18th Century Explorers
Find out more about the greatest 18th Century Explorers, including James Cook, Daniel Boone, Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
James CookJames Cook
27 October 1728, British
Explorer & Navigator
Daniel BooneDaniel Boone
22 October 1734, American

1788 AD, American

Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
18 August 1774, American
Explorer, Politician

John FranklinJohn Franklin
16 April 1786, British

William ClarkWilliam Clark
01 August 1770, American
Matthew FlindersMatthew Flinders
16 March 1774, British

Charles SturtCharles Sturt
28 April 1795, British
British explorer

Mungo ParkMungo Park
11 September 1771, British

Alexander Henry the ElderAlexander Henry The Elder
31 July 1739, Canadian
Explorer, Pioneer of British-Canadian Fur Trade
George VancouverGeorge Vancouver
22 June 1757, British
Explorer, Officer

Zebulon PikeZebulon Pike
05 January 1779, American
Explorer, Military personnel
John ColterJohn Colter
1774 AD, American
Military Personnel

George EverestGeorge Everest
04 July 1790, British
Explorer, Geographer

Louis Antoine de BougainvilleLouis Antoine de Bougainville
12 November 1729, French
Explorer, Politician, Writer, Travel writer
Giovanni Battista BelzoniGiovanni Battista Belzoni
05 November 1778, Italian
Explorer, Antiquarian, Egyptologist,

Pierre-Esprit RadissonPierre-Esprit Radisson
1636 AD, Canadian, French
Fur Trader
George BassGeorge Bass
30 January 1771, Australian, British
Explorer, Surgeon

Charles WilkesCharles Wilkes
03 April 1798, American
Naval Officer

Johann Ludwig BurckhardtJohann Ludwig Burckhardt
24 November 1784, Swiss
Explorer, Writer, Art historian, Archaeologist
Andries PretoriusAndries Pretorius
27 November 1798, South African

William ScoresbyWilliam Scoresby
05 October 1789, British
Piet RetiefPiet Retief
12 November 1780, South African

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de BienvilleJean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville
23 February 1680, Canadian, French

Peter Simon PallasPeter Simon Pallas
22 September 1741, German
Explorer, Zoologist, Ornithologist, Scientist,

James BruceJames Bruce
14 December 1730, British
Explorer, Archaeologist, Film editor, Botanist
Georg ForsterGeorg Forster
27 November 1754
Explorer, Anthropologist, Ethnologist,
Antonio de UlloaAntonio de Ulloa
12 January 1716, Spanish
Astronomer, Explorer, Meteorologist

Charles Marie de La CondamineCharles Marie de La Condamine
28 January 1701, French

John RossJohn Ross
24 June 1777, Scottish
Navy Officer

Alexander Gordon LaingAlexander Gordon Laing
27 December 1794, British
David ThompsonDavid Thompson
30 April 1770, Welsh
explorer, cartographer

Jim BeckwourthJim Beckwourth
06 April 1798, American

George Anson, Baron AnsonGeorge Anson, Baron Anson
23 April 1697, British
First Lord of the Admiralty