Judge

Jack T. ChickJack T. Chick
13 April 1924, American

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Robert FordRobert Ford
29 December 1923, British
Achille SilvestriniAchille Silvestrini
25 October 1923, Italian
Theologian, Catholic priest, Diplomat

Louis ChaLouis Cha
06 February 1924, Chinese