Discover the notable alumni of Vilnius University. The list includes people like Ignacy Domeyko, Jonas Kubilius, Czesław Miłosz, Abba Kovner & Artūras Zuokas. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, writers, scientists, media personalities and miscellaneous etc.
Czesław MiłoszCzesław Miłosz
30 June 1911, Polish
Ignacy DomeykoIgnacy Domeyko
31 July 1802, Polish

Jonas KubiliusJonas Kubilius
27 July 1921, Lithuanian

Abba KovnerAbba Kovner
14 March 1918, Israeli
Writer, Poet

Artūras PaulauskasArtūras Paulauskas
23 August 1953, Lithuanian
Politician, Lawyer

Artūras ZuokasArtūras Zuokas
21 February 1968, Lithuanian, Polish
Politician, Journalist
Arūnas ValinskasArūnas Valinskas
28 November 1966, Lithuanian
Television presenter

Arūnas MatelisArūnas Matelis
09 April 1961, Lithuanian
film director, film producer

Arūnas BubnysArūnas Bubnys
07 November 1961, Lithuanian

Włodzimierz ZonnWłodzimierz Zonn
14 July 1905, Polish
astronomer, non-fiction writer