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Birthday: September 24, 1934 (Libra)

Born In: Garfield, New Jersey

Mickey Deans was an American musician, singer, and producer. Although he was a talented performer, he became famous only after marrying the famous American actress Judy Garland. After the untimely death of his wife, Mickey did not remarry. The circumstances pertaining to Judy’s death were recently revisited and it was alleged that Deans was responsible for her death. He was accused of not taking enough care of her, despite being aware of the fact that she had the habit of using Seconal tablets without self-control. It was also speculated that Mickey might have deliberately placed 30 to 40 tablets on her bed, knowing the fact that she could not restrain herself from using the tablets. However, his adopted son, Richard Driscoll, has always said that Deans remained faithful to Judy even after her death. He also said that his father would always regret for not doing enough to save the love of his life.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Michael DeVinko Jr.

Died At Age: 68


Spouse/Ex-: Judy Garland (m. 1969–1969)

father: Michael DeVinko

mother: Mary DeVinko

Musicians American Men

Died on: July 11, 2003

place of death: Cleveland, Ohio

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

U.S. State: New Jersey

Childhood & Early Life
Mickey Deans was born Michael DeVinko Jr. on September 24, 1934, in New Jersey, USA. He was raised by his parents, Mary, and Michael DeVinko Sr. He grew up along with his brother and sister, and was interested in music right from his childhood. According to his sister Caroline, their parents encouraged Michael to become a musician. Hence, he started playing music at popular clubs across New Jersey.
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Mickey Deans used to play the piano at ‘Jilly’s,’ a popular nightclub in Manhattan. He then started working in cities like Los Angeles, Reno, Miami, etc. Later, he worked as a manager at a popular discotheque.
In 1966, he met Judy Garland in New York, when a mutual friend requested him to deliver a package of medicine to her. Since Judy’s children were present, he introduced himself as a doctor to avoid any possible embarrassment. After dating Judy for three years, he proposed to her and eventually married her on March 15, 1969.
He then tried his best to manage and promote Judy’s career, but was unable to stop her from using her prescription drugs. On June 22, 1969, he found her dead inside their bathroom. Though it was initially reported that Judy was lying dead on the bathroom floor, Mickey later confirmed that he found her dead on the toilet seat.
Major Works
After Judy’s death, Mickey co-authored Judy’s biography titled ‘Weep No More, My Lady.’ The book, which was written with the help of Ann Pinchot, was published in 1972 by ‘Hawthorn Books.’ Its paperback editions were released later by ‘Pyramid Books.’ This book immortalizes Mickey’s love for Judy and also describes their brief married life. However, cynics believe that he wrote this book to make money.
Mickey started assisting a show business promoter Roy Radin in producing vaudeville programs for a fund raising organization in the USA. He also contributed towards many charity events. In 1985, he purchased the ‘Franklin Castle,’ a four-storey mansion in Cleveland’s Ohio City. He purchased the historic stone mansion for $93,000 and later got it restored. He spent nearly one million dollars over the next ten years on renovating the famous castle. In 1999, he sold the castle and settled down in Northfield, Ohio.
Personal Life
Mickey Deans was believed to be gay, but many say that he was actually a bisexual. Though a lot of his friends believe that he continued to love Judy even after her death, many others disagree. According to those who disagree, Deans was in love with Judy Garland’s fame and money. Cynics say that Judy needed someone to lean on as she was reaching the dusk of her career and Mickey simply wanted to enjoy the fruits of her fame. They also say that he married her to inherit all that she had earned during her illustrious career.
Mickey Deans’ wedding with Judy Garland was a thinly attended event, which a journalist described as ‘pathetic.’ Most of the huge wedding cake and champagne glasses remained untouched. Since Judy was getting married for the fifth time, her 23-year-old daughter Liza Minnelli (from one of her previous marriages) had called her during the event to say that she couldn’t make it to the wedding, but promised her that she would attend her next wedding!
Deans was a troubled man, who kept dangerous company. He was a hard drinker and was also embroiled in the infamous ‘Cotton Club enquiry’ pertaining to the assassination of his ex-boss, Roy Radin. After Garland’s death, he fell in love with Rose Driscoll. He even adopted her 19-year-old son, Richard Driscoll. But this relationship did not culminate in marriage as it ended after four years.
Mickey Deans died on July 11, 2003, due to congestive heart failure. It was expected that he would be buried next to his wife, Judy, at ‘Ferncliff Cemetery’ in Hartsdale, New York, but he was cremated and his ashes were later sent to an undisclosed individual in Florida. His adopted son, Richard, died a few months after Mickey’s demise.

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