Ulf Christian Kjellberg Biography

(Father of PewDiePie)

Birthday: January 8, 1957 (Capricorn)

Born In: Gothenburg, Sweden

Ulf Christian Kjellberg is a Swedish corporate executive who is best recognized as the father of comic and gaming YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as 'PewDiePie' on the internet. He is the CEO and Sales Director of the Swedish software company Inobiz. Since December 8, 2015, he has been serving as the director of his son's company Pewdie Productions AB, established in July 2013. He shares the post with his son Felix and his wife Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg, who is also a corporate executive who served as the CIO and Vice President of KappAhl. While his wife and daughter have made appearances on his son's YouTube channel, he has till now refrained to so. However, from pictures shared by his son, he has drawn a lot of attention for his likeness to Jürgen Klopp, the manager of the Premier League club Liverpool FC.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Ulf Kjellberg

Age: 67 Years, 67 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Lotta Kristine Johanna

children: Fanny Kjellberg, PewDiePie

Born Country: Sweden

Family Members Swedish Men

City: Gothenburg, Sweden

Rise to Stardom
After completing his studies from Chalmers University, Ulf Christian Kjellberg pursued a career in business. He has been very successful as a corporate executive and became the CEO and Sales Director of Inobiz, a Swedish software company. However, much of his internet fame has been due to the popularity of his son Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. 'PewDiePie'. An alumnus of the same university, Felix worked at a hot dog stand for a time and played video games, records of which he uploaded on the video sharing platform YouTube. He garnered over a million subscribers on his channel by July 2012 and became the most-subscribed user on YouTube the following August. He retained that status until being dethroned by Indian record label T-Series in 2019. However, it is not only his son's YouTube fame that brought Ulf international attention.
A portion of Felix's subscribers like to think that Ulf Christian Kjellberg and Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp are the same person due to the similarity in their looks. They argue that Felix had once mentioned that Jürgen was like a father to him and he loved him like a son. Also, he named his horse in Minecraft Jürgen. This comparison has become a meme to his fans who often come up with new conspiracy theories. Recently, after Jürgen was named 'The Best FIFA Men's Coach: 2019', fans of Felix spread the false news that PewDiePie's father won the best coaching award.
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Family & Personal Life
Ulf Christian Kjellberg was born on January 8, 1957, in Gothenburg, one of the largest cities in Sweden. He completed his secondary education from Polhem, a prestigious Swedish school. He then pursued a course at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.
Ulf Christian Kjellberg met Lotta Kristine Johanna when both of them were studying at Chalmers University of Technology. They later got married and welcomed two children: daughter Fanny Lotta Märta Kjellberg and son Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His wife served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Vice President of a Swedish clothing company named KappAhl. She was named the 'CIO of the Year in Sweden' in 2010, when she was the CIO of the Swedish IT news company IDG.se. She also received the 'Golden Touch Award' while working as the CEO of Volvo Information Technology.
While both Ulf and his wife had encouraged their son Felix to pursue a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology, he was more interested in art and video games, and felt like a misfit among his peers. He eventually left university in 2011 and went on to become the popular YouTuber 'PewDiePie'. Ironically, he has revealed that once his parents had told him that "sitting at home playing video-games all day won't bring you anywhere in life". Felix recently married Italian internet personality, fashion designer and entrepreneur Marzia Kjellberg, whom he first met via the internet, in 2011. Ulf's daughter works as a recruitment manager and is now married. She is currently known as Fanny Sylwander, and lives in Brighton, United Kingdom, with her husband and son Arnold.
Ulf lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden. He often spends his free time playing tennis.

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