Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Biologists, including Alexander Fleming, Alfred Russel Wallace, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Ernst Haeckel and Alfred Kinsey.
Alexander FlemingAlexander Fleming
06 August 1881, British, Scottish
Biologist, Pharmacologist, Discovered Penicillin
Jagadish Chandra BoseJagadish Chandra Bose
30 November 1858, Indian

Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823, British
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist

Alfred KinseyAlfred Kinsey
23 June 1894, American

Ernst HaeckelErnst Haeckel
16 February 1834, German
Biologist, Physician, Philosopher & Artist

Thomas Henry HuxleyThomas Henry Huxley
04 May 1825, British
Trofim LysenkoTrofim Lysenko
29 September 1898, Russian

Thomas Hunt MorganThomas Hunt Morgan
25 September 1866, American

Louis AgassizLouis Agassiz
28 May 1807, American

Karl LandsteinerKarl Landsteiner
14 June 1868, American
Theodor SchwannTheodor Schwann
07 December 1810, German

Alexis CarrelAlexis Carrel
28 June 1873, French
Surgeon, Biologist
Camillo GolgiCamillo Golgi
07 July 1843, Italian
Physician, Pathologist, Biologist

Ferdinand CohnFerdinand Cohn
24 January 1828, Polish
Founder of Bacteriology and Microbiology

Albert ClaudeAlbert Claude
24 August 1899, Belgian
Cell Biologist
J.B.S. HaldaneJ.B.S. Haldane
05 November 1892, British

J. B. S. HaldaneJ. B. S. Haldane
05 November 1892, Indian, British
Biologist, Geneticist, University teacher
Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron RothschildWalter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild
08 February 1868, British
Biologist, Banker, Politician, Zoologist,

Oswald AveryOswald Avery
21 October 1877, Canadian
Biologist, Physician, Geneticist

Ilya Ivanovich IvanovIlya Ivanovich Ivanov
01 August 1870
Nikolai VavilovNikolai Vavilov
13 November 1887, Russian
botanist, biologist, explorer, geneticist,

Matthias Jakob SchleidenMatthias Jakob Schleiden
05 April 1804, German
Biologist, Botanist, Philosopher, University
Joseph Dalton HookerJoseph Dalton Hooker
30 June 1817, British
Botanist, Explorer, Pteridologist, Bryologist

Friedrich MiescherFriedrich Miescher
13 August 1844, Swiss
Biologist, Biochemist, University teacher

Charles Lucien BonaparteCharles Lucien Bonaparte
24 May 1803, French
Biologist, Ornithologist, Zoologist, Ichthyologist

Nettie StevensNettie Stevens
07 July 1861, American
Charles DavenportCharles Davenport
01 June 1866, American
August WeismannAugust Weismann
17 January 1834
Biologist, Zoologist, Geneticist

Hugo de VriesHugo de Vries
16 February 1848, Dutch
Botanist, Biologist, Geneticist, University

Karl Patterson SchmidtKarl Patterson Schmidt
19 June 1890, American
American zoologist

Friedrich RatzelFriedrich Ratzel
30 August 1844, German
Biologist, Geopolitician, Geographer, Zoologist,
Martinus BeijerinckMartinus Beijerinck
16 March 1851
Biologist, Microbiologist, University teacher,

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Jean-Henri FabreJean-Henri Fabre
22 December 1823, French
Entomologist, Writer, University teacher, Poet

Walther FlemmingWalther Flemming
21 April 1843, German

Hans Christian GramHans Christian Gram
13 September 1853, Danish
Physician, Bacteriologist, University teacher,

Charles Galton DarwinCharles Galton Darwin
18 December 1887, British
Physicist, University teacher
Carl AkeleyCarl Akeley
19 May 1864, American

Alister HardyAlister Hardy
10 February 1896, British
Biologist, Marine biologist
Jean RostandJean Rostand
30 October 1894, French
Philosopher, Biologist, Writer