Discover the notable alumni of The Catholic University Of America. The list includes people like Susan Sarandon, Jon Voight, Fulton J. Sheen, Theodore Hesburgh & Timothy M. Dolan. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as miscellaneous, intellectuals & academics, film & theater personalities, leaders and writers etc.
Jon VoightJon Voight
29 December 1938, American
Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon
04 October 1946, American

Fulton J. SheenFulton J. Sheen
08 May 1895, American

Theodore HesburghTheodore Hesburgh
25 May 1917, American
15th President of the University of Notre Dame

Don ShirleyDon Shirley
29 January 1927, Jamaican, American

Terry McAuliffeTerry McAuliffe
09 February 1957, American
Bob Casey Jr.Bob Casey Jr.
13 April 1960, American

Siobhan Fallon HoganSiobhan Fallon Hogan
13 May 1961, American

Tom HarkinTom Harkin
19 November 1939, American

Timothy M. DolanTimothy M. Dolan
06 February 1950, American
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest
Veronica TaylorVeronica Taylor
04 December 1965, American
Voice Actress

Mitch LandrieuMitch Landrieu
16 August 1960, American
Mary DalyMary Daly
16 October 1928, American
Theologian, Writer, Philosopher, University

Roger MahonyRoger Mahony
27 February 1936, American
University teacher, Catholic priest

Rosanna ScottoRosanna Scotto
29 April 1958, Italian
Joseph BernardinJoseph Bernardin
02 April 1928, American
Catholic priest

Raymond E. BrownRaymond E. Brown
22 May 1928, American
Catholic Priest
Michael BidwillMichael Bidwill
1964 AD, American

Jean KerrJean Kerr
10 July 1922, American

Nancy DickersonNancy Dickerson
19 January 1927, American
American journalist
Dorothea OremDorothea Orem
15 June 1914, American

Justin Francis RigaliJustin Francis Rigali
19 April 1935, American
Theologian, Diplomat, Catholic priest
Martin PuryearMartin Puryear
23 May 1941, American
Sculptor, Artist

Joseph WeberJoseph Weber
17 May 1919, American

Patrick Joseph HayesPatrick Joseph Hayes
20 November 1867, American

Timothy DolanTimothy Dolan
06 February 1950, American
Catholic bishop
Li LiliLi Lili
02 June 1915, Chinese
Actor, Singer
James McGreeveyJames McGreevey
06 August 1957, American

Edward M. LiddyEdward M. Liddy
28 January 1946, American

Francis Eugene Cardinal GeorgeFrancis Eugene Cardinal George
16 January 1937, American

Charles Huron KamanCharles Huron Kaman
15 June 1919, American
Aeronautical Engineer