Discover the notable alumni of University Of Westminster. The list includes people like Charlie Brooker, Alexander Fleming, Charlie Watts, Georgia Toffolo & Dame Vivienne Westwood. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as musicians, film & theater personalities, writers, artists & painters and media personalities etc.
Adar PoonawallaAdar Poonawalla
14 January 1981, Indian
CEO of the Serum Institute of India
Alexander FlemingAlexander Fleming
06 August 1881, British, Scottish
Biologist, Pharmacologist, Discovered Penicillin

Dame Vivienne WestwoodDame Vivienne Westwood
08 April 1941, British
British fashion designer

Charlie WattsCharlie Watts
02 June 1941, British

Charlie BrookerCharlie Brooker
03 March 1971, British
Critic, Humourist, Screenwriter

Georgia ToffoloGeorgia Toffolo
23 October 1994, British
Reality Star
Roger WatersRoger Waters
06 September 1943, British
Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist,

Richard WrightRichard Wright
28 July 1943, British

Nick MasonNick Mason
27 January 1944, British
Michael KiwanukaMichael Kiwanuka
03 May 1987, British

Jon RonsonJon Ronson
10 May 1967, British
Journalist, Writer, Screenwriter, Documentary
Bob KloseBob Klose
1945 AD, British
photographer, guitarist

Scarlet PageScarlet Page
24 March 1971, British

Chantal MouffeChantal Mouffe
17 June 1943, Belgian

Ruqsana BegumRuqsana Begum
15 October 1983, British

Carrie GracieCarrie Gracie
1962 AD, Scottish
Journalist, Television producer, Presenter
Peter WeissPeter Weiss
08 November 1916, German, Swedish
Playwright, Writer, Painter, Director, Film

Mumzy StrangerMumzy Stranger
18 January 1984, British

Einar Örn BenediktssonEinar Örn Benediktsson
29 October 1962, Icelander

Anthony CaroAnthony Caro
08 March 1924, British
Shirley Ayorkor BotchwayShirley Ayorkor Botchway
08 February 1963, Ghanaian
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mariana DurlesteanuMariana Durlesteanu
05 September 1971, Moldovan