Discover the notable alumni of University Of South Africa. The list includes people like Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Thabo Mbeki & Julius Malema. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, intellectuals & academics, musicians and singers etc.
Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
18 July 1918, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist, President of ANC and
Robert MugabeRobert Mugabe
21 February 1924, Zimbabwean
Former PM & President of Zimbabwe

Cyril RamaphosaCyril Ramaphosa
17 November 1952, South African
President of South Africa

Desmond TutuDesmond Tutu
07 October 1931, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist

Thabo MbekiThabo Mbeki
18 June 1942, South African
Politician, Economist

Julius MalemaJulius Malema
03 March 1981, South African
Yvonne Chaka ChakaYvonne Chaka Chaka
1965 AD, South African

Tokyo SexwaleTokyo Sexwale
05 March 1953, South African
Politician, Businessperson

Robert SobukweRobert Sobukwe
05 December 1924, South African
Ahmed KathradaAhmed Kathrada
21 August 1929, South African
Politician, Activism

Charlotte OseiCharlotte Osei
01 February 1969, Ghanaian
Es'kia MphahleleEs'kia Mphahlele
17 December 1919, South African

Steve TshweteSteve Tshwete
12 November 1938, South African

Benedict Wallet VilakaziBenedict Wallet Vilakazi
06 January 1906, South African

Chenjerai HoveChenjerai Hove
09 February 1956, Zimbabwean

John Gordon DavisJohn Gordon Davis
21 January 1936, Zimbabwean